Baldy's Book - now for sale


Hi Everyone Liam here,

Adrian Sudbury, Baldy's Book

I thought a lot of you would be interested to know. Adrian Sudbury's book is now for sale online - click here to find out more.

Adrian Sudbury's award winning blog is to be captured in a book. All his Baldy's Blog entries - and many of the fantastic comments of support he received - will be included in Baldy's Book, due out early to mid September. As well as the blog, there are also many family photos of Sudders and pictures from his time as a reporter on the Huddersfield Daily Examiner. Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, who has vowed to back Sudders' bone marrow campaign, has written a personal foreword to the 144 page paperback book. In it he says : "My father told me when I was young that everyone has the chance to make their mark on this world, whether for good or bad. Adrian has left his mark for good." Radio 5 Live presenter Victoria Derbyshire and plc chief executive Sly Bailey also pay tribute to Adrian's courage and personality.

All profits from the book will got to the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust.


Good to hear. I pre-ordered the book, look forward to the email about it.

Thanks Liam, I ordered the book and now waiting to receive it.

Have a nice day!


Excellent... just waiting for my copy!

As soon as I find my new place to live I'll be ordering one. Thanks for the update and hope you are doing well Liam :)

- Bethany


YAY!! I'm going to FRAME that book, so me, and everyone I care about, will have wonderful acess to what's important and a reminder of who he is always!!!


Yay Liam!

YAY ADRIAN!!!!!!! X BIG KISS!!!!!!



I'm crankin up the Chesney right now! : ) !

Dear Liam,

thanks for the update! The printed edition will be a timeless legacy - to be treasured in private and public libraries. Lots of new reading by lots of new people in generations to come! Warm regards to a gentle person and true friend, Ann

Thanks for the update Liam. Like Shiney, I ordered mine a while ago, so it's good to know I can start to get excited when I see the postman.


Great stuff!
I'm looking out for my copy in the mail too, as I ordered it a few weeks back. It will be lovely to have something tangible by which to remember Adrian - and this era of our lives. It will also be fantastic to meet some of the people behind the campaign and all these lovely comments.
I'm now going to borrow a phrase from LL (Laura) on a previous entry which sums up both the book and the forthcoming memorial service for me: "It's like a beautiful story book about to come true"

Love to all, Charlotte xx

A beautiful story book, indeed. :-)
I can't wait to get my copies!
Thanks, Liam for the update. Hope you're well.
Sudbury family, you're all still in my thoughts daily. I am sending you all much love.

A beautiful story book about a beautiful young man.....Adrian, with eager anticipation, we are all looking forward to reading the book that you so wanted to finish but didn't get the chance to. It's going to be fantastic, a book of memories to go with the memories in our head.
Rest easy, your work is going on...and on...and on.

Thanks Liam - Here's hoping that the copies ordered some weeks ago are in the post - Can't wait!

To Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam, family & friends and blog friends.
Sending as always Love. kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts.

Thanks Liam, Cant wait to receive my copy. It will be a most treasured possession.

Hope all of the very special Sudbury family and Adrians friends are still smiling and keeping those memories close. Love to you all. Chris J

Thanks Liam, I can,t wait to receive my copy,
which I pre ordered a while ago. Jean

Ditto Christine.....


Thanks Liam.

Like the others, I am really looking forward to receiving it.

The front cover looks great by the way!

Love to you all...

Also looking forward to getting my copy pre-ordered a while ago.
You are all in my thoughts so much of the time.
love and light
Steven's mom

like above i ordered mine a while ago looking forward to seeing the postman now

well done liam

jane xx

Dear Anonymous,

In response to your comments on the previous blog, I whole heartedly agree with you.
This blog is and will always be about Adrian. No, in fact this blog IS Adrian - full of passion, courage and the need to help other people.
When I found out that I had terminal leukaemia, my world feel apart. I won't get to grow old with my husband. I will never get to be a mother. I was inspired by Adrian and found this blog and communicating with my new friends on it a way to cope. I'm sorry if I have got carried away. It was never my intention.

With that I apologize especially to the amazing Sudbury family.

Steph x

Just ordered mine now. Happy I'll be able to lend the book to lots of people who I'm sure will appreciate Adrian's words and hopefully will be able to get more people signed up tot he register as a result.
Always thinking about you Adrian and the Sudbury family. Hope you're doing OK xx

Steph you sure didn't do anything whatsoever wrong!! You are here by popular demand.
Were asked for, and asked after : ) ! and will continue to be : )

Like others say - - you are 110% on-message, and give the blog now more meaning than before - - Well I didn't think that was possible, but it was, miss legend (just a modest legend as another friend put it), and make no mistake, your friends are thinking of you many, many times, everyday, okay? : ) !


