Watching Adrian's Memorial Service Link - UPDATE


For anyone who was unable to view Adrian's memorial service, or wishes to do so again the Examiner has made a video of the service which you can see below

PEOPLE from across the world will be able watch a special memorial service for Examiner journalist Adrian Sudbury tomorrow.

The service, at Sheffield's historic cathedral, will be broadcast live on with help from the BBC.

It is a response to public feeling and the sheer number of people Adrian, 27, inspired.

It's believed this is the first time in the UK a newspaper has been able to provide such a broadcast.

The service, which starts at 2pm, will celebrate the life of Adrian who died on August 20 after an 18-month fight with leukaemia.

He dedicated his final months to his Sign Up For Sudders campaign to raise awareness about bone marrow donation.

It also called on the Government to provide better education about bone marrow donation in schools and colleges - especially to 17- and 18-year-olds.

The Government has written to every UK school and college, asking them to use an online Give And Let Live teaching resource.

The memorial service will be attended by people who supported Sign Up For Sudders, as well as Adrian's friends, family and colleagues.

Also expected to attend are readers of Adrian's award-winning online diary, Baldy's Blog, where he chronicled the ups and downs of living with leukaemia.

The service will feature a pre-prepared message from Adrian himself, video tributes from the media and colleagues, speeches from his family, friends and Colne Valley MP Kali Mountford, who helped with Adrian's campaign.

Sheffield-born star Sean Bean will also be at the event, reading an extract from the poem On Death by Khalil Gibran.

The Hollywood actor met Adrian when they were supporting a fundraising appeal at Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

l Anyone who would like to attend the service should email or call 01484 437707 and leave a message.

For directions to the cathedral, visit


unfortunatley I will not be able to make today but have got a bag of haribo to open at 2pm (if i can last that long)
dont think to be honest Im strong enough to cope with attending hope all goes well considering the event

With much Love and support to Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam, AA and everyone attending Adrian's Memorial Service today. Also, thinking of everyone around the world who, like myself are unable to attend. I will be tuned in and watching at 2pm. It's 'THE SUDDERS EFFECT' and it's going to be 'MASSIVE'. Caroline

My daughter gets married on Saturday. Despite passing myself on the way back I fully intended coming today to support you.

However, unfortunately last night I was in Casualty at midnight - with whooping cough - at 46!

I'm terribly sorry but all you'd hear all through the service is cough, cough, retch.

Instead I'll try to log on to watch it and sit with you all in my heart.

I'm going to ask the Vicar to say a prayer for Adrian during the Wedding on Saturday - 1pm.

Much love to you all.

Yvette Price-Mear


This is just the saddest day but at the same time a day to celebrate the life of such a wonderful young man. I know the cathedral will be full of Adrian's army, family and friends and there will be equal amounts of supporters glued to the live broadcast. I will be one of the latter for sure. Just wish I could have been there in person. Chris J

Dear Sudbury family and AA,

about the poet Gibran it is said: 'His power came from some great reservoir of life else it could not have been so universal and so potent, but the majesty and beauty of the language with which he clothed it were all his own.'

It's as if this description has been written for Adrian himself...So honourful!

'...Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.'

Mountains of strenght and rivers of love to you all today.

Take care - but continue to sing, climb and dance! xxAnn

Thanks for the update Liam.

I am ready to watch the service from here,computer already on, I hope I can watch it from here uninterupted.


I regret that I won't be able to attend today and am grateful that the examiner is streaming the video. Sending you all wishes of peace and love today -- I am eternally grateful for all of that Adrian accomplished.

Much love from across the pond!

A beautiful service for a beautiful man..... xxx

I second that, Gemma.


What an AMAZING service for Adrian. You are all in my thoughts,what an emotional day.M xxxxxx

wow! couldn't make it today but sat glued to the link laughing and crying all the way through - feel very emotional but even more determind to carry this forward in adrian's name. i have 6 new donors to take with me on nov 4th when i next give blood, 2 of whom who have committed to joining the bone marrow registry if accepted...

love to all, beth x

A very moving service for a truly wonderful young man. I think of you every day Adrian and your legacy will go on, we'll make sure of it. Lots of love always, XXX

That was a truly wonderful service - it was totally awesome to sit here and to join in an incredible tribute to one amazing young man.

