Sudders - and the campaign dream team - do Number 10 Downing Street - updating throughout the day



Click here to watch a video of the day too.

Hello again everyone.

Right, I thought we could have some fun with this one.

We have got a petition to hand in at Downing Street and I thought you could all come along with us.

It's now 8.45pm on Tuesday and the plan is to be there around 12pm tomorrow.

So rather than just write about it I thought we could post live hourly updates throughout the day and try and stick some pictures in as we go along too.

Might be a bit rough round the edges but this is probably going to be the last big outing I make so why not make the most of it?

First of all just a little update on my health.

Thank you to everyone who has asked.

I am shattered. My energy levels are terrible and every time my stomach seems to be improving it just kicks off again.

Managed to get out in my car this weekend and had one last night in my Sheffield flat.

It was a wonderful sense of independence again.

I'm really pleased I got to say goodbye to my home in High Green - I loved that place - but there was a strange mixture of happy memories tainted with unrelenting tragedy.

Not many humans go so quickly from planning their own wedding to planning their own funeral. More on that in a future post.

As for this morning I just felt really sick.

I got the car back to my parents, then crashed out and slept for much of the afternoon.

Hoping to save up some energy for tomorrow.

Tuesday - 10pm Examiner reporter Katie Campling arrives at the media hub (my parents' house) and my mum feeds her. Spend time discussing tomorrow. Looks like train is at 9am from Derby.

We were going to be picked up in a ministerial car from St Pancras station but now it looks like it's going to be super Kali Mountford MP's Ford Mondeo - live the dream!

Spent time letting all the media people know about it. This has been a bit short notice but both really looking forward to it.

Hoping our petition can creep up into 6th place in the country as the day progresses. The actual closing time is midnight we think.

Time for sleep.

Wednesday - 6.30am. Sort of wake up. Really tired but know if I fall back to sleep will be even harder to get going. Fire up the computer and great to see so many of you commenting. Thanks very much. Stomach not great but so far so good. Going to try some breakfast.

Wednesday - 8.10am. Off in the car to Derby Station. Beanie hat and suit donned. Absolutely exhausted!
Hoping to rest up in car and train.

Petition latest: 10,678

Wednesday - 8:52am. Hi its Liam here, I will be helping update the blog whilst our friend Adrian is out and about. This means whilst he is out having an adventure I'll be sitting in here typing away on a computer. I'm kind of like Alfred the Butler, to Adrian's Batman.

Petition just jumped up to: 10,684


Wednesday - 9:04am Train from Derby as seen above. Mum and Dad weren't sure what to get me for my birthday, so they decided to upgrade me to 1st class, really kind of them. Apologies for the picture. This update is for my little friend Ryan Patrick, from the USA. He's a bit poorly at the moment and he loves trains like me! These are the big intercity trains that travels from the North to South of England. Get well Soon!
Tune into Radio 5 Live at 11:30am they're covering this story.


Wednesday - 10.30am First Class baby. Living the dream on steroids and Red Bull. Next stop St Pancras London. I am starting to pick up a bit now. Radio 5 Live are going to call my moblie at 11.30am. Katie and I have now arranged to meet the local tv news, channel5 news and the Press Association outside number 10. Phones haven't stopped ringing all morning. Good fun though.

Petition update: 10,717 - Lets keep going.

Liam.jpgWednesday - 10:58am Liam here again gang. I'm sitting here waiting for a picture from Adrian and Katie, so I thought I would treat you to a picture of yours truly in the mean time, as requested. Its a picture of me working on this very blog taken a few minutes ago. Do you like the hat? I bought it on the Las Vegas trip - why should Adrian be the only one who gets to wear cool hats? Will add Adrian's pic as soon as it arrives.

Wednesday - 11:06 Slight change of plans. Had to hop in a cab. Heading towards House of Commons will rendezvous with Kali, the rest of the team and the Mondeo at St Stephen's entrance.

Petition update: 10,724 - Looking good

Wednesday 11:42 - Adrian is a bit busy at the moment, by my calculations he should be getting interviewed now. I'm waiting on an update from him hopefully some of you have been able to listen to him or his story on Radio 5 Live. - Liam

Wednesday 12:06 - We are here. Pimp my Mondeo

Wednesday 13:35 - I've just had a phone call from Adrian. Things are going really well, he's a bit tired but in his own words "doing plenty of media whoring". Hes just having a bit of lunch and will be sending us some updates shortly.

Wednesday 14:27 - Some more updates from Adrian. They have only just arrived, so seem a little out of sequence but here they are

11:45am - Jeremy Clarkson will kill me. On closer inspection it's not a Mondeo; actually it's a Ghia. Or is it a Mondeo, Ghia? Still loving it though. Randomly bumped into Ed Balls at Westminster. He said: 'I'm supposed to be seeing you in 5 minutes!' Finished 5live interview and headed over to Downing Street.

On the way to downing street.jpg
12:00 pm - arrive at Downing Street. Great feeling driving through the gates. Big Grandma and friend Jamie cheering us on as gates opened up. Small media circus awaited us too. Felt like a Z list celebrity. Ed balls running a bit late so had lots of opportunity to have pictures taken, speak to the media and do filming.


12:15 pm - Enter Number 10 Downing Street and meet with Ed Balls in one of the many rooms. Hand over petition. Really good meeting. Very receptive as ever. Discussed the difficulties in making it compulsory for colleges: nevertheless, he said the government was determined to do all it could to back the campaign and make it an annual feature. Chatted for about 15 min. Stomach just about behaving but getting very hot and run down. Given a really interesting tour of number 10. Saw the famous staircase with the portraits of all the Prime Ministers on.

13:00 - Back outside, completed round of media interviews. Lots of interest. Out on Yorkshire news, Channel 5 news and hopefully Sky news as well tonight. Drive back over to Westminster for lunch with the campaign dream team, Kali, Katie, Caroline and Ian.

14:30 - finishing lunch and heading over to complete last media interview. Getting increasingly tired. Looking forward to bed later.

Petition update: 10,849 - we've just overtook the campaign to "ensure there is a Lasting Legacy for Shooting Sports in the UK by moving the venue away from the Woolwich Barracks"

15:00 Liam again. Got some pictures of the campaign dream team to share with you. These pictures come courtesy of Stephen Butler.

From all accounts its been a very successful but busy day.
Here are the dream team
Dream Team.jpg

and the man of the hour, Adrian himself

16.30pm - Say goodbye to Kali Mountford and Ian at Westminster. Jump in a taxi and head back to St Pancras. Hop on the train back to Derby and just relaxing with a glass of red wine.
Red Wine
Katie is writing her report for The Huddersfield Examiner. I am shattered and really looking forward to a good lie down. It has been an excellent day and I have enjoyed every minute of it. I really hope all this work will make a lasting difference. Train due back into Derby at 5.56pm

17:14 - At this time the petition stands at 10,977 which is a fantastic result. Adrian is really happy with how things have gone. Thank you everyone who has signed the petition. If you think today was exciting tune in tomorrow. We will be playing Adrian's Desert Island discs from BBC Sheffield. It's going to be a great post. best wishes to you all and thanks for the kind comments about my rocking hat. For the record I'm actually 25 not 15, but I'll admit the picture did make me look young :o)

10.30pm What a brilliant day. Got home around 6.30pm and had tea with Katie and another really good friend Sian. My parents told me how proud they were of me too.

In bed just reading through all your wonderful comments and wanted to say how much fun writing today's post has been. I think we have really embraced the multi-media format well and thanks for all sharing such a great day out.

Special thanks to Liam who has really worked hard today on this - despite trying to do his normal duties. My parents for the lifts, feeding and taking notes over the phone to file through to Liam.

Also a huge shout out to Katie Campling for all her efforts behind the scenes. The same goes to Caroline Berger of the Anthony Nolan Trust but most of all Kali Mountford MP and her office manager Ian Leedham who have put so much time and energy into pulling all this off.

Thank you to you all and for making this day possible.


Hi Adrian,

Good to hear from you, and sorry your tum is still playing you up.

I hope you make the national news tomorrow evening with your visit to Downing Street. Good luck with that and look forward to seeing any pics.

I am going away for a week very shortly, so won't be able to keep up with your news. If you are having more jungle juice on Friday I hope you will have more energy to enjoy the weekend. It must have been a good feeling to drive your car and spend one more night in your flat.

Well sweet cheeks I send my love, as usual, to you and your family. I hope tomorrow won't be too tiring for you, but just think what you have achieved. Over ten and a half thousand signatures in such a short time. You are a wonderful person Adrian and we are all so proud of you.

Stay strong.

Bless you


I'm doing a late shift tomorrow, lots of colleagues are off sick, no way I can go to London. I work with adults with learning disabilities, you see, they rely on me. I hope you have a fantastic day and get to meet lots of people from here. I'll check the blog when I get home at 10 pm.
It's good to hear from you! :)
~TAFKAI (The Alexandra Formerly Known As Italic).

Fab to hear you are going to muster the energy to get to Downing St.....

If I can get away from work in time, I will deffo be there .....

Hoping that you find some consolation in that you are getting time to say farewell to the things you hold dear.....

Stay strong my friend

xxxreiki hugsxxxx


I will be with you all the way in spirit Adrian. (The Netherlands are too far away). And I will look at your blog throughout the day to see how things are going.

I wish I could give you some strength, to use tomorrow. Have a great day tomorrow, and come back in one piece to hang with us a while longer, OK??

I sure hope your petition will be received in a positive manner and get you your result soon.


I am glad you went back to your flat. As much as it is difficult, it has to be done. Without sounding flippant we need to do what we need to do. I went back to my house after my break up and the bitter sweet memories left me in a state - not knowing how to feel.. happy and sad both at the same time.
I am not in your situation healthwise and I am by no means trivialising your situation, but the experience of memories, I identify with totally.