LL (Laura)

thank you,liam,book on order,how are you? I hope you are feeling our love & support around you.dear steph,you have absolutely nothing to apologize for.see my comment on previous blog page.this blog is about compassion ,support & love,and if we all continue that,then we are truly a force for good.If we can lift you in any way,along this path,it,s what we long to be able to do.You are a very strong ,brave,woman,never lose sight of that.holding you all in my heart & thoughts. love,light & reiki hugs brendaxxxxxxxxxxx

Yeah, Steph - - See the shedloads of previous support on the previous post : )

I wish Adrian was here.


OMG We all do Shiney

Hope you are well : )

Steph the hurt that a comment has caused you really saddens me. When Adrian set up this blog he wanted it to continue after he left us in order to continue the work that he had started. Steph you are continuing that work and Adrian would be proud that you are using his blog to do that. Steph you supported Adrian when he needed your support and I am sure he would have absolutely no objection to you having support through his blog. This blog is all about courage, compassion and love and there are many familiar names who have come to care about one another. I think anonymous should take a leaf out of Adrians book and think of others before they leave comments that could offend. Chris J

Yay Im so excited thankyou for this Liam. I ordered mine a while ago, hope it comes soon.

Hope you and the wonderfull sudbury's are okay.

Love to you all

Sarah xxx

Steph, Don't let the turkeys get you down.

That was relevant before Lukaemia, and is still and unfortunately still relevant after! : ) !

Yep, you are experiencing the full, full range of a full, full life on Earth

Rule 1 - - ignore every turkey : ) !

More big kisses,


Dear Steph,

You never have and never will need to apologise to us. Adrian started this blog as a way to let people know about Lukemia and everything that goes with it. It has become a place of love, friendship and support for anyone who needs it. You are conti nuing Adrians wonderfull work and I for one thank you for it. We are all here for you and Please dont listen to narrow minded people like anonoymous who quite quite clearly has no idea what this blog is about.

Stay well Steph
Sarah xxx

So basically Steph, someone made one single mistaken post

Done with, anon is gone, think they realise

Just one mere mistaken post - - done with now

We all badly need you to totally buck up : ) !

Keep on, keep sure, : ) that will help out : )



Your job in life , Lu or no, is to keep sure despite the (anon!) turkeys : )

Dear All

I just thought I would throw in my two pennyworth as they say! When Adrian started this blog, it was to raise awareness of bone marrow donation and spread the word. I think also it offered him some comfort to read all the posts and to know that he had such support from complete strangers. It was a way of bringing people together so in a way he was going through his whole epic journey with an army of people behind him as well as, of course, his amazing family and friends. A problem shared is a problem halved!

Even though Adrian is no longer with us, his spirit lives on in this blog and that means sharing thoughts, laughter, sadness and friendship so we need to be a bit more magnanimous and carry on this blog the way Adrian would have wanted. That means raising awareness of bone marrow donation and any posts from people suffering from this bugger of a disease are to welcomed in exactly the same way as Adrian would have done. Indeed, before he got so very tired, he used to post personal responses to fellow leukaemia sufferer's! Steph...I salute you and Adrian...I miss your witty blogs and your talent for humour when the chips were down!

Love and peace to all, especially Kay, Keith and Carrie.

Well said, Polly! You're absolutely right. I just know Adrian is smiling upon us right now - loving how we've all rushed to the defense of our dear Steph. In fact, thanks anonymous for rallying our troops with your thoughtless comment. I think it's allowed a lot of us to really show Steph how much we love her! :-)

Well, returned from holiday and must also put in my thoughts.

Steph, I thought we had all had our outlook on life changed thanks to Adrian. It seems that I was wrong, not everyone who visits can remember the saying "if you do not have anything nice to say".

If you need someone we are all here for you, as we were for Adrian and I am sure that is what he would have wanted.

I am hoping to find a webcam on the route of your race if you know of one we will be able to wave to you!

Thinking about Adrian and his family.

Hello everyone and especially hello to Stephanie.
Please, please, please, do not feel the need to apologise - to the Sudbury clan or to anyone. Adie would have been delighted to hear of Steph's progress and glad she was out of hospital. More than that, he would have enjoyed the fact that she had the same sort of love and support from the Army out there that he experienced when he was facing the road Steph is now on. Yes, the Blog was and still is very much his own but I know he wouldn't want to exclude any exchange of news amongst cyber friends. Nor would he have been at all critical of the anonymous posting. He enjoyed every aspect of the Blog and all the lovely people who took the time to engage with him. He will be well chuffed that the interest continues.
Have a smashing weekend everyone

Thanks everyone for your continued support. It is very humbling. Anyway, leaving that episode behind, I am off to order the Book of the Year!

