A date for your diary (16 October 2008 ) to remember and celebrate


Adie's Mum Kay here. This entry will not be up to Adrian's sparkling standard but I wanted to bring everyone up to date with what is continuing to happen in Adrian's memory.

First of all, thank you to everyone who respected Adie's wish that his funeral should be for his family and friends. The service was wonderfully moving and uplifting although unbearably sad at the same time. Donations in honour of Adrian's memory came to just under £1400 and this sum has been sent to the Anthony Nolan trust. The generosity of the tribute was a true reflection of Adrian's desire that he was remembered by funds to the ANT instead of flowers so thanks to all who gave. Included in this amount is the very kind donation to us from ardent Bloggite Charlotte who suggested wine and Haribos for the Sudbury clan. This was a really kind gesture but we hope you don't mind that we gave the money to the ANT instead!

And so to the Memorial Service. A cebration of Adrian's life and achievements will be held at Sheffield Cathedral on Thursday 16 October 2008 at 2.00pm. Adrian wants this to be a much more upbeat affair and would like as many people as possible to attend wearing bright clothing suitable for the cathedral setting.

We will produce an Order of Service for the ceremony and light refreshments will be served afterwards. We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. Enquiries to 01484 437707 or rsvpadrian@trinitymirror.com

On Sunday 19 October 2008, Adie's sister Carrie and her fiance Ian Knapton are organising a fund raising concert at The Winding Wheel in Chesterfield 7.00- 10.00pm Details have been posted on Adrian's face book page but briefly:-

Doors open @ 6.15pm

Entry: Adult £10 Children £5

Price includes entry into Raffle

Tickets Available from
The Winding Wheel & Pomegranate Theatre on 01246 34522
Chesterfield Tourist Information Office on 01246 345777/8
or contact Ireland Colliery Chesterfield Band on 01246 211671

The raffle will include some interesting prizes including Adrian's world famous Paul Smith Dressing Gown and his ( unworn ) Paul Smith jim jams, signed articles from the great Chesney Hawkes and something interesting from our number one tennis player Andy Murray no less.

And now for the truth about Adie's famous hat! The detectives amongst you will already have spotted that in fact there were two virtually identical beanies worn by Adrian on an interchangeable basis. As his Mum, I couldn't send him off on his next great adventure without it. There will not be many who turn up at the Pearly Gates in smart suit and beanie but I reckoned that if the outfit was good enough for Westminster, Number 10 and Natasha……

The additional sartorial detail of note is that Adrian journeys on in the peacock blue boxer shorts which put in a brief appearance in the aftermath of the “ falling in the pond “ post party incident!

I am sure you will appreciate that the family wish to retain the other hat which is why it won't be in the raffle.

And now for more serious matters. Keith and I will be attending the opening of the Anthony Nolan Trust Cord Blood bank facility in Nottingham on Thursday this week. We hope to have the opportunity to speak to Alan Johnson - one of the ministers so taken with Adrian's ideas - and it will be useful to get up to date with the schools initiative that is being rolled out during September 2008.

Then on Sunday we are going to watch the recording of the Sky One programme Noel's HQ which features the work of the Trust and which came about so we are told when Noel Edmonds read about Adrian's campaign in the Times recently and was impressed by his passion. This is a wonderful example of Adrian's campaign getting into the mainstream of our national consciousness and a fabulous testament to a young man's tenacity in the face of a ghastly illness.

Then on October 25 2008 in Soddy Daisy Tennessee my lovely friend Annie Baggett is hosting a donor drive in memory of Adrian and in honour of her son Steven who has Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia but who, thankfully, is well and controlled by Gleevec at the moment. Check out her blog “ Living with CML� for details. A great example of Adrian's Army going truly international!!

This entry would not be complete without going back to first base. Adrian had a very simple mission. He wanted 17 and 18 year olds to know all the facts about blood organ and stem cell donation so that an informed decision can be made about whether or not to join a national register.

The education of youngsters is important for several reasons. Most importantly there is a whole range of myths and rumours surrounding the process and these need to be dispelled. He felt that if people know precisely what is involved and perhaps more importantly what is not involved they would be much more willing to sign up as donors and if the information is imparted to this age group they will be able to act upon it straight away by becoming blood donors and signing up to the bone marrow register.

However, he was also keen to make sure that everyone understands the commitment that underpins an entry to the register. A potential donor may not be called upon for many years and there are costs associated with maintaining the registers worldwide and he wanted people to be aware of the ongoing nature of that commitment. However he was the first to point out the generosity of spirit at large in the great British public and was certain that the increased knowledge would see a huge change in the numbers willing to register each year.

His Dad and I would merely say that the best way to remember Adrian is to get onto the donor register. We know many of you have already done so and we salute your determination to make a difference. Thank you.


