Update on the collection in Adrian's name


I have some relatively good news following Adrian's funeral. The collection that is being held in Adrian's name has been going very well. Over the first few days the Huddersfield Examiner office received more than £1,235 in donations and as I understand it, there is still more to come.

Remember this collection is to be split between the Anthony Nolan Trust, and Leukaemia Research

*You can walk into any Barclays branch in the Huddersfield, Halifax and Dewsbury areas and ask to donate to the Sign Up For Sudders account.
*You can also send cheques, made payable to Sign Up For Sudders, to the Examiner office. Send them to: Sign Up For Sudders, Katie Campling, Huddersfield Examiner, Queen Street South, Huddersfield, HD1 3DU.


Thanks Liam,I hope you're holding up well.

Well done! This legacy is part yours too, Liam



: ) !

Due to the bad nesw regarding my prognosis my husband and I didn't have a gift list at our recent wedding. Instead we asked for money towards a short trip away and donations for the Anthony Nolan Trust. I am just about to send a cheque to the Chief Executive of ANT for £1500 and I am still collecting sponsership for my fun run in October (aiming for at least £500). I have also emailed Nicola Sturgeon (health sec in Scotland) regarding Adrian's fab Give and Let Live campaign as I wasn't sure what the situation was north of the border. I have had a letter of acknowledgement but that's it so far.
Will keep you posted!

Steph x x x

Steph you are following in someones ? footsteps : )

Quite an amazing human being, dear girl : )



Thanks so much for the update, Its great to know that things are going so well.

Sarah xxx

I don't think anyone could be as brilliant and brave as Adrian. He was an inspiration to me not to let this wicked disease take everything from me. He is a LEGEND!!!!

Steph x x

is there any way you can set up a PayPal account for people to donate to?

Was just thinking the same thing about PayPal! Excellent idea, Josie!
And Stephanie, you are a legend, too -- a very humble legend. :-)

Better than Paypal is this site : http://www.justgiving.com/ which lots of my friends have used as pages so that you can just donate online to their charity. Not sure what the rules are on getting started but the more options people have the better I think? xx

Steph .. thinking of you and your husband, what a generous thing to do.

Liam do you have a date for Adrians memorial ceremony?

How are Adrians Mum, Dad and sister doing at the moment? It must be so awful for them.

Not a day goes past without me thinking of that wonderful young man who left a mark in my life. Gosh the world of internet communication.

Love and thoughts to everyone here

Steph, top brave girl, keep on keeping on! I think most of us who log in have a related tale to tell and mesh in together somehow (cos that's why we connect, right?) I certainly do, and am wishing you all the best x

The legacy lives on, eh? Liam, you are the Boy Wonder to the Superhero that Adrian became. Thank you for the updates, the information on how to donate, and most of all, for carrying the torch for Adrian. He is sorely and dearly missed, but lives on in many ways.

Hi Liam,

If forreigners want to send money, they need the full account number and the international bankcode (IBAN number and BIC or SWIFT number) Account name and Town and Country -

Or we could just stick to just buying Adrian's book.

Have a good day, and thank you for the updates.

Thanks Liam for the update. I hope you're well.

Much love to yourself and Adrians family. I still miss hearing from him so can only imagine what it must be like for you all!

Steph you sound amazingly brave and very humbling. Keep strong!!

Mrs T xx

Thanks Liam for the update.

Hope we will receive'Baldy's Book'this month.

Have a nice day!


Hello Liam

It`s great to hear from you - you have great strength to even think about this blog.
Well Done - Adrian would be well chuffed.
Please pass on good wishes to the Sudbury family and tell them it will get easier with time.

Kind Regards


Have just left a comment on facebook saying what brilliant news the money situation is, now I'm echoing it here. In the words of Stavros (I think!) 'Loadsa money'!
Mmm, feel a little silly now!

Carole xxxx

Hi Liam,

Thanks for the update! I will pop a cheque in the post.

Best wishes,

Catherine x

Hi Liam Thanks for the update it must be hard to you to think of everyone else while coping with your own feelings.
Steph what a fantastic effort - keep going girl!

Hi Liam thanks for the update. It is so good to know that Adrian is not only responsible for increasing awareness about this awful disease but he is also helping to raise funds to try to eliminate this horror once and for all.

Steph your selfless donation is wonderful and I am sure Adrian would be happy to share his pedestal with you. Chris J

Besides that alone Steph - -

Nothing but nothing else could possibly distract us for a while (and in a good way!!!) anyhow : )




Hi Liam,

Thanks for the good news :)

I have a bit of good news myself. Check your email and my site - A lot of changes can be made but it's a start :)

- Bethany

Hi everyone,

A very good article by Katie Campling in the Huddersfield Examiner. Well done Katie.