Steph x

Thank you Kay. Sorry can't write anymore. Bit emotional now. Been one of those weeks. Might have to have a lumber puncture to see if leukaemia spread into central nervous system.
Can't even have alcohol tonight as on so many painkillers for my arm!!! Just have to be chocolate and popcorn then!!!
Steph x x

What a week !!

Steph, hope you are feeling much better today.
Feel the love and hugs coming your way from this wonderful blog, set up by that wonderful young man.

Kay, Always so strong and courteous and 100% right.Hope you and the rest of the family are keeping well. :)X

Adrian - The friendships made on this blog have turned out to be amazing, full of love,strength, help and compassion....just as you would have expected.

WE MISS YOU and the blogettes will, as usual, be raising a glass (orange of course lol :) ) at 8pm tonight.

To all....keep smiling....keep campaigning....KEEP GOING.

Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to EVERYONE.

Steph you enjoy that popcorn and chocolate, you deserve it! Try not to worry too much about the lumbar puncture, although its not the nicest sensation its not too bad, the local they give you first hurts more!

Stay strong and keep well
Sarah xxx

Dear Steph,

Hope you are feeling better,see how many of us are here for you!

Hope you will get good news that Leukaemia didnt spread to CNS.

Prayers and wishes


Nice one Steph
will join you with the Chocolate later.....

Keep strong

Respect to all


Oh, and Steph

you are not humbled - -

WE are .

And thinking of you many times daily

And how you are shining through in your own way

( Show me a purer, humbler person anywhere, anyone? These qualities are what's really flagging up on this blog )

Bigger kiss!!!!



Forgot to reply Laura, I am doing ok here.

Hope you are doing fine.

Have nice weekend to all!


Great to hear!

Have a great weekend . . . and truly can't believe . . . it must be almost a whole month . . .

Big hugs all!!

2U ADS!!!!!



Thanks for once again spending time with us Kay. You truly are a wonderful family.

Steph, just for you I wont be raising a glass tonight but will be joining you with popcorn and chocolate. I am sure Adrian would have been more than happy to indulge in those for a change and today I have done nothing but talk and think about food so it suits me fine.

Instead of cheers I will say yum yum. Chris J

Kay, Keith, Liam, Carrie and all, have a great weekend.

Dearest Sudbury family, Steph and her family, and all AA around the world. Thinking of you all and sending much Love. Adrian Sudbury 'The one and only' - WE MISS YOU!

Hey all. Steph, don't apologise to anyone for posting your thoughts and news and everything else on here. I am sure that is exactly what Adrian would want. As Kay said, whilst this is, and always will be, Adrians blog, we were all here for Adrian, continue to be so, and we are all here for you, in whatever form you want us to be. I can't pretend to know how you feel. I just wnat you to know that if you ever need a friend, you know you can contact me via my facebook page and I will be there for you. People like the one who made the anonymous comment are vile. Ignore them. For every anonymous cretin, there are a dozen of Adrian's army with open arms and warm hugs. We stick together and have no need to hide behind anonymous comments.
Take care of yourself Steph. Chocolate & popcorn all the way mate. H2H

Kay - Thanks for your time and trouble. You really are amazing. I just managed to watch Noels' HQ. We won't let this go. None of us will. See you in Sheffield. ~X~X~X~

Kay, it was really kind of you to comment - we all love this blog dearly and miss Adrian immensely. As a result, emotions run high. Part of Ad's legacy is our desire to come together and offer support each other - especially in the face of illness.

Wishing everyone a lovely, sunny weekend :-) and sending all my love to the Sudbury family.
...Oh and Steph, I'm toasting you with chocolate - right now :-)

Charlotte xx

I will make sure I get a copy of the book. Hopefully one day I'll be able to bring myself to read Adrian's story from the very beginning (although for now I think it will be just too hard!)

Steph, I'm so sorry to hear about the lumbar puncture. I'll be praying that the results are good for you. I hope it helps to know you are surrounded by so much love.

Some good news: my parents have very kindly been sent a cricket bat signed by Sir Ian Botham! So hopefully we will be able to raise quite a bit of money for Leukaemia Research with that!! They're also holding a swing show on the 5th Oct.

As usual, prayers for all the sudbury family and all Adrian's friends as well as AA!


I just checked today on and it said my book was shipped, so I am looking forward to receiving it. Not only is it a momento of what a remarkable person Adrian was and all the good he accomplished in his short life, but the money from the proceeds is going to an excellent cause. I think of Adrian daily.

Thanks for all the updates Liam. So nice to hear from Adrian's mum as well.


i like that it says leukaemia campaigner

i'm buying a copy for the ward that treated my brother


hey folks

I check in regularly & comment every now again and although I don't chat as much as some of you I am always chuffed to see the support and love being bounced around - it really does make me smile after a long day!!