Let's all large it tomorrow big style!!
With you Baldy x

Aww Adrian I have to be in work tomorrow when you're doing Downing Street, otherwise I'd be there. I really wish I could go. My thoughts will be with you, and look forward to reading all about it!

Catherine x

Hope you enjoy tomorrow - looking forward to hear and see it. Am working all day and am on call tomorrow so unfortunately I wont be joining you.

Best of luck
Pam xxx

Hey Adrian, I just wanted to say hi and that I have been reading your blog for about two weeks now. Most of the first week was just catching up with you!
I wanted you to know I have joined the Blood Donor registry here in the states I know it doesn't help your cause, but I'm hoping it encourages you to know that many have not only "listened" to you but have heard what you are saying.
I'll be praying you have the strength and stamina to get through tomorrow, and that there are many open doors of opportunity for you!
God Bless,

Hi Adrian

Hope you have a good trip to London tomorrow. I'm sorry I can't join you in body but I'll be there in spirit for sure, and will be checking in as often as I can to see how you're doing.

I'm sure you'll get through it on adrenaline, it's such a massive thing you've achieved - get a good night's sleep tonight and have a blast tomorrow!

Bye for now

Vic x

will you post "where to meet" details?

xxxreiki hugsxxx


Hey Superhero! So thrilled to tag along on your outing, but bummed that your gut is still thrashing about. Every time I read about your petition I kick for not having the ability to sign. I would have loved to take part in that significant history, even from miles and miles away. Well, my signature is there in spirit.

Enjoy the road trip - certainly you will, in spite of the grumblings of your body.

Hang tough.



Good luck for tomorrow, I can't be with you on your trip to London but will be thinking of you all day.

Night night

Lisa x

I'm willing you on for tomorrow - this is YOUR moment, YOUR day. I'd love to be there in person, but I'm in Chester - (work does get in the way of life!!) I assure you I WILL be there in spirit though and hopefully online, along with your entire cyber family, I bet!

As ever, your ability to evoke such depth of emotion is matched only by my frustration at not knowing the right thing to say in response! The poignant description of "getting out in your car" and "saying goodbye to your home" made me feel so very sad and ashamed of my attitude to life at times in the past. Promise I'll try to be grateful for those simple things each day that I live from now on.

Sending all my love, energy and positive vibes, Charlotte xx


Just wanted to say good luck for tomorrow in London, i'm sure you'll do great!!

Keep well and keep safe...

Love fellow Sheffielder....Karla xx


Good luck for tomorrow. Hope you feel well enough to travel in the morning. So many people will be thinking of you ( 10,649 signatures!).

Take care and enjoy the day.



Good luck tomorrow,take care and hope you are well enough to travel.
An amazing 10,656 signatures tonight.


So wish your whole army could march with you Adrian but we will be with you in spirit. I will be glued to my computer for pics and updates (my customers may have to wait to be served!) It was necessary for you to revisit your memories and say goodbye Adrian but it must have been very painful and my heart bleeds for you. You are one in a million and I truly believe you are needed for greater things elsewhere. Good luck and say Hi to Gordon. Chris

Darling Man:

Its good to think of you going out in your blaze of glory, and glory that is well deserved. A bit unnerving thinking of you saying goodbye to your independence and sort of knowing this will be your last big outing. I suppose the body knows more than the mind is willing to admit. Chatted with my father in France today very briefly...he says bad days are not outnumbering good. He doesn't say anymore than that, really, so hearing what you are thinking/feeling gives me a precious glimpse.. Geeeeeeez I am going to miss you...Grab all the love coming your way...



Adrian, Good Luck for tomorrow. I feel I'm letting you down as I can't be with you in person but like many others will be checking the blog regularly and willing you to be able to stay strong throughout the day.
I'm glad you were able to spend one last night in your own flat, even though it was obviously upsetting, you needed to do it.
We are all with you 100%, Adrian. We feel every pain with you, cry your tears for you and smile back when you smile that lovely smile. :)
Enjoy the moment tomorrow and then have a good rest.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.
Christine M. xxx

Hi Adrian
So wish I could make it. Sleep tight and I cannot wait to follow your progress tomorrow. So proud of you. Tou are amazing!

Yay! Chuffed you're gonna make it to London - and rightly so. You should be there!!!!!!! I would love to be there with you, more than anything right now! Honestly.

But Trinidad is a bit too far - if I didn't have a week packed with trials, and if I was already 6 years in to making the big moolah I might just have jumped on a plane and popped across. Eh, ok scratch that - it's 6pm here. I wouldn't get to London in time :(

Best of luck tomorrow. Sending strength and wishes for a day of relief from that tummy problem. Make us proud(er) - not sure how much room there is for more pride. You're incredible.

Must head home to my little man. Will be glued to you tomorrow for updates.


Yippee Yeah! This is going to be so great! I cannot wait to watch this unfold tomorrow. I am so happy for you and so, so impressed!

Sorry the tummy problems aren't receding, hopefully they will hold off for at least tomorrow while you have your big day. :)

Planning a wedding to planning a funeral - that is very poignant. I have also suffered the pain of a broken engagement. It was just a few years ago that I literally fled Boston and all my family and friends to San Diego to get away from the pain. We broke up just a few months before our August wedding when I was running a wedding floral business nonetheless. Those were very rough times. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around the chiaroscuro of your life during these times with the added stress of the illness. You must really be a mountain of strength. I look forward to reading your thoughts on that someday.

But tomorrow I am excited for the pictures and the road trip to success! Congrats!

July 23, 2008

While having a look at all the current petitions on I 've read these two alinea's:

'Thorney Island - 'the island of thorns' - was a marshy piece of land, boggy and creating problems for building, but it did have an ideal position. For that reason, the Romans chose Thorney Island as a good place to settle, and the area began to develop.'

'Behind the quiet façade of the famous black door lie many secrets. Number 10 has been the setting for violent riots, passionate protest and surprising activities. It has been the nerve centre of the British Government through two World Wars. Pioneering policies have been developed inside its walls and world-changing meetings have been chaired by Britain's greatest leaders'

So, anno 2008, there is no better place for a campaign to make young people aware of the importance of donating their blood stem cells and so helping to cure 'thorney' diseases like leukaemia…

A campaign that is 'passionate, surprising and pioneering'. And above all 'world-changing'.

I'm sure your name 'companion' the Roman Hadrian will have an eye on your whole team today…


It's going to be a wonderful day, Adrian! I actually read your post, and then immediately went online to see if there was any chance of catching a flight from Florida in time. Unfortunately I am already too late. I would love to be there for the event tomorrow, but know that I will be in spirit (along with thousands of others around the world).

I hope you will be able to find the strength to get you through the day.

Thinking of you often.


Hi Adrian,

Gosh, I've missed so much over the last couple of weeks. Firstly, your birthday. A very belated happy one too.

I'm so sorry you've had an up and down couple of weeks health wise but thank goodness for the jungle juice and it's restorative powers (though I bet you'd argue sometimes that it could help just a wee bit more). And I really hope your tum gives you a well earned break tomorrow from the troubles it's been giving you recently.

Tons and tons of best wishes for tomorrow and congrats so much on the petition and the success of it. It's no big surprise really I'm sure to any of us who've followed this blog and know your determination and that of your family and friends to keep this in the public eye.

I wish so much I could be there tomorrow to have the privilige to be near you, never mind actually meet you unfortunately stuck up in the North West but will be with you all in spirit.

Also, delighted for you that bittersweet though it was you managed that night of independence at your own place. Good on you for doing it.

I'm sorry if I've missed any big news and will go back and have a look at the previous posts to see if I have and if there's anything more that I can help with and get my mini army of friends to plod on with too.

Take care Adrian and take it as easy as you can tomorrow. Good luck with it all and I hope you can enjoy the day.

Toni xxxxx

Good luck for tomorrow - i hope you enjoy the day. I think it 'll be a good day - I have my last radiotherapy session tomorrow so positive things happening in Liverpool too! Will be reading the blog and hopefully catching you on the news at some point. Would have loved to have been able to come if only for the chance of meeting you!
Will be thinking of you when I'm being blasted! x

Hey Adrian, I havent posted before, found out about your blog last week. You really are an amazing person. I really want to come to downing street tomorrow to support your campaign, it means a lot to me at the moment, but unfortunately I wont be able to make it. My boyfriend chris got diagnosed with AML M5 4 weeks ago, he's 26. We just found out today that he still has a lot of leukaemia cells in his bone marrow despite induction chemo so they are planning to do a bone marrow transplant. Emotionally he isn't great at the mo so going to the hospital tomorrow to be with him. Reading your blog has helped me to understand the kind of feelings and problems he is going to be encountering. Everything you have said so far is exactly how Chris has felt. I hope tomorrow is a success Adrian, and when Chris is a bit better I will start campaigning with you to get this petition to no1 priority!
Good Luck, and look forward to seeing tomorrows feed!
Cat xxx

Hi Adrian, first time i've replied to your blog, makes for very interesting reading alot of the time. Where did you live in High Green? My dad lives in that village.

Anyways, hope it all goes well tomorrow mate, stay strong.

Hi Adrian,

I'm sorry darling I won't be able to get there tomorrow, but you will be in my thoughts and good luck with the petiton at Downing Street.

Take care hugs & snogs

Donna xx

Hi Adrian,

I wish I could join the petition presentation but as I'm 20,000+ km and a 24 hour $2000 flight away in Australia, I fear it just isn't practical. Hope you and those who can make it have a wonderful day, knowing you have made a difference and by your actions will be continuing to save lives for years in the future. In your darkest hours remember this.

I'm really sorry that you have been feeling so sick and exhausted. Cancer sucks. It's so horrible and unfair.

Sleep well and have a blast tomorrow.