Wow. So much organised. Its fantastic to hear. Thankyou so much for posting details of Adrians memorial service. Ill endeavour to be there. X

Thank you Kay for being kind enough to remember all Adrians army and giving us the opportunity to remember him in our own way. I will not be able to attend the memorial but I shall be thinking of you all on the day.
God bless you.
Nicky XX

Thankyou Kay for keeping us all updated, we all want to keep Adrians legacy alive. I wont be able to make the funeral as it is too far away but will be thinking of you all. Vicky xx

Dear Ka
thanks so much for keeping us updated
i will hopefully be at the memorial service


Dear Kay,
I am going to do my very best to be at the memorial service. thank you for including all us blogaholics.
Steph x x

Dear Kay,

How brave of you to continue this blog. I now know from where Adrian gets his indomitable spiirt! Your style of writing is very similar as is your sense of humour.

You must all be going through some dark days but your shining on just like your beloved son and he will now be the proud one.

I am too much of a crumbly to donate bone marrow but I have every intention of being at the service and I really hope to meet you.

A thought that might help:-

"I know for certain that we never lose the people we love, even to death. They continue to participate in every act, thought and decision we make. Their love leaves an indelible imprint in our memories. We find comfort in knowing that our lives have been enriched by having shared their love."

-Leo Buscaglia

PS. I'm sure that you have loads of support but I am a qualified counsellor and if you ever need to talk to someone not involved, please use my email.

Take great care of yourself.

God bless.

Julia xx

Hello Kay - Thank you so much for the update!
I've just booked my day off for the service! I really look forward to meeting all you lovely people involved in this campaign!

This post makes fantastic reading - you've done Adrian proud...It contains all the vital 'Sudders' ingredients; positivity - and the ability to make me laugh out loud whilst shedding a tear at the same time! It fills me with tremendous optimism that through these events you've mentioned, together we can - all of us, fulfil Adrian's legacy.

All my love and best wishes Charlotte xx

P.S. I don't mind one bit the 'Haribo' fund going to the ANT - typically selfless gesture from yourselves....I'll bring some to Sheffield for you! :-)

Well, I have to say that I just shook my head and smiled through your entire post, Kay. I thought "No WONDER Adrian was so fabulous. How could he have been anything less than wonderful with a mum like that?!" (And a dad and a sister and so many wonderful friends, of course!!)
I so want to attend the memorial service and the fundraising concert, but seeing as how I'm all the way in Texas, I ... well, heck -- maybe there's a chance. Crying on husband's shoulder and begging has worked in the past, hasn't it?! Always a shot.
In any event, I'm now on the bone marrow register here in the states (would never have done it until Adrian opened my eyes) and I pledge to do my very best as far as spreading the word about Adrian and his quest. What a lovely man and a lovely family. Take care, all.




what a fantastic update....

The wave of positivity is ever increasing and long may it remain so...

good luck with everything now and in the future


xxxreiki hugsxxx

Hi Kay,

Thank you so much for keeping us updated. The details about his 'sending off' outfit made me smile! I think you're right, the next adventure wouldn't have been quite right without a hat.

I'm going to try and get the day off to come to the memorial and will be speaking to my boss when she reappears from wherever she's lurking to see if it's possible.

I contacted the Anthony Nolan Trust to enquire about joining the register but sadly they will not let me because of my Crohns Disease, they aren't looking for anyone with an auto-immune disease which I guess is logical but was a bit disappointing. Now I'm concentrating on enlightening my friends!

I hope you and your family are bearing up ok and are enjoying the memories that you have of Adrian, even if you can't enjoy his company any more. I've been endlessly impressed by all of you, the bravery, spirit and dignity that you've shown and the upbeat way you handled a situation that would have broken lesser people than yourselves.

Take care,

Thank you Kay for this great update. I hope you will get many positive responses for the lesson plans and that they will all start soon.

Best wishes to you and the family.



what?! YES!!!




Dear Mrs Kay,

Thank you very much for the update.

Hope somany of Adrian's army can meet there on October 16th.I may not be able to attend as I am in India.I hope those who attend the memorial service can give the rest of us a detailed account!

Love and Prayers,


Thank You Kay.
What a fantastic family you all are.

Hi Kay and family

Thank you for the update. It's so good of you when your mind must be an emotional rollercoaster! I'm glad that Adrian's funeral was a private affair for his close family and friends... just as it should have been.

I'd love to get my hands on the famous dressing gown, so maybe a trip to Chesterfield is on the cards as well as a trip to Sheffield! See you all there.

Love and peace


Dear Kay:

My thoughts are with you and your family every day. Thank you for taking the time to post and update us all on everything. I would echo Charlotte in that I laughed, cried, and learned, just like a post from Adrian.

I am sorry I can not attend the service or the concert being so far away. I am continuing to talk to anyone and everyone about bone marrow donation and am on the list which I never would have done had I not come across Baldy's Blog.

Wishing you well and thinking of you, Keith, and Carrie every day.

Best wishes,
Denver, CO USA

Okay, Ive tried to read it through a few times and it hasn't sunk in so many condensed thrills - - Kay, you are a wonderful writer for that. Superstar in your own right - - greatness often occurs in family clusters : )

Legend family : )

AA I can't wait to meet all you in real life.

This is all like a real beautiful storybook about to come true. Magical.

Lacey and all the distant stars - - Wow, I hope you can makeit!!

I'm trying to remember which hotels or other accommodation is near Sheffield Cathedral ? . . . tbc ?

What can I say, Kay, Thanks again!!