Kay - how lovely of you to find the time to add a few a words of support to Adie's Army!
I agree that the blog is about love & kindness, however it seems from your words that he wouldn't want to exclude those comments said out of saddness or grief either, which is good to know!

We have had some good news at work this week - one of our lil' ones, a 4yr old who struggled to find a donor before having a cord blood transplant recently, now has raised counts and may be able to go on home leave from her cubicle!! It reminded me of Adrian's video diary in which even though he didnt know about the future, he expressed how good it was to be just to be going home!

Love to everyone - those battling with loss, with illness and those just battling to get through the day to day!

Big hugs on this surpisingly sunny day in London!!
Tina* x x x x

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Hi everyone,

Have just had a few days with my Husband in sunny North Norfolk. Had a great time, and come back to find so many comments on Adrian's blog.

Firstly, Steph I am sorry to hear you have been in and out of hospital, will be thinking of you.

Secondly, THE BOOK. I pre-ordered mine, so can't wait for it to arrive Don't you think the photograph of Adrian on the front of the book is absolutely beautiful. His goodness and beauty just shine through.

Well, have to catch up with the washing and ironing now, but just wanted to comment.

Stay strong Steph

Love to all AA


I just wanted to let the Sudbury family know that my heart is still aching for them and wish them love, support and peace through their struggle going forth. It is always wonderful when we hear from Kay. Kay, it is no wonder Adrian is your son. You are great!

Kathy from USA

Hello All

Sure great to see all the popcorn & chocloate around the "campfire" last night : ) !

I know, I know, the AA campfire is a bluish rectangle - -

Well, blueish fire is the hottest, right : ) ?

Well, it is the only way we can all be together, so I love it

Yes, I think Anonymous posted out of grief.

Poor us. Good to have the AA campfire to talk about it : )

And my God we needed to talk about how much we are thinking of Stephanie - - thru the grief even

then then then then : ) OMG The baby coming out of the cubicle - - also another very bright light on a very dark night : ) !!! The bonus : ) THANKS Steph and Tina : ) !!

This is a baby, so it is better than the Olymiics for me : ) !! Prayers out for that little tiker

Sudders, the big tiker - - man - - It's time to crank up the Chesney

Sudders, Biggest X!!!!!!!! cant be cant be

Wow can it have been a whole month already . . .
just no way


Hi everyone,
been a bit quiet lately, but often thinking about Adrian.
Went on holidays a few weeks ago, also visited my parents. Came back. Two days later the phone rings (too) early in the morning. When the phone rings that early you know something's wrong.
My Mom had passed away. She was 72, would have been 73 in October. And Pop and her would have celebrated their 44th wedding anniversary last Friday.
She had had her ups and downs healthwise for many years, but this did in the end come as a shock.
Cherish your loved ones.

Alexandra, so sorry to hear about your Mum, as always the AA is here for you if you need us.

Hope the Sudburys are all well, you remain in my heart every day.

Adrian, we miss you so much and cant believe its been a month already. Hope you are taking time and having a much needed rest, but then again knowing you..........

Love and Hugs to everyone
Sarah xxx

Alexandra, I'm so sorry to hear about your mum.

Alexandra,so sorry to hear about your mum,take
peace,light&reiki Brendax

Dear Kay and family

How good to hear from you, and how encouraging to read your comments. Have ordered my copy of Ad's book, I love the cover by the way, I miss him very much. My love and thoughts continue to be with you.

Alexandra, thinking of you at this time, what a terrible shock for you. I hope your Dad is bearing up. How good you got to see your parents when you did. We never know what today will bring which is why we should make the most of everyone we love and care about.

Steph, hope you're feeling a bit brighter and feel for you greatly. I can't imagine how hard this is for you, as with dear Adrian. Thoughts are with you too.

I'm sure Adrian would want the caring and kindness shown to him and his family to be extended to others in their time of need.

How great it is to see his blog continue in his memory. Long may it do so!

With love
Barbara xx

Dear Sudbury family,& all AA,
thinking of you,i hope you have had this glorious unexpected sunshine.
Tina,it was wonderful to hear about one of your
little ones being well enough to go home.I hope all went well.
Steph,chocolate & popcorn,sounds good,how about everyday!
Lacey,thank-you for your kind enquiry,much better,platelets up a bit,my dog,s pleased he,s
getting walked again.
peace,light&reiki hugs,love Brendaxxxxxxx

Had a random thought as I was brushing my teeth this morning (as you do!). If there was a memorial CD for the legend that it is Sudders, what would you put on it? So far I can think of three:
1. The One and Only by Chesney Hawkes (naturally)
2. Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now by Starship (I love 80's pop sorry)
3. Wind Beneath My Wings by Bette Middler (cos we all need a Kleenex
moment don't we!)
Steph x

I'm going to add a fourth!
Reach by S Club 7 (I'm sure Sudders was a man who appreciated the occasional bit of cheese!)
Steph x

Lots of strength, Alexandra.