All the best


Look at you Adrian, off to do Downing Street with the movers and shakers! Amazing!

May your journey be a success. May your energy be revived if even for a day so you can enjoy seeing the fruits of your labors. Just know that Adrians Army is holding you up all the way even if we can't be there in person.

Congrats to you, to your parents for raising such an outstanding individual, and God Speed on your great adventure. We love you Adrian!

Will be looking for your updates tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you on BBC News when I wake up, how cool would that be!


Oh Adrian, I wish I had known about this sooner. We could have all come with you and shown everyone we all mean business and there really will be NO let up!!!!! Unfortunatly with it being less than 12 hours to go, and school holidays, it's impossible. Really gutted.
Hope you have a fantastically successful day, and again, well done you. You really are fantastic. My "thing" is frustrating me now because I have to wait 7 weeks until school opens again before we can have our health and safety check. I feel like I am sitting tapping my fingers waiting! lol I hope we can get it off the ground and I had an email from the Antony Nolan trust and they are going to get someone to contact me too about it. I am SO pleased. I hope it gets off the ground in Sept. All for you my friend, all for you.
Take care, much love and good stuff to you and yours. T xxxx

Hey Adrian,

I will be watching for your updates tomorrow, can't wait! I continue to pray for your comfort through this. Have A great time tomorrow and remember we will all be with you in spirit.

Good luck!!!!!!


Hi Adrian, just wanted to wish you loads of luck for tomorrow, I'm sure it will be exhausting for you but what an amazing success you will be celebrating when you hand that petition over. I've just posted on the Cystic Fibrosis forum and the Kidney Patient Guide forum urging people to add a last few signatures to the petition before it closes....every one will help!
Sorry to hear you are still feeling so rough, thinking of you lots and hoping you feel a little brighter in a few days.

P.S: Also meant to say I really wish I could be there tomorrow but I live a few hours from London! However I will be there in spirit cheering you on! Emma xxx

Hi Adrian,

It is morning here in India, wish you all the best for todays/tomorrows function.

I am really sad reading about your health problems , but glad that you went to your flat and said bye to that building.Please dont worry as that flat gave you only bad memories in the end.
I will continue praying for some miracle to happen.I was in your country for nearly 11/2 years to do a course there.Now I want to visit once more in future and wants to meet you.

My heartfelt prayers.


Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well.

It's nice that you were able to spend some time in your flat. Good for you.

Good luck tomorrow. I so wish, like many others, I'm sure, that I could be there with you for support! Will be thinking of you, and checking for updates.

Have a wonderful day!!

Sending love,

Morning Adrian
Just wanted to say "GOOD LUCK" for tomorrow and sorry I can't be there when you conquer Downing Street but I am in work tonight and tomorrow night but I will be getting my son to check in on you and look forward to seeing you on the news again.
Hope your tummy behaves itself.
Luv Sam x

Praying for your strength tomorrow. Also, I'm praying for peace in this time of your life. God will give you a peace that passes ALL understanding if you just trust Him. In the Bible Jesus said, "I am the way and the truth and no one comes to the Father but through me." He also promises in the Bible that though you walk through the shadow of death you will not fear. HE WILL BE THERE IF YOU TRUST IN HIM! He loves you Adrian. He died on th cross so that you can have eternal life. This life here on earth is fragile and fleeting for all of us. All of our bodies will wear out and die. But this is just a speck of time compared with eternity. I am praying that you make a decision to spend it in heaven.

Living for Him!

Good luck Adrian

Take care of yourself tomorrow, a journey to be proud of, a life to be proud of and a good name........that is what we aspire to.

Be strong

Susan Leigh

Oh how I pray everyday that we could lift this cross from you. It seems you are the one who is always lifting everyone up, giving everyone hope for what can/will be when your campaign takes flight. It will take flight, Adrian. You are "the wind beneath it's wings". Some how I hope you find comfort and joy in that. It will fly and so will you long after. You will be loved and remember forever. Someone will live because of you and you will live on in them.
They will know it was you. I pray everyday for a miracle for you because you are a miracle for so many. Love and Prayers, Debra

Hi Adrian

Will be thinking of you all day.Dan at UCH today so not free to come:(.
So sorry your stomach still not good but glad you got the chance to see your flat.
What an amazing day, the culmination of your petitioning, we are all so proud of you!!
You go for it, show them the Sudders campaign means business!!!!

Love Sally x

Hi Adrian
Have a great day you deserve it. I have to take eldest son for his intensive physiotherpahy today to compliment his ECP treatment he has just started or we would have been there.... sorry lame excuse.


David & TeamHartley

Good Morning Adrian,

Looking at all the well wishes from around the world, you must be flying to Downingstreet today. Have a wonderful day. And a good end to Sudders Campaign.


Sorry Adrian, I would have loved to come but as many have said work unfortunately gets in the way of life, I will be there in spirit willing you along.

God bless



Hi Adrian
I have been keeping an update on your blog and just wanted to say good luck for today and I am so pleased that you go over the 10,000 signatures, i myself signed up and think it is such a good cause. Have a good day in London and keep well.
Best wishes Lorraine, Mark, and all of the Fyson family x

Hi there Adrian,

Would love to be there but only checked the blog as I got into work which gives me precisely 3 hours and 41 minutes to get to London from Manchester. I think I'd be pushing it so best of luck, I hope it goes brilliantly. Sorry to hear that the stomach bug is still giving you grief, I'll keep my fingers crossed that the little sod shifts soon!

Take care and enjoy your trip to London,

Go for it Adrian! You rock! xx

Well done have a great day. You have done so well!! Everyone must be so proud of you.


Adrian, I am praying for you here in the U.S. Your attitude is amazing and uplifting and I want to tell you, from someone who has lost so many to cancer, that you are an incredible man and a great inspiration to all that read your blog and (I am sure) all that know you. I am the mother of two young adults and have been lurking on your site for a while. Even as someone that has lost several very close members of my family to cancer, there are still no words that are appropriate, acceptable, or even slightly comforting (I know this is not what you are expecting anyway) but I still wish I had some magic saying to send your way to maybe even make me feel better...isn't that what we all need. I am not trying to joke, but I do know that we are all looking for a comfort zone that never seems to be available! I so wish I could just snap my fingers and remove this dreaded disease from your system, but please know, I am praying, praying, praying for you and your family. And that you have my utmost admiration for your candor and handling of your illness. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world. God speed, my friend, and God Bless.

Great pic Adrian, I am so sad that more of us are not able to be with you for two reasons. I would love to have given you support in person instead of in spirit and I would dearly liked to have met you. Alas it is not to be but I want to wish you strength and success today, you deserve both and more. Have a great day and hope the stomach allows you to celebrate a little later. Stay strong Chris

Hi Adrian,

I hope you are in the car/ train and nearing towards your goal.

Sitting in a far away country I am getting excited.I wish there is a live coverage.
Let me check BBC .Sometimes we dont get the channel BBC here.

Hope you get enough rest before you reach there.

Prayers and best wishes.


Will be following your every step. Praying for strength for you today. You look great in the pics!

Hey Adrian

All the best for today - would have popped along to Derby station to say hello if I'd seen this earlier, but have a good trip down, and will be thinking about you all day.

Sending you lots of love, and plenty of energy for your 'grand day out'. I know you dont do 'proud' or 'brave' or 'amazing' but think you know what I'm saying....

Cheryl xx

Good morning Adrian and everyone travelling with you.

* 10684 * at 8.40am. What an achievement !
I so wish I could have come with you today, I would love to meet you as I'm sure would thousands of others.
Will be checking the blog regularly.
You are such a special and compassionate young man and even though we haven't met you we all love you very much and wish you GOOD LUCK for today.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours (and Katie)!

Christine M.

Hi Adrian

Wish we could be there with you today. How bloody amazing!

Will keep looking at the updates during the day and cheering you on from sunny (not) Liverpool.



Have a wonderful day. Can i suggest that you linger a while at the Champagne Bar at St Pancras station and toast your success!! Will be checking out the news websites this PM to see how you got on.
Take care
Sarah B xxxx

Hi Adrian
I'm sitting here at work feeling all useless having checked in on you this morning. Wish I could come to Downing Streeet with you but alas it's too late! You go give 'em Hell and I'll be willing you on every step of the way. All positive vibes are beaming down on you from accross the world - suck them up!!

Take care
Helen x x

Morning Adrian! 9.15 am, just checking in - love the suit, looking very dapper! ;-)

Love Charlotte xx

Hi Adrian

I hope you are managing to recharge your batteries ready for the fun ahead. You and Katie (and the others) have worked so hard for this. Have fun.

Sending you love, light and positive energy.

Elaine A

Morning Liam,
Bet you wish you could be with Adrian on his adventure, but we're all so grateful that you are there to pass on info.from him.
Looking forward to seeing updates through the day.
Once again, a big thank you.
Christine M.

Wow - what a way to do the journal today - horray horrah!! Will keep checking! So wishing that you manage to feel well today Adrian. With love, xx

Well done Adrian - 10,706 at the moment!

I am loving the regular updates too - but means less work for me today as will be constantly checking the blog.Ah well.

Hope you enjoy your day and get a moment to reflect on your amazing achievements.

GOOD LUCK wish i could be there will check your progress during the day all the best pamxxx

Hi Adrian,

Have a fantastic day today, hope you get some rest en route to the big smoke! Will be with you in spirit, and look forward to hearing about your day.

Keep on trucking!

Love Alx

Bonjour Adrian

I hope your MISSION goes really well today - I'm in France so can't be there with you to give my support but I will be there in spirit and will consciously be sending out monstruous vibes to help you kick butt.

Have a superb and successful day and I hope your energy levels keep up so that you can see this through all the way.

Bon courage Adrian!!!