Love to all AA everywhere



PS Steph when's your birthday?

Thank you for such a beautifully written update Kay. Charlotte's right, Adrian would be proud. You're certainly keeping very busy. I'll book the 16th off when I get into the office tomorrow and am looking forward to The Winding Wheel event too.

Lacey - cry and beg, then you cry and beg some more. It'd be great to see you over this side of the pond.

Take care,

Christina xx

Dearest Kay,

Thank you so much for a remarkable update. Adrian would be so proud of you and your journalistic skills. Reading your account it is amazing how one minute we can be crying and the next laughing, just as it was when Adrian posted a comment.

I have this wonderful vision of Adrian arriving at the Pearly Gates, all dressed up for his next wonderful adventure.

I am not sure whether I can make the Memorial Service, although I do so want to be there, but if not I will be thinking of you all and AA.

Love to everyone.


Thankyou so much Kay for spending time to update us. You and your family have my deepest respect. I am sure Adrian would be very proud of his family and rightly so. Hopefully see you in Sheffield. Chris J

What a wonderful update, thank you so much.

I'm going to try my hardest to be at the service - I'll be coming from the not-so-sunny Midlands, hopefully meeting some of Adrians Army on the way.

Such a beautiful family.

Becky. xxxx

Hello Kay

I will be doing my very best to be there on the 16th .

All the best to you and the rest of the family and friends .


It is so wonderful to hear that Adrian's spirit is honoured in all these different ways. Here in Denmark I'm doing my best to convince people to sign up. It might not be much, but if only one person follows Adrian's suggestion, then it's a world of difference! I shall be proud to be a part of Adrian's Army and continue his work to the best of my ability.

You can remember him and only that he is gone
Or you can cherish his memory and let it live on

You can cry and close your mind, be empty and turn your back
Or you can do what he would want: smile, open your eyes, love and go on.

Much love to you all.

Thank you for keeping us updated Kay. You are one very strong lady.
Hopefully I will be there on the 16th.

My best wishes to you and your family.
Take care

May God hold you all tight in his loving arms.... thank you for sharing.


Thank you so much for your update. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make the memorial service, but I am sure it will be a wonderful celebration of the life of a wonderful young man.

I thought you might be interested to know that there will be two events in Garforth (Leeds) to raise money for the ANT and Leukaemia research: a swing show, organised by my parents on the 5th Oct., and a charity race night organised by the Garforth Lions and the local scouts on the 18th Oct. I can only pray that you have had the same support from your local community in your times of sadness as my family and I have had from ours.

You and your family are in my thoughts constantly.


Thankyou so much for keeping us in mind. You are really very kind. I will God willing be there in Sheffield on the 16th. Take care, Tina.

Adrian, You know I will do everything I can to be there, but if things are just to hard, you know what I mean, I will be there in my heart.
You are a very special man. Now, put that bloody pork pie down and have a word for me will you? Thanks mate. Loads of love. ~X~X~X~X~

Just some info for the Yankeedoodle and all international distant stars who may not be familiar with Sheffield Cathedral:

"Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
Sheffield Cathedral, Church Street, Sheffield, United Kingdom

This attractive 12th and 15th century Anglican cathedral is built in the Perpendicular style with a tower. It contains an impressive tomb of the sixth Earl of Shrewsbury, as well as particularly beautiful stained glass windows."

oops lost the quote ref! well this is not-for-profit!

For familar international economy accomodation brands, I think there might be a hilton, almost but not totally sure, for those who would rather not stay at the 6star Leopold and give the money to Nolan instead!!

We have other star ratings : ) . . .

Goodnight to all AA (and A!!) from London : ) !


Dear Kay,
Thank you so much for the update, I just wish I could hop the pond to attend. :(
Bless you and your family for your strength and continued journey for Adrian.

I wish I could be there but gave birth the day after Adrian's passing and flying to UK from Oz is an impossibility I'm afraid.

My thoughts are with Adrian's family, especially his sister. It would be so amazing to meet all the people who talk here. May this memorial for Adrian give everybody some peace and be a true celebration of a life so well lived. Adrian, you touched so many, this is their turn to honour and celebrate you!

Always remembered.


Thankyou so much for the update Adrian would be proud!

I hope to be there on the 16th and very much look forward to meeting everyone.

Much love to you all
Sarah xxx

Hi Laura,
It's 19th October.

Still hoping to make it to Sheffield if I've recovered from the 5km run. Still short of my £750 target but back at work now so lots of vets to harass!!!

Steph x

Thank you so much Kay for taking the time to post an update for Adrian's Army. I still look at Baldy's Blog first thing every morning just in case there is any new news and today I wasn't disappointed.

Your post made me both laugh and cry - such humour, bravery and dignity.

Wishing you, Keith and Carrie continued strength and many happy memories.