A special dose of love and light to Kay and family

An absolutely beautiful service, and I am so pleased we were able to watch it.

Oh Adrian, everyone did you proud, and perhaps you now realise what an impact you have had on our lives and on this world.

I shed tears when Kay and Keith spoke so beautifully, and when they said he was "our lad, our boy".

Special love to AAs, Kay, Keith, Carrie and Barbara and of course to "our Adrian".

Miss you so much


Just back home from the beautiful, moving and at times very funny service. Kay, Keith and the rest of the Sudbury family, you should be so proud of "your lad". He was such an inspiration to so many. Today has really brought it home to me how we must honour Adrian's life by doing now what WE can to help deliver what he worked so hard and tirelessly for. In that same spirit I have just signed up to volunteer to deliver the 40 minute talk to schools - luckily for me one of the first cities to be targeted is mine and Adrian's home town of Sheffield. I hope I am selected to take the message forward. It's the very least I can do and will be proud to help all I can. Love to the Sudbury family and to Adrian who I imagine is having great fun on his journey!
Clare xx

hi to all! I am just on the train after attending adrian's memorial service. It was perfect. Sad, happy and inspiring.. I started blubbing as soon as moonlight sonata kicked in but i left with a smile on my face. It was so nice to meet kay who made a lovely but moving tribute to "her lad" which set me off again! It was also great to meet ll (aka laura) a fellow blogger i hope your journey home was less eventful than your journey to sheffield! Adrian.. You are the best! Love and peace, polly, xx

I am glad that sitting in a far away country I was able to watch the memorial service.Thanks for all who made it possible.

I am very happy that I came to know about you Adrian.

Love and prayers to Adrian's family.Mr Keith and Mrs Kay, you are lucky because you had such a wonderful son, and you too Carrie because you had such a loving brother.But now I pray that no parents and no siblings go through such a painful situation in their lives.Same with his friends too,all of them.

Have a peaceful night to all!


Just want to 'third' what Gemmak said.


What can I say? Beautiful, tearful, funny, heartbreaking. Kay your lad has touched so many and thankyou for allowing us who were not able to attend today to be a part of the service. It is my sons birthday today and I went from sobbing to singing happy birthday. Emotional rollercoaster. Hugs to all tonight Chris J

I watched part of Ad's service from America this morning as I was supposed to be getting ready for work. I didn't get to watch the whole thing though, because I had to leave before it was over (and I was still late for work...oops!).

What little I did see was lovely. I was wondering if there will be a place to watch the service in its entirety. I would love to see it without the stress of getting to work looming over my head.

Much love from across the pond to Kay, Keith, Carrie and all of Adrian's family and friends.

One love, One Heart,

What an amazing service for a truly amazing person.

I would imagine Sheffield Cathedral has never seen anything like today's service. Only Adrian could have Arctic Monkeys music in a Cathedral. The photographs accompanying this were lovely.

Although I wasn't able to be in Sheffield today I don't think I have ever experienced such an afternoon. To be able to light my candle, watch the service and laugh and cry along with those attending was a privilege.

A very special thank you must go to those involved in allowing us to share the service through the power of the internet.

Olie, your speech was lovely and gave all who didn't know Adrian before his illness a glimpse into his life.

It is difficult sometimes to remember that Adrian was only 27. He achieved so much and had such an effect on many people of all ages. His smile could open so many doors, who knows what he would have gone on to achieve.

Harry Gration said yesterday on Look North: “Adrian was one of the most engaging guys I have ever met.� Another media tribute to add to all the others today.

Miss you so much Adrian, they all did you proud.
With love to Kay, Keith and Carrie

Service sounds I knew it would be.
I know it was shown live but is there anywhere we can watch it now? I was at work this afternoon and unable to log on. CK

Hello Kay & Keith

Well Done today - I haven`t seen the service yet but caught a piece on 5 News.

Adrian would be well chuffed with his family as we are of you.

Best Wishes as always


Aha! I found a video on BBC website.
Well done to everyone who spoke - it can't have been easy. I did shed a tear (or two) but most importantly, and as Adrian wanted, it left me with a smile.
For anyone else who hasn't seen it yet see link below.

