Can you hear the sound of boots on gravel?


Adrian's army marches on

An update for you.

This week all Head Teachers and College Principals have been sent a letter promoting the 'Give and Let Live' campaign which teaches pupils about the importance of blood, bone marrow and organ donation. The on-line pack has been updated to include extension materials for use with 17 and 18 year old students. The significance of this step cannot be underestimated. Both Alan Johnson ( Secretary of State for Health) and Ed Balls ( Secretary of State for Children Schools and Families ) were signatories to the letter which is the first time that two government ministers have joined forces to back an initiative in this way.

This is a real example of the Sudders effect in full flight and Keith and I want to pay tribute to Mr Johnson and Mr Balls for the speed with which their respective departments responded to Adrian's campaign and Downing Street petition. More than that, it is a model of joined up thinking and action which has to be celebrated and praised. Keith and I are indebted to the wonderful response at the highest possible level.

Now for the trickier bit. How do we ensure that Adrian's mission is fulfilled? How do we ensure that his desire to inform young adults about these important matters actually occurs when there is no power to compel Head Teachers or Principals to teach the subject?

Keith and I met Alan Johnson a couple of weeks ago and Ed Balls telephoned us on Monday. We are arranging a meeting with both Secretaries of State together with Adrian's MP Kali Mountford and the Anthony Nolan Trust to talk about the next phase. When Adie came up with his " simple solution to quite a difficult problem " he was under the impression that the National Curriclum would take care of things. He later came to appreciate that it was going to be more complicated than that and we are keen to protect the precious resources of the Anthony Nolan Trust which has to be primarily devoted to donor recruitment, register maintenance, finding matches and pushing the boundaries of scientific research. We are keen to explore ways in which Adrian's Army volunteers can be trained up to provide a ready made, deliverable, exciting and emotional lesson that Headteachers can call upon if they require extra input.

As soon as we have had this meeting we will inform you of the outcome but, for those of you with close school connections we would welcome your observations.

We were at Sheffield Cathedral planning Adie's Memorial Service yesterday. It is not easy to park in Sheffield city centre. Having parked miles away and walked we realised our ticket would run out sooner than expected and on our return despatched the Rev Fiona in full vicar regalia to "sort out" the car park attendant - it's amazing to witness the effect of a pretty face combined with a dog collar and dangly earrings !

I recommend the excellent city tram from Meadowhall which stops right outside the Cathedral

The service will be absolutely beautiful. It will all be fabulous but one of the readings alone will make you glad you came. I shall say no more than that at this stage but we are in a " be there or be square " situation..........

Best wishes Kay and Keith


Thanks for the update.
I'd definitely be up for speaking to some school kids about the importance of being a blood, bone marrow, organ donor.
The service sounds great - unfortunately I can't be there so I (like many others) will be relying on everyone here (and the media) for all the details. Hope it goes well, I will be thinking about you all.

Yay! Bated breath : ) !!

Dear Kay and Keith,

Thank you once again for updates. Fingers crossed the "Give and Let Live" campaign really takes off and is set in stone with education, just as Adrian wanted.

I am sorry I cannot attend on the 16th but I will be thinking of you all.

All the very best,

Em :)

Dear Kay and Keith

Just let us know how we can help . Will be there on 16th .


I applaud you for your bravery kay and keith, I would have loved to be there but due to just starting a new job and not wanting to rock the boat just yet I am gutted to say i will not be able to attend, I will be there in spirit and thinking of you all, big virtual hugs.

Dear Kay and Keith, thankyou for the update!

It is obviously going to be difficult to get all head teachers to incorporate this important topic into lessons, but I think I can help with one!

I'm currently in the upper 6th form at my school, and will happily get a little group together to speak to my own head teacher about the issue. She has always been very good at listening to pupils, and hopefully, with a little rallied support, she can be encouraged to implement it in our school citizenship lessons for the future years. I know it's only one school, but thousands of children and young adults pass will through it, and I think I owe it to Adrian to help in any way I can!