Dear Kay,
As always you and your family will be in my prayers...as I am slowing dying myself i will pray that it is a wonderful day..thank you for the update....

thanks so much for the update - i think you did a sterling job - adrian would definitely approve i'm sure! i will be there on the 16th wearing my brightest colours to celebrate adrian's amazing life and achievements - looking forward to meeting you and adrians army!

much love, beth x

Dear Kay and everyone else, just an update on Mark and Sonya's running in memory of Adrian. They completed the race in Sheffield last Sunday (Mark's birthday) and are doing the Great North run in three weeks time. You will recognise them as they will have their names on the front, Adrian's on the back and Mark will be in a monkey suit. Any one who wants to sponsor them for ANT can do so at http://www.justgiving.com/sonyaandthemonkeyman
As some of you will know Mark did physiology at Liverpool with Adrian. Love Sue

Dearest Kay,
Thankyou so much for the wonderful post. So much information and detail. You are a very special person, but Adrian knew that.

I'm totally gutted. Because it's on a weekday, unfortunately, I will not be able to get out of school for the Memorial service.
I so wanted to say farewell to Adrian, properly, meet you all and meet up with the rest of our group who are able to make the journey.
I won't be able to get any work done, though, as my thoughts and my heart will be with you all in the Cathedral.

I am hoping to go to the concert on the Sun evening.

Your description of Adrian, dressed for his next adventure had me in tears and laughter :)

As always sending love, hugs, kisses and soothing thoughts to you, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, Liam, family and friends.XXXXXXXXXXXXX

You are all so very brave and you, too, are an articulate and entertaining writer.

I didn't know Adrian but his blogs and determination are legendary and it is terrific to see so many things happening now as a result of his high profile campaigning.

Best wishes to you all.

Ali xx

Hello Kay,

Thank-you ever so much for this update, i've been checking everyday as i'm sure all AA have been!

I have written the date in my diary and will be supporting Carrie and Ian at the Winding Wheel.

Take care...

Fellow Sheffielder...Karla xx

To Sue Leighton,
please tell Mark and Sonya good luck from me!! I have donated to their site. I thought doing 5km was hard enough but a half marathon!!!
steph x

Thank you for taking the time to give such a detailed update. The content and style were so akin to Adrian's it is easy to see how you came to have such a lovely talented son. I am due to be away celebrating a special wedding anniversary the week of the service but if I do not make it to Sheffield I shall definitely be thinking of you all on Adrian's day. Best wishes. Diane

I would like you to know that Adrian has inspired me and I followed his progress on tv and online. He was so full of spirit and was very brave to allow us to follow him through his illness. My cousin had a bone marrow donated by his sister, unfortunately it was not successful and he died at the age of 38. Now his sister has also been battling cancer for over 10 years and is about to start her 10th bout of chemo. So I am aware of how this type illness affects a family. I work in a school and tomorrow I am starting a project with a group of students and hope that we can include the whole school and inform of the improtance of blood donations. We will do this in Adrians memory and hope that we can make a difference however small and follow Adrians wishes. We will keep you informed of our progress and send your and your family best wishes at this sad time. J

With reference to the new cord blood bank which has opened in Nottingham - there has been quite a bit of coverage today on the BBC radio stations and also on their website:

There will also apparently be an "Inside Out Special" documentary 19.30 on Wednesday September 17th on BBC1 London region (Sky channel 974 nationally)

Love to all, Charlotte xx

Dear Kay,

I was thinking of Adrian while I was watching news today. I'm going thru IVF and definitely I will go for the hospital that has cord blood bank. It is nice of you all to keep alive his legacy. I'll try to attend Adi's memorial as I'm due to test if my treatment had been successful around 16th.

x x x

It might interest you to know that at my daughter's sixth form college, Thomas Rotherham College, in Rotherham, they have Baldy's Blog featured on their intranet page which all students use to access their online resources!

Word is getting out there. By the way, it was a privilege to have known and taught your son at Bilborough College.

I was so excited to see your message. I miss Adrian and I can't imagine how much you miss him. Sounds like his name and cause is living on as his wish. thanks!!!! You're a great mom.


Dear Kay,

Thanks for your wonderful entry and detail. Can see him now with his suit, hat and boxers, brought a big smile to my face.
Don't think I can get to the service sadly, living down in rainy Wiltshire but will try.

Lovely to keep this momentum going in memory of our boy Adrian. We will all continue with our support and make Ade proud.

Best wishes and love to you all including AA.


Kay - thank you so much for the update. Adrian's writing was so like yours, the same mix of laughter and searing honesty. Really hope you and your family are doing OK; my husband lost his beautiful sister a few weeks ago, so sadly our family is going through something similar.

Seeing my lovely in-laws suffer so much at the loss of their child is awful, and I imagine you and your husband are travelling the same tough journey. Lots of love too to Carrie, it must be really tough for her.

I hope you find the strength to come through all this.

What an amazing beautiful son you had.

Cheryl xxx

PS Liam if you read this, we're thinking of you too xxx

Dear Kay
Thank you for your update, you are a lovely mum. Your writing made me laugh and cry - I think it was the hat that did for me!
I will try and make the memorial, never met Adrian but he has just left a lasting impression on me - especially as my fiance Garry was also taken from us with leukaemia.
Sending you and your family huge hugs and love as usual
Jane xxx

To Stephanie Eckford, thankyou so much for sponsoring Mark and Sonya. Will let you know how much they get for ANT. Sue

Dear Kay & Family,

I can see where Adrian got his writing talent from! I will be in Sheffield in spirit.