Hey Steph,

What about "Three Little Birds" by Bob Marley? Gotta have that one on there! :-)

IHello to all AA land : )

I love it when you get ideas brushing your teeth or in the shower

This is way more fun than trying to think of anything on purpose, easier too : )

"You Are So Beautiful"

Corny cheese, but you know what, it would just not feel corny right now

Love to all,



Till now no news about the book?!

Love to Adrian's family and friends.


This is Adrian's blog, and I am talking to Adrian's family - Adrian's parents and sister and his friends connected to this blog like Liam, Katie and his other close friends.


I hope I am not speaking out of turn here.

As far as I know Shiney the local Huddersfield bookshops will be selling "THE BOOK" from September 29th. Overseas orders may be after this.

Thank you Yvonne for the information.Now I can expect it next month.


Heard on the radio yesterday (22nd, cos it's now gone midnight and therefore the 23rd) that it was Chesney Hawkes' birthday. They then played The One and Only. I will NEVER be able to hear that song again without thinking of Ade. Not a bad thing that though, eh? x

Hi Steph, this is one for you. Having checked in after a few days' absence and placing the earlier post, have just been tracking back to see what has caused all the upset. Although the mighty Kay has, I think, pretty much set things straight, I would just like to add this. Some of us have been drawn to this blog because of its sheer human interest, and the power of Adrian's prose. Some of us have been drawn because we have walked alongside someone treading the same path and totally related to what he was saying, as in my case (and I have already posted some of my own feelings regarding this). And there are those, like you, who are treading that path themselves, and do it with the same spirit of courage and optimism as he did. Of the three, I would have thought it was pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain that you, above all, are entitled to keep on telling us how things are. You are, I think, as others have said, the female Adrian. Keep on keeping on, and I wish you much love x

Hi everyone,

Just been catching up on everything.

Steph, so pleased you're out of hospital. Sorry to hear about the lumbar puncture. Hang in there love.

Kay, thanks for your kind comments supporting Steph. My thoughts are with you and yours often. Sorry I can't make it to Sheffield. Wish I could be there.

It's a shame that things deteriorate here from time to time with the odd spat. As someone pointed out, hiding behind anonymity is spineless and not worthy of us rising to the bait. That said, it's refreshing to see everyone supporting Steph. The Sudders Effect in action. Steph, you're an inspiration.

Alexandra, sorry to hear about your loss.

I've checked and my book has been shipped so waiting eagerly for its arrival.

Love to you all from Trinidad

Hi dear Sudbury family and blogaholics.

Hope everyone is enjoying this lovely sunshine. Not long now until the memorial which I really hope that I can attend. If not I will certainly be there in spirit. Like you Shiney I cant wait for the book although I know it is going to pull at the heart strings. Love to all Chris J

Blogaholics : ),

Tash, where have you been ? : )

Good to see ya : )

Yep, just a single odd weird post - - but after that single one, kinda of a chorus of unanimous demand for Stepphers

and cranking the tunes

and Steph cranking the tunes : )

and big remembering of Sudders : )

and Steph seems well

all that matters : )

Hey, have a great night all AA and A X!!!!



Hope I will get the book within 1 month Christine.Will be both sad and happy when I get it,sad to see Adrian in a book form but happy to receive something which I can keep for ever.

Have a nice evening to all!


Hey all, just checking in to say hi!

Oh dear, I see that a couple of spammers are creeping into the blog comments.....can we do anything about this? Liam are you there?

Anyway, also wanted to say the book looks fantastic, Adrian would be so chuffed with it, I'm sure. Miss you Adrian!

Love to the Sudbury family and all the regulars here.

Catherine x

Hello guy, Liam here. Apologies that spam has been getting through our filters. I do try to keep an eye on it, but as you can see I haven't been on the blog today :(

To give you a little explanation a while ago the decision was made by Adrian to allow comments to go on this blog unmoderated. At the time this was because Adrian was having trouble accessing the Admin pages and couldn't approve all the messages he wanted to. This was a very successful move as it allowed everyone on this blog to build a real community. Unfortunately in doing so it does mean that from time to time such SPAM messages can get through. I promise to delete it as soon as it is brought to my attention.

Thanks Liam - we know you are there and appreciate all you do for AA. Keep up the good work! Love and Best wishes to everyone

Hey Liam, we new you'd get it off as soon as you could and we appreciate that, and you, very much.
Hope that you, Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara and everyone else are gaining strength every day.
Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to all.