Hey Adrian,

It's so exciting you are finally handing over the petition. Congrats no passing the 10,000 mark! Gutted I can't make it today, I'm there in spirit :-)

Hoping you feel better as the day goes on. Thinking of you xx

Hi Liam, well done but perhaps we need a picture of you up here somewhere so we know who we are talking to. I know we are faceless but you dont have to be. I may have missed one over the months and if so perhaps you can let us know. I understand if you want to remain anonymous as fame can be a terrible burden! Chris

How good are you looking in that suit!!!

Cheryl xx

Words fail me...

You are such an amazing person, an inspiration, a shining star. Nothing I could ever say will do you justice.

Best wishes for today, we are all behind you 110%.

A x

Hi Liam,

I agree with the above comment from Chris, please do post a picture of you too.

Good to know that Adrian is having good friends like you.

It is only 3pm here in India and I am not sure if I will be able to hear news.
Adrian looks healthy, it is a nice picture of Adrian.I hope god gives him long life.
My prayers and wishes to Adrian and Ryan Patrick too.
Waiting for more news.


Hi Liam, as you can see my shop is very quiet at the moment. Thanks for the pic and you dont look anything like Alfred, much too young! Keep up the good work. Chris

Hi Liam,

Thanks for the quick response with your picture.
Liked your hat too.You look like a teenager!

We all are waiting for more pictures and updates.Hope Adrian is doing fine.I hope it will be a big success.



Hello All

What a wonderful way to do this - I really feel part of it all - and I do appreciate all the hard work which you are all putting into making it possible.

Love the pictures, love the updates.

Have fun!

Elaine A

This is sooo exciting, wish we could be there but only just found out about it. I hope you have a lovely day, love Sue and the rest of the Leightons

Yayyyy for you :o)

I'll be following you all day, it's kinda cool to almost 'be there' with you. Have a fab time in first class! :o)

Re: the previous comment:...hell yes, Liam you do look like a teenager! ;o)

Following your progtrss Alison. Just listening to Radio 5Live. This is fantastic and so are you! Liam you are doing a fab job too.


You're doing yourself so proud Adrian. We're all there with you, in spirit if not in person.

This is YOUR day, have fun!!


What an amazing result - wish you had told us all sooner and Downing Street would have been full - I for one would have loved to have met you.

You really do have an amazing gift of courage and words - think about how you could use that to help others who over the coming years will sadly be in the same position. A lot of focus is put on children with cancer, parents with cancer and the impact on children and far less on those in their 20's. I beleive your ability to convey the reality of facts and feelings, your determination to make a lasting difference despite the cicrcumstances and your humour could make a real difference to others in a similar position.

Hi Adrian

I have just listened and it was good to hear the journalist in you remains at the heart of things .



Me again!! Fab 5Live interview once again!! Good luck with handing in the petition! Although I'm in work, I'm with you all the way (...and I'd love to have a nosey round Downing Street too!)

....Nice hat Liam!!! Keep up the good work!

Love Charlotte xx

Sorry couldn't make it due to the short notice and an inability to escape from work today. This is so exciting, though, so I'm practising 'presenteeism' as, although I'm at my desk, I'm monitoring your progress approximately every minute. We're all with you in spirit: what an amazing day and what an amazing person! (PS the suit looks great!). Louise

Good luck for today Adrian. Hope the petition reaches at least 11,000. You are an absolute inspiration. Keep strong. Sending you all good wishes.

Jane (Slaithwaite, Huddersfield)

We are all so proud of you Adrian. You have done and achieved so much. I just wish with all of my heart that I could give you the biggest hug ever!

Take care,

Love, hugs and prayers,

Carole xxx

Go Adrian! Go Adrian! Go Adrian! Your supportive troops are cheering you on from all across the UK! Emma xxx

DOH!!! Missed the 5live interview! bummer. I am sure you were fabulous darling! ha ha
I am looking forward to spotting you on the news. I am supposed to be doing the ironing this morning, but I keep coming on here and refreshing the page for more information and checking the petition see how it's all going.
I bet you are buzzing. I know it's really exciting from here, we are all sat around our computers bursting with pride.
what an amazing achievement. go adrian!
loads of love

PS. Forgot, Liam..apparently your hat erm...."rocks" according to my son!! :-)

Just sent petition link out to our 4125 Facebook members urging them to sign up before midnight. Wouldn't it be cracking if you could get past that 11,000 mark?! Emma x

Loving the updates - thanks Liam!

Thanks Adrian for continuing to amaze us all. What a great way to spend the day - you down there and all of us up here in Derbyshire, keeping a close eye on you! Keep up the fantastic work.

Love and VERY BIG hugs,

Christina xx

Hi Adrian/Liam,

I am not able to hear any news or interview about Adrian.Sometimes we dont get BBC channel here.(India)

I will check later soon for more updates.Now have to go out for 2 hours,I hope I will get more news by then.

My heartfelt prayers and best wishes


Glad you've made the journey OK - travelling is so tiring when you're not well. Best of luck with the petition. Even though we have different types of cancer, you are doing something positive for all of us who have this rotten disease.

After reading about your action packed plans I thought I would see if there was any coverage on BBC website yet! I nearly fell off my chair when I read 'Campaigner glues himself to PM'! On further reading it turns out to be someone else but I hope you will be doing something Rock n Roll whilst you're down there. Hope all goes well for you and we get the right outcome.

PS One of the firefighters who works with my husband has arranged a donation session so the message is really getting out there. My husband is donating but unfortunately I am ineligible!

Hi Adrian
Just back from hols and couldn't wait to hear your latest news - thought of you a lot while I was away. Your story puts everything into perspective and makes me think a little about the way I want to live my life. Anyway enough deep stuff, glad to hear you're on your way 'darn sarf', have an great day and fingers crossed that you achieve everything you want to.
Cheers pal, Clare xx

Hi AD!
Wow.. you are getting to be quite the celeb these days, aren't you? Hanging out with the likes of Natasha Kaplinsky, Victoria Derbyshire, Ed Balls and Gordon Brown...
we'll be seeing you in Heat Magazine next!!!
and just gotta say.. Pimp my Mondeo?!?! hahaaaaaa!!!!!! LOL too funny!
On a serious note the campaign seems to have taken off into orbit and taken on a life of it's own.. and am so very glad it has! :)

Fantastic numbers!

Thanks for the updates... I won't get anything done today, as I'll be on the computer checking in! haha

Have a great day everyone!


P.S. Adrian, you look quite handsome!!


Texted R5 this morning to remind them what Adrian was doing...happily you had it all in hand, and voila Adrian was on the radio 2.5 hours later !!! Nice one...
Hope Gordon is there to greet you

lots of love
xxxreiki hugsxxxx


The gesture for Ryan Patrick was above and beyond and now I have tears rolling down my eyes.

You are a remarkable man Adrian

Tampa FL USA

PS I think your parents are really proud of you

Hi Liam,
Yes, the hat is great!!! :)
Heard Adrian on Five Live and he was still really upbeat about the campaign. He's achieved such a lot and we are all so very, very proud of him but,even with the sexy voice it was obvious how breathless and ill he now is.
Tell him to make sure that he keeps getting a rest regularly throughout the day and to take it easy when he gets home.
Give him everyone's love and congratulations.
Thanks Liam,
Christine M

Good work Liam!!! And cool hat. Will drop in from time to time, so keep the updates comming.


I'm so excited to read the updates on your Downing Street adventure today! I'm so proud of you! I wish I could be there to support you in person but I'm with you in prayer. Your courage and tenacity is incredible. My life is richer for having come to know you through your blog. God Bless!

Hugs and prayers across the big pond!
Shannon - Indiana USA

P.S. I love the suit! You are quite the handsome man!

How many more ways can I tell you just how amazing I think you are, and that what you are doing is touching our lives deeply?

I hope that your over-riding feeling of today will be a happy glow of success - you really, really do deserve that feeling!

You really have achieved so incredibly much in a really short space of time - a lifesaver to so many. You have managed to bring us hard reality, humor, success, determination and an incredible dose of inspiration!

Thanks, Adrian for sharing this with such a lighthearted touch as well as, as always, caring for others too - I hope Ryan enjoyed the pic!

love and light
Steven's mom

Well, sweet cheeks, what a handsome dude you are.

I hope you are having a wonderful day and all of us are so proud of you and what you have achieved.

Had to go out this morning, but I am now glued to the laptop awaiting updates from Liam (thank you Liam, it is nice to put a face to a name). Is there some sort of contest between you and Adrian regarding hats !!!

I hope you manage to get some rest Adrian on the way home, and I hope you sleep well tonight.

You are younger than both of my daughters but I feel like you are another child of mine. I am so proud of you, and I think your Mum and Dad must wonder how they brought such a wonderful person into this world.

Sleep well tonight, if you can, and remember we are all still praying for a miracle. I know they are few and far between, but surely one must be due now.

Bless you Adrian


Oh Adrian, man of courage, strength and smart suit attire, you really are the most inspiring and wonderful person.
So great to see your pics and hear about the day from Liam (thanks Liam for keeping us posted!).
I hope you feel the warmth and strength from your blog-readers and campaign followers; I know that when I read everyone's comments I feel very uplifted, so I hope it does much to raise your spirits too.
Wonderful to see your lovely smile Adrian and to know you are handing over the petition in person.
With all love,
Kate xxx
p.s. hope you packed some ferrero roche sarnies for the journey... ;-)

Me again, Liam,

Adrian's just been featured on Look North. Will watch Calendar to see if they cover todays historic event.
Christine M.

Ha, very funny Liam! (Inserting a picture of some teenager and saying it's you!! ha... wait. Seriously?? What are you, 16!?) Just teasing you -- you're very handsome and I love the hat! Thanks for all the updates. Adrian, I wish you all the best today! How exciting. I would imagine you're running on adrenaline (and Red Bull, of course!) right now, so enjoy the ride and be very, very proud. Also, speaking of handsome -- you are looking FABULOUS!!