Best Wishes,

Jan in Washington, DC

'Angel's Son' by Sevendust

Kay, your words are like in this beautiful song:
- as Adrian's mother whose life is changing. Rearranging.
You will be strong and stand by your son.
You live through Adrian and Adrian lives through you.

Numerous proud donors will keep the campfire of his campaign alive - in Sheffield on October 16, in the UK and all over the world.

Everyday. Always.


Love, Ann

Dear Kay,

Firstly I wish you, your family and close friends of Adrian's well. Adrian truly has left a legacy that will continue long after I imagine we have all gone. He has given so much information and advice that can be used in schools and promoting raising the awareness of giving blood, being on the bone marrow register and stem cells etc.

You raised an angel and his work will never stop and his memory will be with us always.

I have felt proud to have been included (via the blog) in the journey. It is tragic that Adrian wont be here in person to see the results but I am sure he is with my friend's baby, Freddie (who lost his fight with ALL aged 13 months) looking down and supervising where possible.

I hope you all have taken comfort from the comments and I wish you well forever.

Honoured to be messaging you.

Em xx

PS. I am not religious but blood and bone marrow donation is something I feel strongly about and I could talk for ages on the subject. I also have issues with benefit cheats but a rant about that is not necessary on this blog!! (I hope the humour comes across in amongst this text or you will think I am a nutter). Anyway many thanks and bye for now x

I don't want to write anything, for it is not possibe to top the last two ! : )

Love to all AA

AA forever!!

Godnight to all AA, everywhere, from London

Goodnight A




All I'm trying to say is goodnight to all amazing AA everywhere! : ) !

Dearest Kay, Keith, Carrie, Barbara, family and friends.
Just popped in to say that I hope you are all quite well this morning.

It's quite a bright morning, here in Huddersfield, and I'm just taking a tea break from wiping down my new kitchen units as they finished laying the floor tiles yesterday.

I have waited a long time for this kitchen and the old one had more than passed it's sell by date, but as I stood, surveying all, this morning (as you do, new toys etc) I thought, 'do you know, I would give it all up and put up with the scruffy kitchen, if it meant that Adrian was here with us.'

You all probably think 'sily woman!' but we do sometimes think more of material things than the things that matter.
Yes - I did definitely need a new kitchen, but some people have things just because they want them and that's really not important,is it?

So to all our blog friends, value your family and friends, tell them often that you love them and find the positives in each day, whatever it brings you.

Sending, as alwsays, love, hugs, kisses and soothing thoughts to The Sudburys,your family & friends and the blog family.

Dearest Kay and family

Thank you for this wonderfully written update. It touched my heart to read your words and there were tears mixed with smiles as I did so.

Unfortunately, I can't get to Sheffield, much as I long to be there, but I will be with you all in spirit and will sit and think of you while the service is taking place.

I echo Christine M's words regarding valuing family and friends, and it is very obvious to all that you and your family do just that. You are an example to all of us!

Take good care of yourselves and I am thinking of you.

As always, I send love, warm hugs and caring thoughts to all of dear Adrian's family. I miss him.

Much love to you all
Barbara xx

Please pass my love to Liam too. xx

Hello dear Sudbury family. Just checking in as I do. Hope this finds you coping and strong. Christine M your sentiments are so true and we do need these reality checks to make us realise what is truly important in our lives. Unfortunately we dont hold on to these thoughts and slowly slip back to taking things for granted again. That is life I suppose just a pity that we have to have such harsh reminders of just how valuable it is.

Love you all out there on an unusually sunny day. Hope you are having a good day and cherishing the joy of it. Chris J

Dear Kay

I think you'll find your entry was more than up to Adie's 'sparkling standard' and I'm sure I like others can feel him shining though your inspiring words!

Thank you for taking the time to update us all. It means a lot. I cannot begin to imagine what you are going through as I don't have any children (yet!?) however I recognise the courage and strength you and your family are showing in continuing the 'Sudders effect'.

I hope to be able to make the journey on 16th from London if I can get outta work, however will not be able to make the 19th I'm afraid.

The reason for this is because that weekend we are holding a party to celebrate 18yrs of our paediatric BMT unit and are inviting the children and families who have been though a transplant over the years!
Many of these children are now amazing young adults with lots to offer the world and this we feel is worth celebrating!

We are planning a positivley colourful & fun
affair with the main aim of celebrating however I hope that in addition we can use this occasion to promote BMT via the local press!

As Adrian was aware, the transplant process can provide life & hope for many and for this reason I will continue to encourage all my friends to register as donors.

Sending smiles to Sudbury family, all of AA and of course to Adrian - in his beany and boxers!! ;-)

Tina x x

Thank you blogaholics. I reached my £750 target this morning. Doing the 5km three weeks tomorrow so time yet for some fundraising!!!
Had a letter this morning from the chief exec of ANT telling me that the donation from my wedding had been received. I feel happy knowing that it is going to a great cause.
Steph x

Hi everyone!
Please tell me if it's a rubbish idea or not but I was wondering what people thought of starting a Bone Marrow Donation Awareness week or month. It could be similar to that of Breast Cancer Awareness where people wear a pink ribbon? If there's already something like this in existance please tell me.