I have just got home from Sheffield. Thank you for an incredible day. Poignant yes, unbearably sad in part - but truly uplifting and inspiring! It felt as though Adrian walked among us in spirit and his humour shone through in the readings from family and friends.

It was wonderful to meet you all, thankyou from the bottom of my heart for making us all feel so welcome and included! :-) Rest assured, the army will march on! Adrians campaign WILL go from strength to strength!

All my love, Charlotte Newall xxxx

P.S. Liam - great to meet you - forgot to tell you, "you rock" for all your hard work on this blog (- that is, of course, as long as you're a LIVERPOOL fan lol :-))

Hello to everyone who attended the very beautiful service today. It was lovely to see and meet, albeit very briefly so many of the readers of Adrian's blog. Special hello to Laura, Anne, Charlotte and Dan and everyone who said hello to me. Hope everyone who went to or saw the service has been inspired to help the fight against leukaemia

Luv n Hugs to you all

Thank you, lovely Sudburys, for allowing us all the privilege of being there for Adrian's memorial service (whether online or, as I was so fortunate to be, in person). It was utterly splendid and beautiful,and something that will stay in my memory forever. It was also so nice to get a chance to have a few words with you after. Kay, hope I did my best for Tash with the hug, and sorry for inadvertantly crashing your interview. By the way hon, KILLER shoes (and I don't subscribe to the normal female obsession with footwear; you are lucky you got me in Uggs rather than flipflops - that's me dressing up big style!) Carrie, you are a total sweetie - no wonder Ade was so proud of his little sis! I have two wonderful daughters who I adore, but I'd be proud to have another if she was like you. Hope you managed to keep hold of the bits I gave you. Keith, I never got a chance to speak to you, but I am sure you are well aware by now that the love surrounds you all. Thank you again for today, and in fact for making it possible that this marvellous person was ever here. Big love, Penny x

What an amazing service for a truly amazing person.
watched the service online.
what a wounderful service & adrain would have been so proud. very well spoken by all. my thoughts are with adrain`s family.
god bless


I sat up in the wee hours feeding my 8 week old bubby (born 19th August) and watching the service. I alternated between looking at her beautiful, peaceful face and watching the incredible journey of a remarkable young man. I can only hope my little girl will have the get up and go that Adrian had.

I especially thought the comment that Adrian was a likable person to everybody he met, to ring true. Even though I never met him I, like many, really felt like he was a friend. His warmth shone through in his writing and videos.

All the best to the Sudbury family and Adrian's friends.

Amanda Oz

Almost midnight and just arrived home fom the road . As we drove through the night, the moon was extra bright and I heard sonata just about the whole way - - one of those moments where you sure wished he was still around. And he still is!!! All I can hear is that song, lots more later.

Good (very special)night from London

to all AA

AND A X!!!!

LL (Laura)

Steph, just hear sonata again and you will be there : ) Sure missed you.

Returning to my hotel room from 'Salome' by Strauss in the Metropolitan Opera in NYC I was moved by the words by Oscar Wilde, now sung by a fragile mezzo-soprano: 'The mystery of love is greater than the mystery of death.' I suddenly remembered one of Adrian's memorable blog writings about Wilde and his grandmother. His proud and intense love for her touched all his readers at that moment! It must have been very hard for her during the service today ...Please send her our warm greetings.


I forgot to mention about Adrian's Grandmother Barbara ( I hope the spelling is correct)Just remembered when I read the above post.

Mrs Barbara,you will always have lovely memories of Adrian,I can imagine the void he left behind and the pain it caused.Hope god will give you enough strength to face this loss.

Love and prayers,


Hello to all of Adrian's friends and family
You should be so rightly proud of your lad and you so did him proud yesterday. I was sorry not to be able to be there but it was so good of you to allow us to watch. I was "working from home" and had to pull myself together to go on a conference call afterwards about something which seemed so trivial in comparison! It was a beautiful service and a powerful one. I ran London Marathon this year for the Anthony Nolan Trust and am planning to do the Sydney one in September next year for them all being well. I would like to run in Adrian's memory if you would be ok with that.
Wishing you strength and sending you lots of love

Hi Olie,

Your speech was nice.Hope your leg is ok now after the marathon!I can understand how close you were with Adrian.