Missed the interview unfortunately. Shops have customers and deliveries and both descended in droves at the crucial moment. Hopefully I will see something tonight on the news - fingers crossed. Keep up the good work Batman and Robin (sorry you could not be Alfred) Chris

Hope your having a ball.

George xx

Hi Adrian (and Alfred the Butler),

Thanks for taking us along for the ride. Ryan will be doing pheresis number 123 today while you guys are riding the rails and petitioning. You and Ryan warriors in the same battle. Adrain, you continue to awe, delight, humble and inspire us. Once again you demonstrate courage and love for humanity in a stellar fashion. You and your cap are always a fashion statement. We love you ! Thank you for including "your little friend Ryan" he will be delighted (Mr. "Rock Star Hours" is still asleep - doing his nebulizers and therapy vest then its off to the hospital for the day. Hurray for pheresis #123)
Love you Adrian!
Amy Patrick (Ryan's Mom)

Just wanted to say Good Morning from the states!
I am praying for you. I pray all goes well today and that it does not wear on you too much. Love seeing the updates!!
Oklahoma USA

Hello Adrian,

After receiving an email from Emma & Emily life life then give life campaign pointing me in the direction of your petition for Downing Street i thought i would take a peek at your blog.

I signed your petition along with my hubby Colin as we both feel it is so important. We sadly lost a son who was in need of a heart transplant.

Good luck tomorrow when you hand in your petition, you are an inspiration to us all.

Karen & Colin Prior.

Dear Liam & Adrian,

Impressive work, you two. Full of action, roughness and fragility. Life journalism, I like it!

It remembers me of Jack Kerouac's 'On the Road'
'...the scroll version is a bit more fun for Kerouac nuts, be prepared for a tough read though, one long 400 page paragraph.'

Thanks for all the hard work!

That's a posh outfit Adrian. Hope the media whoring isn't too boring!

Liam, I bet Alfred the Butler would love to have your youth haha!

Keep it up guys, this post is going really well!

You are truly an inspiration Adrian. My thoughts and prayers are with you today in your travels. I pray that you will continue to find strength and feel well throughout the day.

Pennsylvania, USA

Adrian - so glad to see you up and about on Downing Street! What a rush!

I only wish I could have signed your petition, but we Americans aren't allowed :( I'm visiting London (and most of Ireland) in September... that should count for something!

Keep up the fantastic fight, and best of luck with the stomach mess!

Amy T.
Maryland, USA

Wow what a fantastic day...hope you are not suffering too much....looking forward to the news coverage later.....

Many many congratulations,your staying power is just Amazzzzing.....

xxxreiki hugsxxxx

Hi Adrian and Liam,

Thank you for the updates, I am also feeling happy that Adrian finished everything as planned.To be frank I was bit worried about Adrian's health as it is a very very busy day for him.

Thanks once again for letting us know all the details.Liam , we are expecting photos and videos too!

Hope all of you can rest tonight to a better day tomorrow.



Hi Adrian

Reading this while randomly round the corner from you in Westminster with work, just wanted to wish you all the best from all the Huddstock festival team - we're backing your campaign for '09.

All the best, hope your stomach is behaving itself.

Lucie from Huddstock

Hi Adrian

Reading this while randomly round the corner from you in Westminster with work, just wanted to wish you all the best from all the Huddstock festival team - we're backing your campaign for '09's festival

All the best, hope your stomach is behaving itself.

Lucie from Huddstock

WHAT JOY...PICTURES OF YOU AND UPDATES..YOU LOOK WONDERFUL FOR FEELING SO POORLY. And who knew our "wonder man" behind the scenes, Liam, was such a knockout.... I am loving every minute of this this early morning in Mesa AZ..

hugs, Therese

Hi Liam the photos are great, you are doing Adrian proud. Adrian you strike quite a pose by the side of the road - are you sure you havn't done a little bit of modelling!? Hope you are having a blast today and enjoy every minute of your celebrity status you deserve it. Keep strong Chris

A good photograph of Adrian on the Examiner website outside No 10 with the petition.
Have a rest on the way home Adrian you deserve it.


Well done for your efforts today, looks like a busy media-packed day.

Sorry you couldn't join us at HQ, maybe another time? We've got a cracking Krispy Kreme just across the road ...

Leukaemia Research

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let the petition pass the 11,000 mark before midnight.
it's only got 105 signatures left to go and i am posting links all over the internet for people to go sign. i have everything crossed for it to happen.
thanks for the update, will keep checking.
loads a love Txxxx

ps ironing still sitting here looking at me. i really should do it. need to get ready for our weekend away! soon as the 11,000 is reached, i'll do it. ha ha ! XX

Hi Adrian!

What a lot of fun it is to follow your trip as the day progresses. Great pics! Thanks to Liam for his photo. Now we can put a face to the name.

It just made me smile to know that you were able to make this trip yourself despite how you have been feeling. Good to see that big smile on your face again!

I hope the tummy trouble eases a bit. Peace be with you. -Tela

Checking in AGAIN! (- Will now be away from my desk for a couple of hours now :-( )
10,915 now and number 7 in the charts!! This is a fascinating journey for us all, love the pics and updates! Thank you so much for sharing it with us - and thanks Liam for keeping us up to date!

Take care and try to get some well deserved rest!

Love and cyber hugs Charlotte xx

Wow, what a day Adrian!

Congratulations! Thank you for the updates (and you too, Alfred the Butler!). I love the humor and joy that comes through in this post. You are amazing! WAY TO GO!! I hope you are resting now. A good day's work, Adrian.


I am spreading the word around my office about all your good are fast becoming the hot topic of conversation here! I am amazed that I am able to simultaneously laugh and cry as I read your blog. You are a wonderful human and I only wish I had had the chance to cross paths with you at some point! Maybe that day will still come! x

WOW!!!! Gorgeous photo of Adrian with the petition outside number 10. You look ravishing!
Only 62 more to go for the big 11000!!!!!
Everything crossed still.....
Hope you are feeling as good as you look on these photos.T -x-x-x-x-x-x

Hi Adrian/Liam/Dream Team
Glad things are going well, I'm sure that after today you have earned a long lie in and lots of pampering Adrian. It's good to see you smiling in spite of the discomfort and to see the superb team that you have backing you up. I just hope it wasn't one of you who tried to glue themselves to Gordon Brown! Now that would be a show stopper!!
Keep your pecker up for the rest of the day and tonight you will sleep like a brick. I wish you a safe trip home.
Take extra care of yourself
Helen x x

Adrian - you're so ace! It's at 10938 at the moment...

COME ON EVERYONE! If we all just got one more person to sign it, we'd be well in there!

We're all unspeakably proud of you, even though most of us have never met you...that's quite a skill you've got there ;)

Keep smiling, gorgeous!

Wow Adrian!

How do you do it! Hope your day has been truly wonderful, even though you are feeling very weary. It's amazing what one can do when you believe in something isn't it. The photos are great, you look so handsome in your suit, and your lovely smile! And how good to see Liam, thanks for the updates Liam!

I couldn't get onto the net again this morning so have just caught up!

I'm going to listen to the playback of the Radio5 interview now.

So I do hope you have had a good day, and that you are spoilt rotten tonight by all around you - and hope your head isn't buzzing so much you can't sleep. You're our hero!

Loads of love, and the warmest hug to one of the most special men in this world of ours...
Barbara xx

Wow - those pictures of you outside No 10 brought a tear to my eye!

Petition at 10,938 - send to everyone you know and lets try and get it over the 11,000 mark!

Well done Adrian - you should be so proud of yourself.


I agree with Amy's comments above, you are ace and just thoroughly gorgeous inside and out. It takes a hell of a guy to do what you're doing with so much drive and passion, especially when you're not feeling so well. You're brill, fab, awesome!
I hope you're having a great day today, East Midlands First Class ain't so bad is it?!
So if you are batman and Liam is Alfred, then I think you've got a massive following of wannabe Robins on here!

Big hugs and kisses to you and the posse! x x x

Less than 40 signitures needed to get 11,000!!!

We can do it :-)

oh my god i can't stand this any more.

will 40 people PLEASE sign this bloody petition and let me get on with what i need to do! lol lol
everyone is sitting round like proud expectant parents waiting for the magic number to flash at 11000+

come on britain, we can do it. just 40 more people.......

oh my god i can't stand this any more.

will 40 people PLEASE sign this bloody petition and let me get on with what i need to do! lol lol
everyone is sitting round like proud expectant parents waiting for the magic number to flash at 11000+

come on britain, we can do it. just 40 more people.......

Hi Adrian/Liam,

Thanks very much for the new pictures.Happy to see the dream team, but dont know who is who.( My English is not that good sorry)

Adrian you have a changed look from your picture before the !@#$% leukemia.But I liked this look more.
Hey Adrian, Liam is having a better hat than you..better change yours!

Sooo happy that everything ended well.All of you need a good nights sleep.

Post more pictures of all of you, I want each and every one of you in my mind and brain forever!
I will be checking again.

Lots of love


Great work Liam, we will make a good butler out of you yet....

Perfect day, Adrian. Great weather, great looks, great result on the petition and lovely car... can be pimped too you know. Just give us the proper photo for it. What colour Mondeo do you like best?

Now sit back and relax. Enjoy what you did today and write about it.

"If I was the boss of the world and it were up to me... what a different place it would be..."

Dapper looking media whore!!!! (with young, cute, behind the scenes side-kick who looks nothing like Alfred!)

Great job today Adrian and Liam (and everyone else on the petition/campaign team)! How I wish I could've been there!!! Glued to the blog ever since I got to the office. Most unproductive day for me but sitting here looking on at a highly productive team with a warmth in my heart - Adrian, you're changing the world for the better. That's some legacy!