It'd would be interesting to hear people's thoughts - good and bad!
Steph x x

Brilliant idea stephanie. Have 2 word with the anthony nolan trust. They have all the know how on campaigns and were fab when i organised a bone marrow event in dec 2006. I will keep checking in to find out any info. I cant make any of the events in oct. I would love too but things get complicated where i am. Anyway bye for now all members of adrians army :).

Hello all
Now I'd never advocate anyone doing anything illegal :-)
...BUT, I was just wondering - does anyone out there have the teccy knowledge and wherewithal to record and upload tomorrow's SKY One programme "Noel's HQ" to YouTube? - For the benefit of those of us who don't have Sky - and the overseas blogaholics! I'd love to see it (well, the bit about Adrian and this campaign, anyhow!)

And Steph, I think a bone marrow donation awareness day/week would be an EXCELLENT idea!

Sending out all my love and best wishes to the Sudbury family, friends and all of Adrian's Army,

Charlotte xx

Hello Kay,

Thank you for the wonderful update. I wish that I could make it but living in the U.S. will make that a bit hard. I'm sure it will be a beautiful event though and I will be thinking of all of you.

I wanted to let everyone on the blog know that I made a few widgets to help promote Adrian's campaign. This was something that was talked about a while ago on this blog. Please visit my site to grab your own widget.


Simply click the share tab at the bottom of each widget and copy the code. Then paste it into your own blog, website, facebook or myspace page. I encourage as many people as possible to grab these codes and use these widgets on their site. The widgets contain links to several different aspects of Adrian's campaign. The more people who see them, the better. Please comment on the site if you have any issues with them and I will help you.

Sudbury clan & Liam: I wanted to do something to help and being so far away this was the easiest way for me to do it. I know Adrian was interested in the idea and I hope you all do not mind that I made these. I snagged the video and pics online.

Love, Bethany

Good afternoon to all Amazing AA everywhere!!: Bethany that was beautiful!!

Sunday night soon and got do do my usual Sunday night post - - brb!!



Just watching Kay and Keith on Noel's HQ. Great to see so many people getting behind Sudders' campaign.

Christina xx

A busy Sunday - - seems like it is summer and autumn at the same time, so sooo busy with new-season autumn things in London (lectures and shows etc) yet summer activities and the desire to stay outdoors picnicing or late summer sport (we live near a Thames boating dock, WBB)and slowly trying to move house . . .

But it means everything to me to take time out and think "Hi Adrian!!!" Sudders effect; sub-effect no 1001 : )

Hey Christine I know what you mean about that new kitchen - - times like these and you sure figure out what's valuable : )

Steph - - the best idea in ages : ) I wanna bring you a birthday cake : ) Oh yeah, big congratulations on the target!!! Magic

Goodnight to all amazing AA, superstars HQ, Steph stars, blogoholic stars, distant stars, and the big one - - A

Here's 2 U A



LL ^^

PS (again) I LIKE that idea, Steph!! : ) !

Hello Kay and thank you for taking the time to update us. Sorry I haven't commented sooner but I have been away on holiday and only just got back to the uk and decent internet access.

I will do my very best to be at the memorial service and thank you for the very personal insights into Adrian's funeral. As far as funerals can ever be it sounds like it was perfect...hat and all :o)

You are all in my thoughts everyday xxx.

Dear Kay, your prose sparkles too. Adrian was clearly so much the son of his parents! Having travelled beside someone going along the same path, I have seen how the worst and most vile illness can engender the best in humanity and the most extraordinary courage, in those who are made of the stuff we all would aspire to if it came to the crunch. Sudburys, one and all, clearly fit the bill. Steph, you too if you read this x. Sheffield, Oct 16 it is then!x

Steph, that's a great idea! We should at least go for a WEEK, am I right? Maybe during mid-July around Adrian's birthday.
I wonder if our dear Chesney might get involved and let us use his great song as a sort of slogan.
"You may be THE ONE AND ONLY....

match for ...."

and then use a photo of a real person who is waiting for a donor. Make it personal, tie it in with the song Adrian loved and ....well, heck -- is there a more catchy tune anywhere???

Just a thought.... :-)

Morning everyone,

Kay, Keith and Carrie my thoughts and love are with you during these difficult days. Kay and Keith, saw you on TV on Sunday - another boost for the campaign.

Lacey, what a good idea. Do you work in advertising?

I am never able to think of catchy phrases(don't think I have that sort of brain), but your idea is brilliant. It would also be personal to our boy because of the song. If Chesney reads the blog perhaps he could comment and let us have his views.

My love to everyone, Kay, Keith, Carrie and Liam and of course AA. We go from strength to strength.