Saw Liam's picture too.But couldn't see other friends of Adrian - Katie Campling,Ben,George etc.

Have a nice day and a nice weekend to all!


Thank you so much for the video feed. I felt privileged to be part of such a special day remembering Adrian with all his family and friends. Everyone did him proud and he will always remain "the one and only" xx

Hi Everyone,

just so you're aware that you can watch a video made of the service on the Huddersfield Examiner here:

I sat transfixed to my computer screen, coughing like it was going out of fashion with rows of snotty hankies drying on the radiator.

I laughed, I cried.

It was uplifting and inspirational - just like Adrian really.

Even through 't'Internet' the love was tangible.

Tomorrow at my daughter's Wedding (1pm St. Edmund's Church, Mansfield Woodhouse) the Vicar will be mentioning Adrian in the prayers.

It will be a privilige to make Adrian, his family & friends part of our special day so that forever more, when we watch the DVD we'll always remember him.

God bless you Adrian, sending love to you & yours.

Yvette Price-Mear


Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie,

I have just watched the footage of the service yesterday and it was beautiful. The words spoken were lovely and I felt I was actually there.

I was thinking of you all yesterday while I was at hospital and yes I had a pork pie at 2pm!!!

I feel this is a new chapter opening now for Adrian's campaign and I for one will do everything I can to make sure his dreams come true.

I would like to set up a donor clinic near to my home or my parents home (Roslin, Midlothian and/or Dunfermline, Fife). If anyone knows of premises that have been used before etc I would love to hear from you.

Once again, all my love to the Sudburys and AA everywhere!
Steph x

Dear Kay and Family,

Adrian's memorial service (on the web) was wonderful, warm and so moving.
I'm sad that I couldn't attend but my sister Annie was able to be there... I'm so happy that his legacy will live on, and we'll always remember him….

God Bless,

Love, Leyla x x x x

Dear Kay, Keith and Carrie.

Yesterday was such a special day, and I wanted to thankyou for making us feel so welcome and such a part of things.

Carrie - Your strength and spirit yesterday was amazing and I am not supprised that Adrain called you his beautiful sister. I am sure he would have been so proud of you. I must say your shoes were definatly killer and I hope your feet have recovered. Good luck for Sunday, I will be thinking of you.

Keith and Kay - Your address was a beautiful and fitting tribute to "your lad", I am as always amazed at the courage, strength and grace you continue to show. Kay, I loved the shoes, but poor Keith, your wife and Daughter towered over you! (my Dad has the same problem).

Ollie, Liam and everyone else involved in the service and of course in the continuation of Adrians blog, Thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Adrian - We miss you so much and I hope we all did you proud yesterday. Your legacy will live on and we will not let this drop. You are and always will be THE ONE AND ONLY.

Sarah Berry x

thankyou so much for the live stream yesterday. I know i couldnt be there but watching it at home i really felt a part of it and also with being on the armbands of christina, sarah and charlotte we really were there.

Laughing and crying, wonderful and heartbraking at the same time.

Much love to kay,keith,carrie,barbara,liam,ollie and all adrians army.

We love you adrian

H2H x x x x x x x

Hi, sadly Im another one who despite marking yesterday on my calendar, and moving prior arrangements about, could not attend in Sheff, which saddened me, esp as I dont have as far to travel as others did. However, having read every comment on here, i do feel a part of it! Thankyou all for posting such warm descriptive comments. I did sit and watch the coverage on the internet however, and felt more than anything, truly humbled. Like many have said, sad at times, yet rather uplifted. It was a fine fitting example of what a memorial service is meant to be about. Memories. Moving forward. Id love to comment on what i think adrian would have though, but was not as lucky as some to have known him. I do hope one day I can be fortunate enough to meet you all on here. Maybe a yearly get together? Keep this powerful force of people uplifted and going strong..! Take care everyone. Love to all. X

Good to hear from you Steph! I think I read somewhere that you've got a birthday coming up this weekend, am I right? :-)

Hi Lacey,
Yes it's on Sunday. 27 years young! Have to spend the morning getting a platelet transfusion but otherwise I just want a nice quiet day with my family!