Know you don't need telling but get some rest on the way home. Wishing you a restful night's sleep. Proud of you for making the effort today, and looking so damn fine in the process! Lovin the cuff-links.

With pride and love from Trinidad

Excellent day's work! Been checking in to the site regularly today - well done Adrian on a superb achievement!

Vic x

Hey Adrian, what an adventure eh! You are fantastic, really you are! I don't know where you get the strength from but please, could I have some of it? ;)

I know you have struggled and you are not feeling well at all, but yet again you have muddled through and put us all to shame.

I just sent out an email to everyone I can think of to try to get some last signatures to help push it over the 11k mark, fingers crossed!

Hope you get a nice rest now,
Caroline x

What a day - well done, your photo outside no. 10 made me want to cry, you're a great guy Adrian. Enjoy the red wine, I'm on my way home to toast you with one of the same, have a restful night!

23 to go.......This is fantastic!!!!
The bottles are coming out tonight Adrian!!!! When I get up with a hangover in the morning though, I will come on here and give you what for! Txxx

Hello Adrian,

First time I have posted and thought I should as I have just signed up to your petition. I am in awe of your bravery. Hope you get back safely, it was great to see the updates today.

Laura xx

I heard this a couple of days ago, and immediately thought of you.

"I would rather be ashes than dust! I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry rot. I would rather be a superb meteor, every atom of me in magnificent glow, than a sleepy and permanent planet. The proper function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall not waste my days in trying to prolong them. I shall use my time" --Jack London

Congratulations on the succcess of the day. I would have loved to have been there!


Well, with only 5 places left, I think it's fair to say you are going to make it.
Adrian, without wanting to sound patronising, I am so very very proud of your achievements. You make me so proud to be English, and so very proud to be part of your massive support.
Congratulations on reaching 11k, I know it's premature, but I am going out for a few hours!
I hope as you pull into Derby station in 20 mins or so, someone greets you with the news of your 11000 ELEVEN THOUSAND PLUS signatures.
You really are a superstar.
loads of love, and enjoy the red wine. I will be bringing a bottle home with me later in your honour! lol (thanks for giving me a reason!)

Wow!!!!! What a day!

Thank you SO much for taking us along for the journey, that was nearly as much fun as actually being there!

Congrats on a fantastic achievment Adrian! You sure do get around!

Liam, you did a lovely job of keeping us up to date...and it really is a great hat!

Cheers from this side of the pond, well done!!


Wow sounds, and looks like a great day! Could you post a link to some of the radio, or t.v. interviews? If they are available, I'd love to be able to hear them.

Wow a day for have done some amazing work - well done! Have a rest tomorrow you deserve it! lots of hugs..

Your strength and stamina are unbelievable! I now have no good excuse to complain about how tired I am or to have a kip in the middle of the day when you're out pounding the pavement! And what an impressive day you had!

Here's wishing you a restful, sound sleep tonight. You certainly deserve it.

All the best,
Jan from DC

Today! Coincidence? I think not...

Mayor of London Boris Johnson officially launched the 2008 London Notting Hill Carnival at a ceremony at the Odeon Leicester Square on Wednesday 23rd July.

The Notting Hill Carnival Committee calls for new bone marrow and blood donors to step forward!

The London Notting Hill Carnival Ltd. has announced that the official charity of carnival 2008 is the ACLT (African Caribbean Leukaemia Trust) in order to encourage more people to step forward and register as potential life savers by joining the bone marrow and blood donor register.

The theme for this year's Notting Hill Carnival - Europe's biggest street party is 'Welcoming the World'.

On Sunday 24th and Monday 25th August more than 1.5 million revellers are expected to watch the thousands of artists perform. Additionally they will all have the opportunity to take 30 minutes to register as potential life savers at the ACLT registration drive, by completing an application form to join the British Bone Marrow Registry which is administered by the National Blood Service (NBS).

What a great, exhausting, wonderfull day for the future of stem cell donation...

Hi again Adrian

You should just be arriving at Derby so just wanted to say hope you are feeling ok. Bet the red wine helped...! My sister just called me to ask how you got on, she wanted me to say you should be so, so proud of all the effort you have put into this, especially all the hard work and travelling today. She asks every day about you.

Reading all the comments daily on here, there are so many out there in a similar situation, how lovely you thought of young Ryan today! That's the mark of the man you are.

I love the photo of you outside No 10, you're truly beautifuly inside and out. Please forgive the ramblings of an older woman, this girl just can't help it, as my son will tell!

So rest up, have another glass of red wine with your family, and sleep well dear friend.

Much love, again
Barbara xx

Congratulations - 11,011 as of 6.10pm!

What an amazing achievement!!

Adrian, you are amazing,i hope you could feel the love & support that we all feel for you,So many people of all ages will benefit,from your truly wonderful care commitment and strength of character.I hope you will have a well deserved rest now. love,light & reiki hugs Brendie

Hi Adrian/Liam,

Thank you for an exciting day.

Wish you both and the whole team a peaceful night and good sleep.Good Night!

Goodnight to you too 25 year old teenager!



Hi Adrian
I just want to say what an inspiration you are to others. I really don't know where you get all your strength from you are amazing. I hope you have a well earned rest tonight, love Michelle


Headline news on Calendar tonight, what a day!
You should now be in Derby and hopefully home with the memory of a very tiring day. An amazing achievement 11,011 signatures!!!!

You are a very special Yorkshireman, many thanks too for the photographs of your journey today.



Never mind the vino, get the champers !!!!

Well done everyone....

What a day !!!!!

xxxreiki hugs

Adrian - You must be so very proud, over 11,000 signatures! Way to go! I hope you are resting comfortably after such a long, grueling day. You did it!!!

Pennsylvania, USA

Wow Adrian!

What a day! You are one amazing guy. Let's see what they come up with!

Dan prodded, poked and tested bloods again today after weird stroke like 'episode' on Sat but nothing revealed so no news is good news.

Have a good rest when you get back. My daughter was on same train to Derby on Monday night. She has gone to stay with uni friend in Staffordshire then on to Belfast from East Midlands to party with another!

Take care and have a good rest tonight!

Love Sallyx

Wow! Adrian, what a great thing you have done. If you believe it or not, you have changed the world. Think of all the people who will benefit from all you have done! The possibilities are endless. :) Plus you look really good in your suit!

Congrats again and have a good sleep!

Liam, good thing he has you to keep things going. I was going to write you today to see if there were any updates on the widget but now I can see how busy he keeps you! No surprise you got the hat in Vegas, I'm always a bit shocked when I see a person wearing one of those. Why?

BTW, I saw a girl out here in the desert that had that same awesome fire design on her car. Initially I thought it was tacky but maybe you two should meet? She had big boobs.


Begging your pardon, but 11,033 RIGHT NOW!!! Keep it going, folks!!

Adrian,What can I say other than it has been a pleasure and an honour to share this part of your life. I have to admit that if every day in my shop was like today I might well go out of business. My customers have been very much of a disruption between me and my laptop and the refresh button is starting to look a bit worn. I even forgot to bank up tonight and have just returned to my shop to sort things out. I am sure you must be feeling exhausted and glad to be home but today Adrian has been a dream come true and I am grateful that you have allowed us, your global family, to share your dream. Just seen you on Five News and I cant explain the weird emotions I am feeling. The last time I saw you with Natasha was the first I knew of you and now I watch you so differently and feel like I am watching a very close friend. Sleep well Chris

congrats!!!!woop woop!!
now you get some rest,you've done yourself proud so far
be strong
will always be with you in spirit
ivonette xx

And another step taken.... over 11,000 signatures on the petition. That has to mean something to the powers that be, Adrian.

Big hug, Anna

Absolutely fantastic !!!!

What a remarkable achievement !!

Have a good nights rest x

Love Louise xx

Well, once again, I'm in awe at you. A bit like the guy on Five Live who interviewed you earlier - he sounded almost lost for words with admiration at the end of the interview.

It was great to be 'with you' on the journey today and it worked brilliantly. Another reason why as far as I'm concerned, this is the best blog ever.

Exhausted you may have been, but you look radiant! Had to giggle that someone has posted 'GIVE ADRIAN A MEDAL' as a name on the petition, but - hear, hear. If only I could send a standing ovation through cyberspace to you.

Love, Amanda

Well done today Adrian, you should be very very proud of yourself!!

Good news from us, we heard from Seth's Consultant on Monday and have been told that they have a possible good match from the umbilical cord bank and if they do a few more tests on it and it's all ok then he's having a transplant in September (for this 3rd birthday!). Wanted to share our good news with you.

Well done again today, will be watching you on the tv later on.


Well done you for what has been achieved today and a huge, huge thank you for allowing so many of us to share every detail of your amazing day. You really are a wonderful young man, look really good despite your illness and I dread to think what you could achieve with better health. Hope you have a really good night's rest and enjoy the euphoria of the atmosphere up there on Cloud 9. Best wishes to you and your lovely family. Cheers Adrian from Diane.

thanks for sharing your big day with us its such a fantastic thing your trying to achieve its great to see Liam and the rest of the gang and i must say Adrian how very handsome you looked in your suit mum must be very proud all the best pamx

What a fantastic day! Sleep well tonight Adrian and thanks to you and Liam for all the updates throughout the day - it has been truly amazing. Love to you and your family xx

* 11069 * as of 8.40pm.
Wow Adrian,
What fantastic memories you have made for your family and your friends (including us !).
Listened to you on Five Live and saw you on the news.
Liam has done a fantastic job today (in his fantastic hat ! lol :)
Don't think he's quite as handsome as you, but nearly. he he !
The photographs are fantastic, especially you looking dapper in the suit.
Be proud, be happy, enjoy the moment with your family and have a beautiful, restful nights sleep. We are all breathing a sigh of relief that you are safely back home.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.
Christine M.