I'd love to have come to the memorial service, but I don't think skiving school would be a good way to get on my teacher's good side! My thoughts will be with you all though, Adrian moved me to tears with every brave post. You should be prouder now more than ever for what your wonderful son did.
All the best,

Dearest Kay and Keith,
Once again, a huge thankyou for yet another update. Your strength and courage amazes us all, but we know that the need to fulfill Adrian's wishes spurs you on.

This is how the majority of us feel and we await the call as to what you want us to do.

As you know I work at Primary School level as a Teaching Assistant, and ANT have my details for when they start a training programme for volunteer speakers for older students and adult groups.
I am really looking forward to getting stuck in and being able to feel that I am hopefully making a difference.

I so wish that I could be at Adrian's Memorial, but it's impossible. There's no way that I can get off work.
My thoughts and love will be with you all on that day.

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you both, Carrie, Barbara, family & friends and the blog family.

Once again, thanks for the update Kay and Keith. I saw (as I'm sure lots of people did) Adrian on Look North this evening. I'm sure you are incredibly proud of what he managed to achieve, and I'm sure he is incredibly proud of you and everyone else for carrying on what he started.

Like I commented on the previous post, I'm meeting my old head of 6th form tomorrow to convince him to do the talks. Again, it is only one school, but this year I hear there are 400 6th formers!

Sadly, I won't be able to make the memorial service as I'll be back at uni (and I don't think missing lectures would be a good idea!) But I'll be thinking of you all on what I'm sure will be a very special day.

Best wishes and prayers to all the Sudbury family and everyone else.

Nicola xx

Dearest Kay,

My heart is torn between soaring with joy at the brilliant news (yes, I can hear the sound of the boots crunching on gravel) and utter sadness at my inability to attend the service.

I would love to be there and will be there in spirit.

Your angel has certainly left his mark, and he's not done yet. He'll be saving lives in perpetuity thanks to his campaign. I know you're proud, as you damn well should be.

Well done Alan Johnson and Ed Balls, and of course Kallie.

Much love to you, Keith, Carrie, Barb and all the rest of your family.

With the fondest of wishes, sending you all the love and support I can from Trinidad

Dear Mr Keith and Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update.

I know the memorial service will be beautiful ,and I am waiting to hear about it.It is just 2 more weeks!

My wishes and prayers.


Dear Kay and Keith,

'The service will be absolutely beautiful...will make you glad you came..." be there or be square " situation...'

Proud words from a mother and a father and I know they'll be the very truth on that special day in October. So much more than a memorial...

Sending you all, and most of all Adrian himself, my best wishes from melancholic Buddhistic temples and Zen Gardens in dark forests near Kyoto, Japan. Transpassing different times and spaces...

Lets keep going/marathon running with the educational work about haematopoietic stem cells in all the years to come! Our kids deserve that healthy future...

Love, Ann

Dear Kay and Keith,

Thank you for your update. I am keenly paying attention from Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Have a good time celebrating Adrian's life tomorrow. I wish I could be there. Whenever I think of Adrian, I think of love, joy and generosity.

Dear Kay and family. Thankyou so much for once again taking the time to update us. You only have to say the word and the Army will do whatever is required of them.

I have contacted my MP again to try to emulate Charlottes success with local industry and although I no longer teach would be more than happy to speak in schools given the resources.

The memorial will be a huge celebration of Adrians life and I am having a huge struggle with my heart and my head at the moment about attending. If my head wins my heart will certainly be with you. Chris J

Thank you so much for the lovely update Kay. One small step for man but mankind continues to make giant leaps I feel. As Chris M says, your strength and courage continue to amaze us all and I'm sure those of us lucky enough to be able to attend Adrian's memorial are very much looking forward to meeting your wonderful family in the flesh.

Best wishes to you all.

Christina xx

Hi Kay & Keith,
I am closely involved in my local primary school, my 2 children attend there and I am also on the board of governors. If there is anything I can do, I am more than happy to help. We are actually in the process of trying to arrange a donor session at school for staff and the local community, but as you know, it's not as easy as saying yes we will do it. The amount of red tape is horrific! We are currently waiting for our "risk assessment" and "viability study". Once that has been completed, I am sure it will be all systems go. I am desperatly trying to get to Sheffield on the 16th and am doing everything I can to get the diary empty! I am looking forward to meeting the army!
Very best wishes to you all, H2H.