Steph x

Dearest Kay, Keith, Carrie & Barbara,

So many smiles, so many tears....what a fitting tribute to Adrian the Memorial was.

I caught the last 25 mins after work then watched all the clips and news reports later.
Not quite the same as being there, but nevertheless still feeling a part of it.

I am so glad that Charlotte, Christina and Sarah got to meet you after the service. They were able to convey to you, on our behalf, how committed we all are to continuing Adrians work.

I hope that some time in the future I do get the chance to meet you, but until then, as always sending Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts H2H.

Christine M, you have voiced my every sentiment. Chris J

A very big hello to everyone!

Kay, Keith, Carrie, Olie, Liam et al and not forgetting the man himself...Adrian!

After arriving back home in Stamford, Lincolnshire at 9pm yesterday from Sheffield, I feel I can now do justice to yesterday's memorial service to Adrian. I posted a quick report from my mobile on the train home yesterday, but being (in Kay's words, "a techno twonk"), I couldn't get the grammar to work, and it bugged me.

I applaud beautiful writing. From the age of 6 I was reading Enid Blyton and from the age of 8 I had progressed onto Agatha Christie (Ok, so not quite Shakespeare, but I was getting there)! My parents were literally throwing books at me as they couldn't keep up!

Like so many others, I found "Baldy's Blog" through Adrian's "media tarting", and I was hooked!

I won't elaborate on what Adrian might have become, because I think those who knew and worked with him knew what a talent he was. You only had to read his writings in his blog and listen to the tributes from former colleagues to see that.

For me, and I think for so many bloggers, Adrian had the ability to tell a story, and to tell it well. The only difference with Adrian's story is that it wasn't fiction.

The blog may have started out as a way to help him in sharing his bloody, shitty, crappy, journey through leukaemia and its treatment, but his witty, and sad and truthful writings, at times when he must have felt like really saying "f**k right off", turned it around and really touched those who were fortunate enough to read it.

To all the Sudbury family and all Adrian's friends... I didn't know Adrian. I didn't meet him. I only "knew" him through this blog and that was enough to take me to Sheffield on Thursday. My 17 year old son (my only child), will be joining the bone marrow register once he is 18. This is a result of him reading Adrian's blog. Soon, I hope to be talking to young people like my son in schools in my region. Adrian's Army will go on. Pass it on guys...pass it on.

(PS: Laura, it was great to meet you. Liam, you were talking to Laura and I stood next to her. Olie, my son is so jealous of your hair as he has inherited my curly hair and only gets your style if uses straighteners so he is conpletely gutted! And finally Kay! What can I say that hasn't already been said? Lovely to meet you, and Carrie, if they were the shoes that Adrian bought you, then they are indeed "killer shoes")! My green suede numbers were killers for all the wrong reasons! (Bunions, corns etc)!

PPs: I hope all goes well on Sunday night in Chesterfield. I still so want that dressing gown! I'll pledge a tenner to the raffle...please put me down for at least one raffle ticket!

Love and as always, peace


Wow, it looked like a truly beautiful ceremony. Thanks so much for sending the link Liam.

I hope everyone is doing well today.

Love, Bethany

The service was beautiful - i wish i could have been there in person.
You are a fabulous group of people xxx
Thanks LL for your comment the other day x

Polly well put!!!

And Yvettes hankie report - - ditto so many of us!!

Great to see the Christine inter-ego!! and distant saters shiney and lacey and allt the rest!!

Carlotte, SOOO missed seeing you because I was Only there in the nick of time by two!! I was late for unforseeable reasons!!

The people in hotels were wisest (man were they packed-out)

Good to hear you Steph!

I had flu for the last 24hrs - - and thank GOD it waited till after the memorial!!

Hi HQ and Liam!!

Off back to bed, back soon, SOOOOO much more to say!!

X AA!!

and A!!! X!!!!


I'm really sorry I didn't get to meet you either! :-(
- I met loads of lovely people yesterday and will hopefully have the opportunity to meet even more of you in the coming months as the campaign gathers pace!