Wow Adrian! What a day! Well done for all your hard work and thanks for letting us join you today - amazing!

Best wishes,
Jen xx

Hi Adrian,

What a busy day you've had no wonder your worn out. Hope your tummy settles down soon and that you manage to have a good nights sleep.
Well done to Liam for his work on keeping us up-to-date with the blog. Bye for now Julia.

Hello There Adrian

Wow! What a wonderful thing you are doing and what a great hat too!

Hope your rumbly in your tumbly settles down.

Thank you for making and sharing such a wonderful blog.

Take it easy,


Just back from work. Petition stands at 11,096!!! Great to see all the photos and read about your day in London. Well done again!
You are such an amazing guy, Adrian!
~love as always from TAFKAI (The Alexandra Formerly Known As Italic).

you are a true inspiration and it is a privelege to see you on tv and through the pc. Adrian you are a wonderful person.
Heather and the rest of the family x

CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATIONS! on your incredible achievement at number 10.
Blimey! you ain't half done the news today. I hope you are having a well earned rest after larging it in the PM's residence.
You look positively glowing in your pics too.
Nice Mondeo by the way

Wow what a day! Well done you, I bet you are knackered. You have achieved so much you and your friends and family should be really proud.

It is great to know that you read the comments and they help you. There is a huge hug attached to this comment, hope you get it. You are a star, just think of the difference you have made (shame you wont feel the benefit of it).

Rest easy and smile with pride, you are amazing.

Em xx

Wonderful work Adrian!! and thanks to Liam too for keeping us so up to date.

A day to remember for sure. I hope you dont feel all that much worse for it tomorrow!

With sincerest best wishes, xx

Just saw it on BBC Look North. Hope you get some rest

Pam xxx

Your family must be bursting with pride Adrian, and rightly so. We're all so proud of you too, even though we only know you through this place. Well done to all the guys who helped make today happen too, you have a great crowd around you.

Love to you all

Cher xx

Glad you're home safe. It's been a pleasure and privilege to share your day - thank you (and your dream team!) Saw all the TV news coverage, which was brill.

...Good old Internet, eh - does have its uses!

Good night and sweet dreams you complete star!! All my love Charlotte xx

Congratulations on an extraordinary day and thank you for sharing it with all of your 'extended family.' Wonderful pictures are such a doll! Rest well.


I'm glad your day was such a success. I wish I were from the UK and could sign your petition. I did what I could by directing the 5 or so readers of my blog to spread the word about the amazing work that you are doing!

By the way, do you know how handsome you are? You have a beautiful smile that just jumps right from the page. With all that you are going through, you are still a very handsome young man! :)

Hi Adrian, It was my birthday today, and it was good to know you were having a special day too. Sorry I wasn't in London today (as I normally am) or I would have been at Downing Street cheering you on. A great days blogging - and yes a complete multimedia production. You continue to be a complete hero, but more than anything you come across as such a lovely bloke. Take care, don't stop smiling! happy thoughts always. Sally P.

You are amazing. What I love best is that you are smiling in every picture. Even the one on the train with your red bull when you seem asleep!!! Be proud of yourself.


God bless Adrian! Thanks for taking us along on this journey today.

Well Done!!!! Congratulations to ALL the media team. What a superb job. I should think that tomorrow will be a day for relaxing and reviewing everything done today, and giving yourselves a huge pat on the back.

I do hope you're beginning to beat that lousy stomach bug Adrian and eating and drinking is more of a pleasure. Get some well earned rest before you think up your next award winning scheme. You are still my hero, a very very brave, mild mannered Clark Kent ;-)

Well done again and congratulations to your parents for making you you.


today was a fab day all round.

you are all amazing.

Adrian you look very good in that suit - mmmmmm

hi adrian
just finished watching the late news how very very proud was to see you at downing street
agreat smile and a face i will never forget and in very good spirit you make me so very very proud to be from yorkshire
i wish you well and will follow you all the way
goodnight you brave man xxxx
julie barnsley

Dear Adrian

What an incredible day. I love the photos of you and laughed when I saw you 'hunt and peck' on the keyboard :)

Thanks for this day along with you - I also went to look you up on BBC Look North and it was great to see you looking so determined, relaxed and handsome.

You have achieved the incredible. Congratulations!

I hope you have a really good rest tonight and really enjoy your success.

love, light and a really big hug
Steven's mom

Sweet dreams to you Adrian. You have earned them. What an incredible day you have had, as have we due to your generosity of inviting us all in. It's was a joyous journey with you today. Take a break. Relax. Let your hard work start working through others now. Take some quality time out for Adrian now. We love you, Adrian. Debra

Adrian ,

You ROCK ! =) Great job Team Sudbury !!
Congratulations !

Have a Happy Day,

California , USA

Congratulations Adrian! You are an inspiration. Praying that you are sleeping peacefully.

Living for Him!


Adrian, Congrats on a successful endeavor! You are so "full of heart and soul". Thanks for all the updates. I checked in several times and was very excited for you! You are truly touching so many people's lives. I am learning from you to be a better person. Keep teaching me, my British friend.
Again, I have a verse for you to hold onto:
"Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, nor have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for those who love Him."
1 Corinthians 2:9
Thinking of you and praying for you all the way from the USA(Tennessee). Leigh Ann


Well done on your petition and getting it down to Downing Street, you should be ever so proud of yourself....I know I am

Take care

hugs & snogs

Donna xx

In the day-to-day of routine activity, we (at least here where I am!) put up with rudeness, discourtesy, miserable customer service, and often a general lack of caring from others. It has worn on me over the years until I feel that I am almost a misanthrope! But when I see what you have done--what one incredible man can do--it completely lifts my spirits and makes me think that we humans are pretty remarkable after all. Thank you for doing that for me, and for all you are doing to help others both now and in the future. I promise to find a bone marrow/organ registry here in the US and place my name on the list in your honor. Please keep up the frequent posts so that we can all continue to walk with you as long as possible. You are very important to a lot of people in the world.

Adrian & co,

as a small virtual appreciation for all your work during the last months…must certainly not have been easy for you all.

'Hadrian Hits the Road Again: A huge, exquisitely carved marble statue of the Roman emperor Hadrian is the latest (2007) find from Sagalassos, an ancient Greco-Roman city in south-central Turkey. Archaeologists estimate that the figure was originally between 13 and 16 feet in height. It is, says Belgian excavation director Marc Waelkens, one of the most beautiful portraits of Hadrian ever found. Found in the southeast corner of the south hall of frigidarium1 in the Roman Baths, it made headlines all over the world. Hadrian was famous for his travels, which took him from the U.K. to Egypt and brought him several times to Pamphylia. Now "our" Hadrian is travelling again, this time to the British Museum at London, where he will be the centrepiece of the exhibition Hadrian: Empire and Conflict running at the museum from July 24 until October 28 of 2008.'

(beautiful enlargements when you click on 'more pictures')

More to read:

(I was the medical doctor during their excavation campaign in 2005 - didn't have much to do except for treating scorpion bites, wasp allergies and muscle pains…)

Lets build a Wall to stop disease-related fatigue…


I havent had access to a PC recently but have just been through all the blog entries.

WOW - you must be soooooooo pleased. This campaign is just the start. Once our young people start to become educated in this important issue, the rest will follow. Thank you for putting so much enthusiasm and energy into it all. Its very difficult trying to get any sort of campaign off the ground but it is even more difficult when you are so unwell. You should be really proud of your achievements.

I really hope that this is a springboard into getting education about Leukaemia into schools as well. With so many young people now being diagnosed, we need to educate youngsters to take responsibility for their own health, to notice those changes in their health and not just dismiss them. This is something I am really passionate about - my daughter, Maria, had been "unwell" for a couple of weeks and we had put it down to teenage ailments and exam pressure.

I have been doing quite a bit for Teenage Cancer Trust and even got myself on the telly!! You are not the only one!! If you get chance you can see it on

My bit is only short - but hopefully it has helped in raising awareness of Teenage Cancer in the Midlands.

No doubt today you will be exhausted - but exhaused in a good way. Well done to you and to Katie, Kali, Liam and everyone else involved in the campaign.

Love to you and all your family.

Diane x

Good morning Adrian

Hoping you have had a restful nights sleep. The final total is wonderful, your family must be very proud of you.
It is very difficult to watch a loved one do things for others when all you want them to do is REST! Your family are very special.

Have a good day.


Hi Adrian,

Glad to hear that things went so well, am truly impressed by all your 'media whoring', you make a fine z lister! Well done for lasting the whole day, sounds like a seriously busy one and a huge well done to you and the whole team for getting it all together, hopefully it will make the difference and get the talks into all colleges, fingers crossed.

Have a good kip,

Dear Adrian
Thanks for the day yesterday, even though we werent there it felt like we were! Saw you on Ch5 news last nite and you looked great! A job well done! Put your feet up today you deserve it. So pleased for you xxxxxxxxxxx PS: Cant wait for today's Desert Island Discs to see what your fave tunes are!

Hey Adrian,

Wow, wicked photos, and what an achievement! Put your feet up, relax and have a nice day chilling out.

Well done!!

Lots of love Mich xxoxoxo


I have to say I will have to give you an award as THE best baldy blogger THERE IS ONLY 1 BALDY BLOGGER AS FAR AS I AM CONCERN YOU ARE THE BEST.

I just am in awe of you and am very impressed with all of the hard work put in by you .I have to say am truly lost for words to say what can you say to this ! . I know how much goes into campaigning and putting up a petition on 10 Downing street it certainly was not easy task for someone with a more serious battle you are selfless when it comes down to it doing so much for others at a difficult time such as this this is so remarkable of such a young man like yourself. Your parents must be very proud of you

I hope you do not mind me mentioning a petition I have put up , please can you advise me on getting more people to sign ?