A bone marrow donor clinic was held yesterday, inspired by our Adrian, of course.

The clinic was held as part of a Sky TV show fronted by Noel Edmonds. The show, evidently, is about random acts of kindness. Need I say more, Adrian was kindness itself. Noel said he was inspired to cover bone marrow donation as a topic on the show after following Adrian's campaign

The show is called Noel's HQ and it starts on Sky 1 on Sunday 14th September.

The campaign just goes ON AND ON !!!

Love to Kay, Keith and Carrie and AA.


Thanks for keeping us updated Liam, doing a great job, Adrian would be proud! And still even more so at the money that has been raised... amazing news!

Word to Steph, you are truly an amazing lady.. so inspiring that you are thinking of others in such a difficult time!

And last but definitely by no means least... Adrians family. Again just sending you all the love in the world and plenty of tight hugs! Thinking of you all during this time and always!

Any word on a date for the memorial service?

Rebecca x


I wonder if anyone else has realised you're the 'Adrian' female equivilant. (I'm sure they have). You're doing what he wanted, from the same perspective, but within a different time frame, and in a different way, but to the same end.
Would it not be marvellous if you, personally, could not only benefit from both your efforts, but also live on to inspire a gazillion others in his (and your) names?

Hang in there lass, here's hoping Adrian's influence 'up there' might provide a solution for you. I am in awe of your strength and attitude. You're not alone. There are (sadly) so many people in your boat, but we are not all as strong and as inspiring as you and Ads. We're all cheering you on. Keep us posted. My daughter is your age, and my skin crawls.

Love, admiration and support, prayers and everything else we can offer you.

Thank you Lesley for your kind words.

On the sponsership front fellow bloggers, I have passed my second target of £500 (Hurrah!!)
What was that? Try for £750? Oh go on then!!!!

Better go now. Off to extort cash from people!!! He he he :)

Lots of love to the Sudburys and Adrian's Army!

Steph x x

Yay, Steph : ) !

This is not important because of the cancer; It is because of the human spirit
Seeing these things makes life worth living,
ill or otherwise, and is nothing to so with the illness

Utter love to you ((and ADS too!!)!!




and I would not have lived had I not saw Ad's blog this summer; seeing all the current trend " 99 things before you die blah blah ... " and laughing, for this is better> And Steph is sure no 100! : ) !!! LL

hi liam keep up the good work adrians name should live on for ever only read a few of his blogs after seeing him on tv what an incredible guy is it possible to make gifts to leaukemia research and ant by credit card

Dearest Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam, family and friends,
Just to say I hope you are feeling strong and coping as well as you can.
Such good things happening because of Adrian. Every evening when I look at the Examiner there's something else. That photograph of Adrian will be worn out :)
As always, sending Love kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you all.

On earth as it is in heaven...


Impressive images of dedicated young people going with the flow.
Guided by the courage of Adrian's campaign. That's the spirit.
Keep going Liam!

Warm regards, Ann

Hi Everyone,

I had a journalist working on behalf of the ANT call me on Thursday to write up my story to go on the website. They found me a donor a few years ago and I am now in remission (not without complications i have to say but getting there none the less) and have a new baby boy.

Wanting to share my success story in order to inspire others to donate, is all thanks to the wonderful Adrian. What a difference he has made to so many of us!

Steph, keep being brave and making a difference!

Fellow bloggers - keep an eye out for my story on the website.

Liam, any news on Adrians memorial service? keep your chin up.

Love Emma x

Not at all helpful I know, but I still can't believe Adrian's gone. Feels like he's just gone on holidays from posting and will be back with us in a little bit.

I dont have a chequebook and I dont live nearby, is there any other way of donating?

i had suggested this in a blog reply to adrian sometime ago,
my thought was to auction adrians famous brown hat for charity
just an idea

I LOVED that hat!!

Sara you said what I feel - - still so big

All my thoughts to the Superstar Sudders HQ

Take good care, and take your time

AA A and

Liam you've done so well

Rest, too ! !




and I think that hat must be priceless to us all - - no auction : )

(Automatic) Nature Quote of the Day on our Antwerp haemato blog - 8 Sep 08:
'Time will pass and seasons will come and go.'- Roy Bean

Seasons full of awareness - not easy to continue with this task and to keep the army spirits high...