Love Charlotte xx

Thanks to all who were able to make the service for representing the Army. I know as Charlotte says one day we will meet and what a day that will be. Love to all Chris J

Yes, when all events aren't so fast-moving, we will all have to get together

I'm running out the door right now for some errands I'm behind on!! help! back soon

X! to all AA and A!!!



Okay, back!!

Right, tears throughout from note 1 of moonlight - - which I didn't expect!!! - -

Well, I said to Kay after the service (who looked incredibly beautiful wearing a beautiful bounty of glass stones that echoed the stained glass - - what an effect!!! Just to meet her, Keith and Liam anyway; but how beautiful!!!)

I said to her "that was a one and only service" I will carry in my mind foevever : )
Some of us (unexpectedly!!) were in tears through it, but even with, the beauty stood out - -

The really big thing I took away was here was a kid who was really extrordinary from young - -

And the whole world saw this

And the whole world "got" this : )

X right right 2U ADS!!!!



PS Lets march on : ) !

I was unable to be there yesterday (couldn't find a babysitter or afford the train ticket!) but that you so much for the live feed.

It was such a wonderful service, a celebration of his life but so so sad. As a mother of boys my heart truly bleeds for you both.

We miss your blog Adrian, through which your personality shone. Goodness knows how those who knew and loved you feel.

Love Caroline xxx

It's well gone midnight now, so Steph, I think this is yr birthday, yes? May I be the first to wish you a very happy one, with as much wellness as possible. Much love, Penny x

This evening at my computer, after seeing Adrian's moving video:

'Matter can be neither created nor destroyed but only altered in form.
Energy can be neither created nor destroyed but only altered in form.'

('Doctor Atomic' today in the Met in NYC)

I think you all understand...


And just found out by reading more:

'...the second act is set in the early morning of July 15...'

Coincidence that this is Adrian's birthday?


Also in 'Dr Atomic':

Dreamers wake in the night and sing their songs.
In the flame-brilliant midnight, promises
arrive, singing to each of us with tongues of flame:
'We are hopes, you should have hoped us.
We are dreams, you should have dreamed us.'
Now, as you sing your dream, you asked the dancers,
in the night, in the still night, in the night,
'Do you believe what I say?'
And all the dancers answer 'Yes.'

- M. Rukeyser, Out of Silence, p 96

Hi All,

I have just watched the clip of the service and all I can say that it looked perfect, fitting, emotional, positive - exactly what I imagine Adrian would have wanted.

I wish I was able to have gone. What a fantastic family the Sudbury's are, surrounded by great friends and members of "Adrian's Army".

I would love to get more involved with Adrian's work but unfortunately circumstances prevent that at the moment. However if I ever sort my life out I will be free and there will be no stopping me.

All the best and I will keep checking in.

Bye for now,

Em x

First, I hope you are having a very happy 27th birthday, Steph - - proud - - You won some mighty, mighty battles this year!! and here is your gleaming 27 trophy!! X!! 27 X!!! Long may they continue, and I really want to meet you when you are well : ) !

I wish I was in Auld Reekie (or are you down south today? )to give you a prezzie (but you can see from Sheffield - - LL dae nae trael weel : ); we know Greame and all the folks have that covered : ) I hope you have the really great birthday you deserve!! Wow ! : ) ! 27 X!!

Em, I'm in the same position, moving house, but what resolve I feel, we all feel, I know this won't go away!!!

Well, I was really annoyed that I forgot to mention Adrians choice of literature - - the Wilde quote on the front, the wonder inside - - the lit choices were amazing, and I'd give Ad an honorary humanities Phd (the music was particularly learned and simple but exquisite, too )that's saying something as I read constantly, aspire to a PhD in lit, and it takes ALOT to move me - - THIS 'UN did : ) !

So Ann, with more literature, you made my day, because I could bring it all up again - - literary heaven in Sudders choices - - another reason I'm wowed by the man (apart from some of the best looks on the planet - - show me better : ) ). And his H Q family .

This dancer says yes : ) !


Good luck to Carrie and Ian for tonight's concert.

Steph happy 27th birthday.