Liam, don't be silly. You deserve a pat on the back far more than a kick up the ... erm.... well, you know! :-)
Anyway, you are very much appreciated by all of us, and I hope you know that we know you also have a life outside of the blog. I still had to crack a smile when I saw the porn site link. Did anyone else hear Adrian saying "Get your free porn here! Get your free porn here!" ?? Nice to think of him and his great sense of humor now. :-)

Liam. You're a star! I hope you know were all thinking about you. (Well, I am, and I'm sure others are!) Warm wishes to everyone. xx

MRI was clear. Phew. Decided not to do lumber puncture. Phew phew.
Naughty leukaemia levels crept up though so back on injectable chemo and steroids for a month. Could be worse....
Although my husband is angry that I will have a huge appetite and eat everything in sight when there is a credit crunch (or should that be credit munch(ies)!!!!)
Sorry I'll stop the bad jokes.
Steph x

Yep, get out the steroids and kick some Lukeaimia butt!! : ) !! Yay!!


You're doing a great job Liam. Thanks for everything that you have done and are doing for this blog.

Steph enjoy your munching.

Love to all Chris J

Liam... LOL! :-)

Like Lacey I immediately cast my mind back to Adrian's "Get your free porn here" posting in response to the spammers and gremlins a couple of months back!

...There is indeed a community which has grown up around this blog - so I echo the others in saying thanks for your hard work!

Steph, I'm so glad your MRI scan came back clear - now get stuck into some 'celebratory munchies', girl, that's my advice!! :-)

Love and best wishes to the Sudbury clan and friends everywhere...

Charlotte xx

Steph that really is good news about the MRI. I think this is the most I've smiled for the past few months! Hopefully the chemo and steroids don't get you too down. You deserve all the food you can manage to eat. (Your husband should treat himself too)

Best wishes to the Sudbury's and everyone else reading.


Hi Liam

I am sure you have a lot on your plate and I think we are all grown up enough not to be really fazed by either spam nor comments that seem snippy .


I am pleased to hear about the MRI and surely if you get a grip on the biscuits no one is getting them off you .

I have my train ticket for the memorial and look forward to meeting those who are throwing their weight behind Adrians campaign .

To all:- the strength and humour for a good day

Hope all the Sudburys and the rest of the clan are feeling fine today. Hope you are feeling better now Stephanie. Love Sue

Thanks Liam, but I never thought of that as a big problem.

Hope you are doing fine, we all are just waiting for the book,it may take more time to reach here, normally eight days but cant say.

Steph,eat what all you can and enjoy!

Have a nice day to all and a nice weekend!


Aww Liam, you don't need a kick up the bum at all, I know you keep an eye on this place whenever you can, and am grateful for that. I just hadn't seen the spam for a while and was a bit worried that they were going to take over again! (I did actually smile and remember the 'get your free porn' post by Adrian at the time, like others here. I almost posted that thought yesterday, and should have done because I think my post came across as a bit too serious!)

I agree that relaxing the posting restrictions have allowed us to grow as a community, I wouldn't want it to go back to the way it was before.

Have a great weekend everyone,

Love, Catherine x

Hello all,

It's good to hear everyone is doing pretty well. Steph, I really admire your humor! :)

I have to move in 4 days and still have no new place to go, I should be a lot more stressed about this than I am but it will be nice whenever I get a new address so I can order the book! I can't wait to see it and I do agree that Adrian looks great on the front! I still think of the Sudbury clan and Liam all the time.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

- Bethany

Christine M I am so jelous. You lucky thing having that most treasured possession already. I am so eager for my copy. Going to have a look at the Waterstone website this minute to see delivery times. Chris J

Oh it is only pre order still on the web. I am just going to have to be hoo. Chris J

Kay, Keith, Carrie & Barbara,

Thankyou from the bottom of my heart for the way you have enabled so many of us to have a lasting memory of Adrian in the form of this fantastic book.

Only flicked through it as I want to read it when on my own with a LARGE glass of wine and an even LARGER box of tissues lol :)

Liam, Your part in production of this book is so very much have been Adrian's rock with the blog etc and behind the scenes.

ADRIAN - Thanks to you for being the very special, beautiful, inspiring, funny, courageous and loving young man that you were here and are now in that other place.
A fantastic book written because of a fantastic person.

The campaigning goes on in your memory.

We all love and miss you sooooo much.
The beers and pork pies are on me, tonight !!!!

So much love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts are sent to you all.

Waiting for the postman! please please Mr Postman look and see if theres a letter in your bag for me!! (sorry) Chris J

Christine M , would you please stop teasing Christine J : )

Is there a bit of Christine-type rivalry going on here : ) ?

X : )


So Chrisses and AA really great great to see all the (shared!!) enthusiasm : )

I am moving - - so can't order - but me gots an idea - - hey, Waterstones lets you order anything in print : ) !!!