The petition I originally put up for Graham Barnell is flagging somewhat now I will have to chase this ,he is living in Australia but is a British National who was adopted,he was looking for a stem cell donor.Then he started a global search over here in Luton ,think the search went out for him at the beginning of the year sometime.

For anyone interested in helping out Graham Barnell,then simply google

I hope you do not mind me posting a request for Graham on your blog.I currently doing the rounds reading the blogs ,he was out in Seattle last time I heard paying for his treatment of double corded stem cell.

Like with everything else it is how something affects your family, that really inspires you to get up an do something about it, so others do not have to go through the same traumatic experience.
I have researched along with other families , the trouble adopted children /adults are having finding a stem cell donor,bone marrow donor.

If the Anthony Nolan was working testament to how much people are willing to give or donate to other families we would not have be continuing to put more effort in or pressure on to be able to improve on what is already set up.
Well Adrian you can be proud of yourself for having set out to do something, then laying down firm foundations for the politicians to get the system improved as a service user it is important that the MP's take notice of us.

Thanks to you now generations are going to to benefit from your hard efforts to educate people or bring about awareness about being a donor.

Everyday we learn something ,we need to able to contribute back something to society
I am just lost for words at how you have got through all of this campaign and petition also the grueling treatment for leukaemia , you are remarkable. The blog looks wicked with all the photographs,you look so well too your friedns and family are also lovely people you are so lucky to have them support you.

You have done a fantastic job, I have also sent the link to your blog Tim Loughton MP the Children's Shadow Minister , he is very good at raising questions in the House of Commons about health also other matters concerning children.

I met Tim on the 14th May this year, this was a few days later you I saw you on TV ,you went up to see Gordon Brown. I sat there and watched the TV ,just watched you come up from he steps of the tube,heading towards no 10 Downing Street, never had anyone expected a young man in your situation to go up on business like this.

I wonder now if you did not go up to Whitehall to see the PM who else was going to do this who else was going to do this?

I have this lasting image in my head of you is also the first image of you it is a lasting image ingrained of Adrian which is just so inspiring ,also it is refreshing to see someone with so much energy, do not laugh please you have a lot more drive and energy than most people have and they do not have cancer.

This took a lot of energy to go so far.

Adrain, I raise a toast to you and your lovely family , god bless you all , I think you have cracked this 1 now, you can not ignore a petition with that amount of signatures what was it over 10,000 WELL DONE YOU !

Sincerely Adrian you are the best Baldy Blogger in the World,your heart is too big to put inside your body.

A very big hearted man it was a pleasure to have witnessed a very brave man complete is goal.

thank you in never enough for what you have done

Best wishes

Much love to you & your family always

Linda McDermott


Children's Rights Campaigner

A very good morning Adrian,
Hope you're not feeling too bad today after all the excitement yesterday.
Enjoy time with your family and friends now and let others keep the momentum going with the campaign. Don't worry, we won't let the Government slacken off on this one!
The photo's and video are great.
Have a lovely and peaceful day.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts.
Christine M.

Well done Adrian. Glad you had a great day!

Saw you on Look North last night and you looked great. Well done as well on making the blog so exciting today - I was hooked and kept checking back to read the latest report.

Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Julie x

I have been reading your blog since the beginning, I just wanted to say that like everyone else who knows of you, I think you are incredible!

Adrian, well done. I don`t know how else to express it. This "thing" that you have done is going to help people for years to come. Our Daughter, Gemma Pinnegar, 21, died from relapsed ALL after a stem cell transplant and tried to raise the awareness locally in Coventry to get more donors, Google her for info. Gem would be really impressed by your efforts and would have supported you totally. We somehow understand the pride your parents are feeling, not fully, and we would just like to say that your unselfish effort to help others has been amazing. You have got your petition in, so have a breather and have some quality time. God bless, Jan & Tony Pinnegar

Well Done Adrian and Co...

I hope you're better today.

x x x Leyla x x x

Well done guys!! Loving the red bull pic hehe. (And Liam-love the hat!)
Brill photos...hpe you have a good day xxx

Hello Liam, I did not want to bother Adrian again today so I am presuming you are overseeing things and I am sorry to bother you. I have just got our local paper, Coventry Telegraph, and there is a Fireman, Steve Lock, on the front page who needs a matching donor quickly and is asking people to go to a local mobile clinic at Radford Rd Fire Station next Wednesday from 3pm - 7pm. I wrote earlier to praise Adrian and said the topic is close to my heart as our Daughter Gemma died from ALL and she tried to promote more donors after she relapsed. Steve Lock`s case is a prime example of what Adrian`s campaign will stop. People desperate for a match appealing for donors to come forward. I do not mean to be cheaky, rude, pushy, or hijack anything, I do not know Steve but I am just moved by his story as I was Adrian`s, all I know is that Adrian has a massive following and I wondered if you could post an appeal on behalf of Steve Lock to either attend his Fire station clinic next week or go along to their own local blood donor session on behalf of Steve, inspired by Adrian. Totally up to you guys I know and I know you have all done massive amounts for future patients. God Bless you all, whatever you do. Kind regards, Tony.


Another terrific effort on your part. I was so pissed off I had to go to an all day meeting yesterday so couldn't hear you on 5 live or watch the updates on your blog.

Where you get your strength from none of us can ever guess but as has been said you are a total inspiration to so many people, me included.

I hope you had a good sleep last night and aren't feeling to worn out today.

Take care

ps still waiting to hear of a decision from Leicestershires Children and young peoples services. I will chase it tomorrow again

Well done Adrian!!!

We are all proud of what you have done for humanity. Adrian you really are a blessing to us all, because of you many lives will be saved in the future. I hope your stomach is feeling better today, great job!!!!


Come on Adrian, keep going. I know it`s terrible but you have got so many people behind you, but, the most important thing is that you are still here and for your family and friends, that is a most precious thing. You may pick up later after your bloods. Don`t talk of giving in, stick two fingers up to it. Kind regards, Tony.

Oh Adrian how my heart goes out to you, I know you are going through an awful lot and I know your wish to die before you have to suffer, Only you know when the time to give up fighting is, but don't do anything rash please, talk to your lovely district nurse, or have you tried the people at the hospice as they may know of some medication that will take the edge off without turning you into a zombie.

Hugs and wishing you peace.



Hi only me again, thought I'd put those fingers to the computer to say keep your chin up. There's a song 'Had a bad day', as you say not nice when your feeling lousy - go and find a good corner, put up a do not disturb sign and scream!!!

Keeping smiling you have been a brick and powerful person in getting this country and others to do important things and bring people together - do you want a job as the next prime minister - I'd vote for you (needs somebody with a brian and savvy to get this country back on it's feet!

Take care and hope you have a good day

love and best wishes

Sarah and the madhouse and furry animals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi Adrian,
I listen to 5Live regularly and heard you recent updates with Victoria and Steven. Mate, I just wanted to tell you what an inspiration you are to the rest of us! Your drive and determination will result in your goal being achieved, that much I am certain of!
Take care my friend and keep fighting!


Adrian, Just saying hello and wanted to tell you that you are awesome. I am always so impressed with you. God Bless you!

Dear Adrian,

I read your latest log and am so sorry you are not in good spirits. You are entitled to be angry and feel like giving up. However, we are all behind you (there is a commercial for a phone company here where hundreds of workers from the company follow someone around all the time so that the someone has wireless coverage at all times). When you are down and lost please think of the huge crowd of people behind you. Thinking about you and praying tomorrow is a better day.


kathy from USA

Adrian - Read your article in the Times today and impressed by what you have achieved. Reminded me that I was once told "It's not the days in your life that matter, but the life in your days" and you are putting that into practice. Thoughts and prayers are with you - you are inspiring and appear to have achieved more in a few years than most of us do in a much longer timespan.

I empathise with the final comment in your excellent article in 'The Times' yesterday that 'After death there's either something fantastic or there's nothing...'
You may like to look at the website where the same point is made. I wrote the novel as a suggestion of what the fantastic experience might be like - if Swedenborg's remarkable and very extensive revelations are true.
The first chapter can be downloaded on the 'Purchase' page. If you are interested to read the whole book I'll email a copy if you send your address.
With very sincere admiration,
Nigel Flaxton

dear adrian,we thought we had to write whether you you will get chance to read it or not,we expect you are getting a lot of mail.we were hoping to get to see you and your mom & dad as much for our benefit as anything, we love talking about Andy. we have total admiration for the task you have undertaken and what you have acheived. what Andy would have made of it heaven knows."obnobbing with the aristocracy" well almost! we remember the day you arrived in the hallamshire,we couldnt see you because you were under the bedclothes.Andy said "its a young lad, hes taking it badly,ill see hes alright" it wasnt by accident you were placed next to andy,he had the ability to lift peoples spirits,to bring a smile to their lips,thats why we miss him such a lot.theres nothing clever or smart we can say to you and your mum,dad and sister only we know what your going through and its the worst sort of pain in the world and nearly a year on from andys untimely death our broken hearts have never healed and never will.its a cruel illness, parents feel so helpless.i told andy"in the ,i would have got out the t.c.p then put a plaster onand he would have been as right as rain in a day or two", he said he could still smell it.well thats all for know, we are proud to have known you,Andy would have been proud of you,very proud indeed! you have shown true grit. Love to you and all your family from the sages

ive been away for two weeks and the first thing i wanted to do was check in with you to see how you were doing. I dont know what i expected but I hoped that you would be doing ok, im so sad to read what an awful time you are having Adrian and Im thinking of you and your great humour which you have shared with us over the past months. Best Wishes Jane KD

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