Concerning Adrian's hat: No auction - family treasure (my humble opinion)


Hi Kay, Keith and Carrie and all of Adrian's Army.

Adrian's Blog is so quiet now, it is as though the whole world is in mourning.

My candle is lit as usual, and still when I switch on in the morning I go to Baldy's Blog before I even check my mail.

I miss him so much.

We must now look to the future, and make sure all of Adrian's wishes and dreams are put into practice.

My love to you all and special love to Adrian.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks, we all miss you.


Dearest Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, family & friends,
Hoping that you are all feeling a little stronger and using all the beautiful memories of Adrian to cope with his loss.

Ree is right - the blog is so quiet, now. I, too, still come here first to check on who's talking.

Adrian is really, really missed and I don't think people will move on to start commenting again till you've had his Memorial service.
So much waiting, we just want to meet up at Sheffield and say goodbye and thankyou for the greatest gift we've ever had - Adrian.

Then - we move on to carry on his campaign with all the strength we can muster.

As always, sending Love, kisses, hugs and soothing thoughts to you all.

...And I'm still here, too, checking first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

Sending out my love and best wishes to you all,
Charlotte xx

yes me too
love to all

hope you are finding strength in the love everyone has for adrian

jane xxx

Love to Adrian's family, friends & everyone on here.

Anne x.

Yep, me too, checking in every day -- sometimes several times a day. Kay, Keith and Carrie, you and your entire family are in my thoughts daily. Liam, thinking of you as well. Best to you all.

My God, I miss him.


I also check this on a regular basis and hope to travel for the service when it is announced . I see it as both a mark of respect to Adrian and a chance to meet face to face those of us committed to ensuring Adrian's wishes are carried out .

Steph , I am in my third year of remission ( AML ) and should that change would wish to hold my head up with the dignity both you and Adrian have displayed .

To all my best wishes .


Glad that there is some activity now, it was quiet here.

Anybody who came to know about Adrian can never forget him.Not a day passes without the thoughts of Adrian.

Have a nice evening to all!


Same here Shiney,

Good day to all, family and friends and Army

Still here and checking in daily. Still thinking of Adrian and his massive achievements. Still thinking of the Sudbury family and wondering however they must be coping with their loss. It's the 'SUDDERS EFFECT' Love and thoughts to all. Caroline

Just saying hi - been here silently for sometime. Words all dried up!

Sudders effect lives on!

Love to Keith, Kay and Carrie


Hi all,

Just to say it's lovely to still see such greatness going on within this blog and so many people following in Adrians footsteps, his parents and family will look on this in many years with such fondness to know all his achievements will live on for ever.

Sarah, madhouse and furry animals xxxxxx

Just wanted to say hi to you all, have missed Ade and his blog so much, really feel like we lost a good friend and think of him daily.

Much love to all his family and friends.

We are all still thinking of him and will continue to do what we can for his cause.


Wiltshire, Uk.

Agreeing with all above . . . hear hear hear hear hear . ... .. . the Sudders Effect lasts - - you feel like he's still here

greatness will never die

2U Adrian!!



I have only posted one comment on this blog previously as I felt I was pushing in to a well established worldwide family who have walked a long road together. I have been deeply moved by Adrian's journey and by the strength and unselfish way with which he and his family have coped with Adrian's illness and the loss of a beautiful, courageous and generous son at such a young age, all the while making sure that Adrian's hard work will continue - what an incredibly fantastic lot you Sudburys are! I was sitting at the computer this morning catching up with the latest comments from Adrian's wonderful Army and AE Housman's words came into my head:

The time you won your town the race
We chaired you through the market-place;
Man and boy stood cheering by,
And home we brought you shoulder-high.

To-day, the road all runners come,
Shoulder-high we bring you home,
And set you at your threshold down,
Townsman of a stiller town.

Smart lad, to slip betimes away
From fields where glory does not stay
And early though the laurel grows
It withers quicker than the rose.

Eyes the shady night has shut
Cannot see the record cut,
And silence sounds no worse than cheers
After earth has stopped the ears:

Now you will not swell the rout
Of lads that wore their honours out,
Runners whom renown outran
And the name died before the man.

So set, before its echoes fade,
The fleet foot on the sill of shade,
And hold to the low lintel up
The still-defended challenge-cup.

And round that early-laurelled head
Will flock to gaze the strengthless dead,
And find unwithered on its curls
The garland briefer than a girl's.

Adrian certainly deserved and won his laurels.

Much love to everyone. x

Yes Sandie, like to keep in touch with Adrian's Army/friends.

Liam thinking of you too.

Have a nice evening to all!


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