Yep the ol inner lightbulbs does a few watts occasionally - -

well, heading out the door : ) !

Hey, have a great afternoon to all AA everywhere even if its not afternoon where u r : )



Hi all,

Just stopping in to say a quick hi. Haven't been here often lately. Never thought this was my way of coping but seems I've stuck my head in the sand.

Wish I could make it to the memorial. Even went so far as to check the fares on flights. Wouldn't that be awful if I forked it out to come for Adie's memorial but couldn't bring myself to do so to visit my brother in August? Ironic.

Christine M has her book. Will take some time for it to be delivered here. Twiddling thumbs in the meantime. Enjoy it - all who have received it.

Much love to you all from Trinidad.


Adrian, I am so proud of you. Just seen the official response of the petition on the number 10 website. what a fantastic achievement. We will remain on their case.
Miss you so much Adrian. Kick back and enjoy a pint mate. We will be doing just that tonight in your memory and in celebration of your achievement. Loads of love. X~X~X~X~X~X

Hi everyone

Haven't posted for a while, but this just popped into my Inbox so I thought I would share it with everyone, although I think everyone who signed the petition will get it sooner or later.

I'm amazed at the initial response from schools requesting the information pack...brilliant! Well done to Adrian and it's all down to his "media whoring" in the weeks before his death. He'll be doing a somersault and his crazy robotic dance wherever he is right now! Go Adrian, go!! Yay!!

Love and peace

PS: See y'all in Sheffield!

Just thought I'd post the petition response on here but see that i've been beaten to it....

Lovely response i thought - well done to everyone involved and a fab tribute to Adrian and his team.

Excited to announce that the festival I organise in Huddersfield, Huddstock, will be supporting the Sign Up For Sudders campaign in 2009 - we had well over 3,000 people attend this year and hoping for many more next!

The Examiner (thanks to Katie!!) are supporting the festival this year too so hopefully we'll raise a lot of money for the campaign.


Happy that there is some very positive developement.

I am surprised because I too got the mail.

Love and regards to Adrian's family.

Have a nice evening to all!


Yesterday I had a phone call from an MP with regards to Adrian's campaign .

I to was pleased to get the email and see it as a start .

Looking forward to seeing everyone in Sheffield .


PS to Steph a hug .

Just to let you know, in addition to receiving our petition responses, things are happening in the name of Sudders up and down the country! I met with my MP today. He's been extremely supportive of this campaign; with one very special reason; his own son received a bone marrow transplant six months ago. Here's an article about him from a few weeks back:

I first met him back in June to discuss ways in which we could recruit potential donors throughout OUR area, in addition to fulfilling Adrian's legacy regards educating 17-18 year olds. The strategy was to encourage large employers to host ANT clinics.

Thanks to this MP's efforts and excellent links in local industry, AIRBUS UK have now CONFIRMED they'll be hosting such a clinic in November (I'll post details later). The thinking behind this is that here we have a "captive audience" of 7000 workers. A large proportion of them are in fact young men(!!!) :-) and therefore eligable as BM donors.

With the factory on my doorstep, I'd also like to explore the possibility of making it a regular event - incorporating it as part of their recruitment / induction programme. Adrian articulated his desire to find a sustainable supply of new donors for years to come - so maybe local industry is another avenue we could explore? If it's a success, we'll then approach other key local employers - who by that time will see the added bonus of positive publicity generated in hosting a clinic!

Love to all Sudburys, friends and blogaholics everywhere! Charlotte Newall xx

Fantastic news Charlotte. You are such a trooper and Adrian would be proud of you. I think it would be a really good idea for all of us to contact our MP's again and try to emulate in our own areas what you have achieved in yours. Again well done H2H Chris J

Where can you get the book to buy?
I am very interested in it.

There is an online link under this post's title to click to buy : )

I am going to try Waterstones ordering service - - if you ask for the book by name they can order it on their computer - - you pay for it when you go in after it arrives - - tell them Waterstones Huddersfield sells it. You probably don't even have to tell them that much : ) This is good for me because my postman isn't very good, plus I may be moving very soon

Goodnight to all AA land : ) (even if it's not nightime where u r ) : )

Tash, I know how you feel

Liam, all Sudders H Q, this is all gret stuff : )

Goodnight to Superstar HQ , distant stars, Steph stars, and sparkling blogohol everywhere; and Liam for keeping us sparkling clean : ) !, and - - -

- - - The big star, X!!!


Great stuff Charlotte : ) !