Hi Kay, thank you as ever for taking the time to update. I may not be able to attend the service for personal reasons but I am doing my very best to make it there. I would hate to miss it.

Dear Kay and Keith,

Thanks for the update and your beautiful words.
I am really sorry that I can't make it to the memorial service but will be with you in spririt.

Love and sunshine from Bonaire,

Yes it is heartbreaking if anyone can't come!

and for thise attending as well as not . . .

Kay, I confess I have been hearing the sound of gravel all night! : ) !

It is a beautiful sound.

You write so well.

I see where Adrian got his immense big love of life and giant sense of fun and inspiring communication skills ( ie born journo : ) ! ) from.

All big excitement!!!




And probably Sudders Senior (ie Keith) Too!!



Dear Keith and Kay,

I am the shorthand teacher who teaches journalists and I did write a couple of 'blogs' before Adrian died.

I only live in Lincoln and am making arrangements to come. I usually teach at the Retford Times on Thursday mornings, but I am sure my learner (a typical young journalist!) won't mind changing his routine for that week.

Whenever I saw Adrian's face on the top of the blog he put me in mind of the many young men I have taught over the years. I have to confess I do love young journalists. They are a joy to teach, full of energy and outrageous mischief. I have had all sorts of tricks played on me over the years (like cheeky messages in shorthand on the flip chart when I have returned from the loo).

I would have loved to teach Adrian to see his light shining and oh that gorgeous smile. What a joy he must have been to have around and what a gap he has left.

Be proud that you produced such a wonder! He is an absolute credit to you and if I had taught him I am sure we would have had a lot of laughs.


Just back from hospital after getting not one, not two but THREE bags of blood and a bag of platelets!!!! Didn't realise how anaemic I was but all topped up ready for Sunday!!!!

Had an idea and wondered if I could get your opinion. How about trying for a mass download of Chesney Hawkes "The One and Only" during the week of the memorial service to try to get it into the UK top 40? We could contact radio stations etc and tell about Adrian. Blogaholics in the UK may remember Chris Moyles managed to get Peter Andre to number one like this!!

What do you think? I think it would be a great tribute to Adrian!!!

Very very cool, Stepphers.: )

I'm sure Adrians Army is game

I hope the three bags really help kick some LuK£@£#!* butt!! And that you are feeling the effects already : )

And goodnight to AA land

Goodnight to A!!



hi steph
think thats a great idea we could start on the monday before .
good luck for sunday
looking forward to seeing everyone on the 16th

jane xx

Kay and Keith,

Its brilliant to see Adrian's campaign in action. I'll do whatever i can in my local area and will also see what can be done in the University where I work. I'm sure that there must be a lot of freshers who would back the campaign and the work of ANT.

Much love to you all.

Sarah xxx

Thanks so much for the update Kay.

I have received an email today from Caroline Berger from the ANT asking me to fill in a questionnaire about becoming a volunteer speaker in schools, as I responded to an email a month or so again volunteering my services. This means I am now one step closer to helping Adrian fulfill his goal! Yay!

I have to say I am not a natural speaker in front of groups of people, but I'm going to make damned sure I do my very best. Hopefully Adrian will look down at me and instill some of his confidence into me!

Just a quick question...Unfortunately I can't attend the Winding Wheel event in Chesterfield, but I desperately want a chance to win that dressing gown! Is there anyway I can buy a raffle ticket or 2 by sending a cheque in? Might be a good way of raising a bit of extra cash for the cause if other members of Adrian's Army wants to do the same.

Love and peace

Well I've taken the plunge and emailed Radio 1 and radio 2. Going to start on local radio stations in Edinburgh.

Have also filled in questionnaire about volunteer speaking.

Got my copy of the book today. Hurrah!! Early night with a big cup of tea I think!!!!