Sleep tight sweet cheeks, miss you so much


Thanks, Ree! No, no advertising job here. Just a mommy. :-)
To carry my little fantasy even further: How about a commercial with the Celebrities that Adrian and the ANT picked to help with the Give and Let Live campaign all have a close up and say "I am the one and only." "I am the one and only." and then at the end, a person who is waiting for a bone marrow transplant is there with Chesney, who introduces himself and gives a little talk about the need for bone marrow donors and says "Please join the register. YOU may be someone's one and only chance for life." or something like that. (OH, and in my dream?? I get to meet Chesney. Hey, it's my dream!! :-) )

Lacey, that is just a marvel


(inspired by the Steph star, too - - the Stepphers sub effect, no 1002 : ) ! )

and we are all still so inspired by the big 'un : )

What a marvel!!

I am here only , reading all the comments daily.

( Wonder if you are that old anonymous!!??)

Have a nice day/evening to all!


Wish you could join us at the memorial Shiney. You will be with us in spirit H2H. Chris J

Hi everyone, just a quick note to let you know that my wife Stephanie has been taken back into hospital. She has asked my to let everyone know and to say that she'll hopefully be out again soon to continue the fundraising!


Sending love and comfort to Adrians family and friends and to all AA around the world. Thinking of you all and of course 'THE ONE AND ONLY' who will 'NEVER' be forgotten. Caroline

Sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous.

Hi Graeme!


You really know that you have done soooooo much already! - - Stephstar, take-r-very easy!!!

The ribbon-type "day" idea was very, very good.

Steph, is more really required right now dear one - - everything is underway, so your only job is to take-r-very-easy so we all can too, knowing that, okay? : )

Big hugs,

take it easy!!!! we know you did some magic targets - - that can never change, they're hit so hard already!! : ) ! so rest-up not caring TOO much about the race and stuff : )

We know that's not the important stuff - - the important stuffs all won already, dear girl, get a rest in no matter what

Stepphers Effect:

More, more big hugs!!





Please give my best to Steph, and you make sure to take care of yourself, too. :-)


Thanks Graeme

Just to reiterate what the others have said - hope Steph's feeling better soon. Sending all my love and best wishes to both of you,

Charlotte xx

Hi Graeme, thanks for keeping us informed about Steph. She is a very special person and I hope she will soon be out of hospital. Give her our love. Chris J

graeme please steph mylove and best wishes hope she,s feeling better soon

jane xx

Hi y'all!
Escaped from hospital this afternoon. Woke up on sunday morning with horrific pains in my right arm that just got worse and I lost some of the grip from my right hand. Had a CT and ultrasound scan so see if there were any blood clots but everything was clear. Waiting to go back for a MRI at some point this week. I managed to baffle all the doctors. Very strange!

Thank you for all your thoughts about the awareness week.

Still planning on doing the 5km in a couple of weeks.

Best wishes to Sudburys and AA
Steph x x

phew! : )

Glad to hear you are okay and out of hospital. Was thinking about you. x

Hello All,

Good to hear that Steph is OK and I hope that today finds the Sudbury friends and family well and also all of the AA's in cyberworld.

I only get chance to catch up on this blog every other day but it is amazing the warmth that spread between the comments. All inspired by Adrian and aiming for the same objective - more awareness and action for Bone Marrow/Blood Donation and stem cell etc.

I really am pleased to be a part of all this, even though all I do is read the blog and occassionally comment. I am on the register and donate blood and suggest to others the importance of doing the same.

Keep up the fantastic work everybody. Adrian Sudbury...... what he has started WILL NEVER STOP!!

To the Sudbury's

Thinking of you all every day .....

Steph, glad to hear you are back home....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx


I am really glad to hear your out of hospital .


So glad to hear you're out of hospital Steph. I really hope you are feeling better. My thoughts and prayers are with you and Graeme. (And all the Sudbury's! Obviously!)

Katie (on the facebook group) says that ANT have an awareness week in Nov - just for those of you who can't read that. So let's try to find out how we can promote it!

Hugs to you all

Nicola xx

Hi Steph -

So pleased to hear you're out of hospital! Was worried about you...

Hi Nicola,
I have emailed ANT for some information on the Awareness week. Many thanks to Katie for letting us know.
Steph x

Hey Adrian, How you doin mate. I don't stop by every day at the moment, you know, I came back from holidays and barely have had 5 minutes to myself, doesn't mean I don't think about you every single day though. The new term kicked off with a bang! Only 26 "work" days before half term!!!! Someone actually had the audacity to tell me it's only 98 days to Christmas. I was flabbergasted. WHAT HAPPENED TO SUMMER??? Well, still trying to clear my diary for Sheffield, I am doing all I can, it would be so cool to meet up with everyone, just wish so much it could be with you rather than in your memory. I try not to think of you as gone, I know it's pathetic, but it really still knocks me for 6. We all tried so hard to fool ourselves that the day would never come. I hope Kay Keith & Carrie are coping ok. I can't begin to think how painful it is for them because I still choke when I think too hard. Anyway, enough of that. I know you would REALLY hate that.
Stay close to your family mate, they will really need you close.
Have fun up there ok? H2H
love T.X~X~X~X~

PS Steph...glad you are out and ok. look after yourself ok? ~X~X~X~

Dear All - glad Steph is out of hospital but this blog is not Steph's it's Adrians

Dear Anonymous,

I think Adrian would be thrilled to know that so many people, who only met through him, are concerned about Steph and wishing her well on his blog. He'd be wishing her well, too. People log in to this blog because they are thinking of him and miss him terribly and will never forget him... but he isn't here now. Everyone else is... life has to go on, as Adrian well knew and expressed all the time, and the caring that everyone on here shows to each other is what Adrian was all about... it's what he'll continue to be about for as long as we all remember him.