Hi Kay

Just heard you on Radio 5Live. Fantastic news and I would love to help launch this campaign in secondary schools. Please let me know when you need me. I live on Berkshire/Hampshire borders and my son attends a big secondary school so I am sure I can start there. My nephew died of Chronic Myleoid Leukaemia aged just 16,almost 2 years ago. Anything I can do to help recruit donors for the future as we were unable to find a great match for my nephew and his transplant failed.

Regards Alison

Hi everyone!
Have had a reply from the Long Term Conditions Unit which is part of the Healthcare Policy and Strategy Directorate which is part of the Scottish Government. Phew!
I'm going to try to summerise it!

" The curriculum in Scotland is not set in legislation and it is for schools and local authorities to decide management and delivery of the curriculum based on local needs and circumstances."

"In 2003 the then Scottish Executive issued an Organ Donation Teaching Resource Pack to all secondary schools in Scotland for use in lessons with pupils aged over 16"

"We have since decided to update this pack to take account of legislative changes introduced by the Human Tissue (Scotland) Act 2006 and to re-issue it to schools for use in lessons in all secondary school pupils since the legislation provides for children over the age of 12 in Scotland to add their name to the Organ Donor Register"

"Give and Let Live is a UK wide initiative that helps to shape the views of future donors and create a new generation of lifesavers. All schools in Scotland have been given a pack in line with England. The aim is to introduce the concept of donation before and after death as a discussion subject and not outwardly as a recruitment tool. The plan is to roll this particular issue out in this forthcoming school year."

I'm glad that Give and Let Live has made it over the border. The legend of Sudders lives on!!!!

Steph x

I don't put a comment on here very often but I just wanted to say that every day I keep checking this page to see how you are all are getting on, especially all the regulars. I feel that I've really got to know you and that you are all my friends and it's really heart warming to find out all the wonderful things you are doing, even if it's just keeping in contact and being supportive of each other. Adrian must be so proud of you all.

Okay, everyone, sing after me:

"Am-AA-azing KAY, How sweet the girl ! . . . " : ) !
- - Simply can't believe you are batting this well!!

You too, Steph : ) !



Great news Steph. Hope you are feeling ok. Chris J

Missing you Adrian, seems to be getting harder, maybe its cos the memorial is fast approaching. My post man now officialy thinks im mad as I pounce on the post every morning. Hopefully the book will arrive soon, if not I may have to have a trip to Huddrsfield!

My love to everyone
Sarah xxx

My internet breaks for 24 hours and I log on here to see so much wonderful news! Thanks Charlotte and Steph for keeping us informed! I have a meeting set up with the head of 6th form of my old school tomorrow to make sure they are planning on giving all the give and let live talk! Hopefully it will go well...

Hope all the Sudbury's are getting on ok. Ditto to Steph!

Nicola xx

Hi everyone,

Sarah I feel just the same. It reminds me very much of Mrs. Bucket (Bouquet) in Keeping up appearances. When she is expecting SOMETHING VERY IMPORTANT she stands outside waiting for her postman, and then berates him when he hasn't got it.

I am trying to be patient, and I know once Adrian's book arrives there won't be any housework done for a while, but who cares. As Chris says, a large glass of wine and an even larger box of tissues will be required.

Have just finished decorating the sitting room so haven't been able to comment for a few days. What I used to be able to do in a day, now takes me two or even three!!

Kay, Keith, Carrie and Barbara, I think of you daily, and Adrian I think of you hourly. I miss you so much and yet I never actually met you. What an effect you have had on us all, young man, and know that you will never be forgotten.

My love to all of Adrian's Army, and it is good that we can still talk to each other.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks, miss you.


bought the book yesterday 30/9/08 brought back alot of memories keep having to put it down cos im not afraid to say it i keep crying

My book arrived when i was on holiday and i've started reading it already - inc having a few tears on the train. Damn Adie making a fool of me on a packed commuter train

Hi everyone,

I am really jealous Laura, mine still hasn't arrived. I am sure the postman thinks I am really mad by now!!

I know I will have to read it when I am on my own because I can still be quite emotional over Adrian. What's new, I am sure we all feel the same,

Love to everyone. Special love to Kay Keith Carrie.Barbara and Liam.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks, miss you so much


Hi everyone,

IT'S HERE!!!! Adrian's book has arrived.

No housework to be done for the next day or so now! and the postman can relax.

It can't be much fun having a 63 year old rushing out at you every morning to see if he is delivering something VERY IMPORTANT.

Kay, Keith Carrie, Barbara and Liam thinking about you a great deal leading up to the 16th, I know you will do him proud.

My love also to all AAs


I got my book!

It is lovely to be able to read his story in print but I was terribly sad as it was a reminder that he has gone :( We miss you, Adrian.

Thinking of you all, especially as the 16th is almost here, I wish I could come along too.

Love to all of you,
Caroline xxx

PS: I got a comment printed, so exciting! :D

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