Hi Laura, glad you understand! Ann

darn, I wish I was anywhere but London! : ) Need reports!! : )

hey Ann looks like we posted at the same time - - Thank you, Ann, I soooo understand : ) this helps me out. Good lit.

And, wow, the ones chosen by Adrian!!!

WOW thank you Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank God for Adrian;

Ollie your speech was amazing also

Good Luck to Carrie and Ian!

Hello to Kay, Keith and Liam!

Once again happy Birthday Steph : )

X to all,


I echo the good luck wishes for Carrie and Ian tonight - I hope it's a great success. I'm sure it will be with you two behind it!

Steph. Hope you have a lovely birthday with lots of nice things to enjoy!


Happy Birthday Steph! Hope you are having a good day.

Hello Sudbury Family - Thinking of you all as always. Love Caroline

Just wanted to say that the service was wonderful and although I was bitterly disappointed not to have been able to attend in person, I was worn on the arm of my dear friend Charlotte.

I would like to thank you for the live feed to the service, and to Charlotte, Sarah and Chris for 'taking us too'.

Carrie, hope everything goes like a dream tonight. It will be a great success, I am certain.

Love to you all
Amanda x

Just to wish Ian and Carrie best wishes for this evening. Wish I could be there. Chris J

Evening everyone,

I see from the Examiner that our dear Adrian has won another award.

This time it is the Richard Whitely Special Award.

The Chairman of the Awards Committee, Sir Rodney Walker, said "This award acknowledges remarkable commitment in the face of unbelievable adversity. A young man who made an incredible impact while he knew he was dying. He made all of us think about how inadequate we feel at times, and yet he went to Gordon Brown to talk passionately about his cause".

Hope you have had a lovely birthday Steph, and that you are feeling well today.

Goodnight eveyone


Just got back from visiting eldest daughter and family in Birmingham.
Steph - Hope you've had a brilliant birthday.

Kay & Keith, I do hope the concert is going really well for Carry and Ian.I bet it's packed out. Wish we could have been there but we hadn't seen the family since the beginning of August and it was the first free weekend.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to all.

Carrie and Ian, hope tonight goes really well.

Stephanie, hope you've enjoyed your birthday.
Love Penny x

Hi to Steph,

We share the same birthday, but not year. I am 35 today. I hope all is going well and I think it is great how Adrian's blog is being used to offer so much support and comfort to so many.

I am not up to date on your situation (apologies) but I wish you all the best.

Good night to all blog readers, keep up the grand work.

Em xx

Dear Keith , Kay and CarrieFor your dignity and honesty on a day that must have been a mixture of pride and pain , thank you .
For allowing the rest of us the opportunity to share in the celebration  of Adrians life,and the warmth displayed to others ( some complete strangers ) thank you .

It was truely a privilege to be there .

Liam ,it was good to speak to you .

Kali ,it was good to hear the ideas for the future .

To the other AA's it was great to meet you .

Steph ,you were thought and spoken of . I hope your birthday was everything it could be .

Love to all .

Another award for our boy. He continues to shine. :-)

Wow! Happy Birthday Em : ) !!

Wonder how the Carrie-Ian gig is going? What a night : )

Steph, I really hope you're well

X to the Superstar HQ, Steph Stars, EM Stars : ) distant stars =- - and THE BIG STAR X!!!


Hi Steph and Em hope you had wonderful birthdays.

Steph hope you are as well as can be expected

Luv and Hugz

The service was really lovely and a beautiful setting. I know why Aidy was so brave, it's because he has such brave and fantastic parents. I don't think I could have got through the service as well as they did if I was them. Love to you all, Sue. Ps. Hope you had a lovely birthday Steph xx

Hey everybody,

I just received by e-mail this beautiful 19th century text with comments. Still so true today anno 2008, about writings and music, at beautiful and hard moments in life. I found it the richt thing to post it here on Baldy's blog. These words just have to be shared while marching on.

'Poetry begins when we look from the center outward.' - Ralph Waldo Emerson

'Poetry is personal. Whether or not we write the poem ourselves, a poem becomes 'ours' by the effect that is has on us. We take it to heart, and bring it forward into our lives. Lyrics to a song work the same way. We remember them, and carry them around with us. The meaning can change from person to person depending upon the interpretation.' - L.C.


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