Dear Anonymous,

I echo Diane's words. Steph has done and will do much more to support the ANT than most (if not all) of us. She deserves our support and love.
Perhaps you should have a looks at: https://www.anthonynolanevents.org.uk/StephanieEckford to understand why she is so special.

Sorry, typo: should be have a LOOK at.

Anonymous - why don't you (instead of making comments like that) get your wallet out and donate at Steph's page?

Adrian would have liked that.
We would like that.
And you would feel better about yourself too.

Love to you ALL

Trac, have I told you lately that you're the greatest?? :-)

Many of us on this blog have sponsored Steph for her forthcoming run - which she is doing to support the charity that Adrian did so much for. It is only right that she should keep us updated and let us know how she is.

Steph, so glad you're out of hospital.

Amanda x

hi everyone,haven,t posted recently,but have thought of all of you each day.i,ve been battling a low platelet count,boring!!steph,am so pleased to hear you,re home again.do take good care,it,s always scary to be admitted.surround yourself with love,we are holding you in our hearts & thoughts,don,t let any negative vibes touch you.i,m sure adrian would be very proud of you,in fact he,d probably pass the beanie!!you deserve it.peace,light ,love & reiki hugs to everyone.brendaxxxxxxxxx

...If you read through the comments on previous entries, you'll see that Steph has similar health issues to Adrian, also a similar prognosis. Despite this, she's participating in a sponsored 5k run in aid of the ANT - AND promoting the aims of this very campaign. Now if that's not worthy of 'column inches' and moral support from us, I don't know what is. Very in keeping with Adrian's spirit, I think.
Go Steph! We're right behind you! :-)

Charlotte xx

This blog gives us wonderful access to what's important in life.

And baby, it sure is'nt about cancer; Sudders knew that - - Stepphers sure does too.

This is precisely why she is us; - - to borrow the words from other bloggers, precisely why she IS - -- "the female Adrian".

We are all very, very honoured.

Heck, more than honoured

It's like finding a rare bonus match on a very, very dark night

Let the utter love she lights encompass the world! : ) !

She is us, and we are mighty, mighty fortunate for her!

This is all nothing less than a light on a very very dark night, and Steph - - have I ever told you how grateful I am?? : ) !!


LL (Laura)

whoops! LL can't type this late - -

a single light that makes the rest of us sing

: )

Guys, don't bother replying to people who don't have the backbone to leave their name. people who hide behind anonymous comments are really pathetic.
Ignore them Steph. There are those of us who know exactly what this blog is all about. Stay well mate. Stay well. ~X~X~X~

Steph glad that you are out of hospital.My prayers are always with you.


my sentiments exactly.

Steph, Don't let one ignorant person spoil the Blog...

I'm sure the Sudbury's would agree.

xxxreiki hugsxxx

So pleased that Steph is out of hospital. Let's not sour this blog by even responding to people who do not have compassion, love or respect for others. This is a friendly blog - let's keep it that way.

Oh, and Brendie B. I hope you're feeling better, too! :-)

I am happy to report that myself, my sister, and many people at work are now on the bone marrow registry! It just so happened that on 9/8, Coca-Cola Enterprises hosted a blood drive and I made a few calls to Blood Services and asked that kits for the bone marrow registry be provided to those of us who wanted to become potential donors.

Unfortunately, I couldn't give blood that day because my iron was too low, but I did get to have my cheeks swabbed and filled out the paperwork for the registry. I also made myself a "Adrian's Army" t-shirt so that everyone who saw it and asked what it meant, got to hear the story of a true hero.

My children are 5 & 11, but when they are older, I will let them know that they could be the one person who could save another person's life.

My sister is a local radio celebrity, so she has mentioned it on air and told the story of Adrian, and his wishes. Until I happened upon this blog last year, I never gave any thought to donating blood or being a potential marrow donor - now, I pray nightly that I can match someone so that their life can be saved.

Kay and Keith, thank you so much for raising such an amazing man. Thank you too for allowing him to sneak away from family time to blog and let us know how he was doing. I wish you peace as you mourn the loss of your son.

I shall be going to Spain on the 16th of Oct.,
but I shall think of you all with love,Jean xx

Adrian was such a fantastically full, funny, giving person; he accomplished so much. To all of his family I wish the best for your futures and I really feel for you all, for your loss. Adrian will always be around, in your head, heart, dreams, stuff you see and touch,and everything else. It's two years since I lost my brother (to a heart attack, suddenly) Adrian's illness has made me realise that it's just not enough to sympathise. I'm one of many who have just been thinking of doing something. Now I will. Love and kindness to you. T xxx

sorry i didnt make it on the 16th but had to look after my little girl i was thinking about you all and remembering my stepson who died with the same. Adrian would be very proud of u and he will always be in our hearts.

Good words.

Well written article.

that last comment was awful...come on man!

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