Steph x

Hi Keith and Kay I hope everything goes well in your government meetings, I was really pleased to see in the local news that progress was being made. Hoping to be at the cathedral with Mark. Can anyone tell me how you volunteer to give talks? I did speak to our Sunday evening youth group about it a few months ago, complete with Liverpool Uni photographs, and I know alot of the young people started reading the blog after that. Good luck for your run Stephanie. love Sue

Thanks Sue! Two days to go! Ahhhhhh!
I'm worried now. I've raised £1,124 so I WILL complete it!!!! Grrrrrr!

Steph x

If you look at the right hand side of the home page of this blog, there is a link straight through to the Anthony Nolan website where you can find Adie's campaign. There is a further link there for volunteers.
Katie Campling tells me that Adrian's book has been the best selling book in the Huddersfield branch of Waterstones this week.
How fab is that?! Sudders effect still cracking eh?
Have a great weekend everyone
Love Kay

I echo the words of luck! You've raised so much money Steph - it really is a great achievement! I'll be thinking of you!

Sunday is also the day of my parents' concert for Leukaemia Research, so hopefully we'll raise loads of money there!! And in a couple of weeks, our local lions and scouts are having a charity race night for ANT. So got all bases covered at home.

I also just filled in the questionnaire online. I already promised I would go in and talk to my old school about my experiences with leukaemia, but training for that would definitely be useful! I'm also hoping that I'll be able to convince Brasenose (my husband's college at Oxford) to hold another recruitment session and/or do some fundraising.

I'm still sad I won't be able to make the memorial. I hope all the arrangements are going ok and the Sudbury family are finding a way to cope.

Nicola xx

Hi Kay and all AA everywhere,
I too have just filled in the online questionaire. I can't wait to do my bit.
I think people are beginning to receive their pre-ordered books. I'm so pleased for them. It has been very well put together and the pictures are beautiful.
Have a lovely weekend, Kay, Keith and everyone else.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts.

Dear Mr Keith and Mrs Kay,

Thankyou very much for the information.

I hope Adrian's book will be the best selling book this year in UK!

I haven't received it yet,now trying to show little patience!

Have a nice weekend to all!

Good luck for Sunday Steph!




Reading your words, it's just exactly like hearing Adrian.

I have responded to the ANT.

I send you all the love in the world.


Ëó÷øàÿ ýðîòèêà â WAP!

Dear Kay and Keith,
I have followed Adrian's blog since Feb '07 when my son was diagnosed with CML. You must be so proud of him, and his unselfish and determined efforts to help fellow sufferers and those not yet diagnosed.
When Adrian died, I felt that I had indeed lost a son.
I am,sadly unable to attend on the 16th.
It may already have been considered, but a recording of the service on CD would be so good, as although we feel to have personally known Adrian, sadly, it is at such a service that so many unknown gems emerge.
My thoughts and prayers will be with you and your family.

Hi. Hope everyone in Chateau Sudbury are doing ok. I think that Rodney's idea about a CD is brilliant!!!! I cant make the memorial service~long way,children etc. I wish I could. Thankyou for all the updates- Liam,Kay. Lol Mary

I wish I could be there on the 16th. I want to honour Adrian as best as I can, but I've realised that I can honour him in my own way, by promoting donations of all sorts (including money) here in Denmark. All my love to Adrian and his family and friends.
Much love, Lise.

A CD would be fantastic - especially for Adrian's "Foreign Legion", those of us living elsewhere in the world. Could you sell it online and raise more funds that way?
Love and blessings to you all.
South Africa

Dear Kay and Keith and family. Today I received Baldy's Book. Have a wonderful memorial service this Thursday - I will be with you in spirit.

Hi Kay and Keith,

My boss won't let me have the day off tomorrow so I'm not going to be able to make it to the memorial service, something that I'm really really disappointed about. Is there any way you could record it and post it up here for those of us who would love to share the thoughts and memories but who, thanks to the Tyrant-In-Chief can't be there?

I hope it goes brilliantly and I know the Cathedral will be packed to the rafters.

Lots of Love,
Vicola xxx

To the family and friends of Adrian,
Just received the book, I live in Australia and have been watching the post daily, so i have just received it and have started reading it, my thoughts will be with you on thursday and from an ex huddersfield girl (i left 36 years ago) keep up the good work.
Anne Ratcliffe

Greets! Really funny. keep working! Tnx! Saw!

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