Morning after the day before


Hello Everyone, its Liam here again. Thank you for all your support yesterday, the final numbers for the petition were 11,301. A fantastic result.

I've had an email from Adrian's mum today. Unfortunately Adrian was sick last night and had to call on the services of the excellent Sister from the District Nursing team who came straight out and gave him an injection to help the nausea. She gave him a lower dose than the one which zonked him out a few weeks ago and so he has been able to get some sleep without being absolutely knocked out but is very groggy all the same. He is not too well today, understandably after all his hard work yesterday.

Here's a pic of our Adrian celebrating after yesterday's hard work

Adrian celebrating

However he spent ages last night reading all the comments on the Blog and was thrilled that everyone enjoyed the visit with him. He is always touched by what people take the time to write and yesterday was no exception.


Brilliant achievement yesterday but sad to hear the exertion has taken it's toll. Make sure you get some rest, you deserve it.

Thanks for the update Liam. What a fantastic day it was yesterday. Such a brilliant achievement Adrian. Sorry to hear that it has taken it's toll today though. Hope that you start to feel better after some much needed rest.

Hi Liam and Adrian,

Thankyou so much for all the events yesterday and for the update today Liam.

Now, Adrian, you must take it easy for a while now to regain some of your strength. You have achieved something wonderful and have every reason to feel proud, but you must recognise that now you must rest for a while.

I opened the Coventry Telegraph this morning, and the headlines were "Can you help save ........'s life" This is a fireman who has AML and needs a BMT. The Fire Service are having a screening session next week at one of their stations. Just think, this kind of thing will be happening in the years ahead, and a lot of this will be down to you, and your passion to make everyone aware of bone marrow donation.

Now, sweet cheeks, we all want you to rest now and gather your strength. We don't want you to give up, but we do want you to have some time to yourself. I am sure Liam will update us as and when required (won't you Liam!)

You have made such a difference to our lives,but just think of the difference you will make to people who need a donation in the future. I, for one, would like to think I am a better person for "knowing" you.

As always, my love to you and your family. Stay strong, but take things steady. I am taking my grandchildren on holiday on Saturday for a week, so I will catch up with your news when I come back .

Bless you Adrian


Liam thanks for letting us know how Adrian is. He must be absolutely shattered. I am so pleased you've reached the 11,000 barrier, well done! I went to blood donors last week thinking that at 42 i'd be too old to join the bone marrow register. I'm so glad that i'm not but only wish i'd done it sooner. All they did was take a liitle extra blood and give me a form to fill in. My son is only 17 but will join as soon as he is 18 in November. Send my love to Adrian. If i could swap places for a day and let you feel as well as I do Adrian I would because thats the least you deserve. You are a saint.
Jane (Slaithwaite, Huddersfield)xxx

Fantastic result yesterday Adrian, sounded like such an exciting day. I'm still buzzing even though I wasn't there!

Have a ggod rest and hope you are feeling better this afternoon. Big congratulatory hugs and kisses xxxx

Oh Adrian, I am sorry to hear the excitement of yesterday has knocked you for six. I hope the injection allows you to get a level of sleep that revives you some.

Wow...what a day, what a total and what a star!! It made my day to be able to kinda 'be there' all day with you and I was so proud to even know you via this blog.

Now, some R&R I think for you and hopefully you will be feeling improved again and back at it before too long.

Oh...and can I add my name to the list of those who think you are looking pretty damn hot in the 'No.10' pic! ;o)


Congratulations on yesterday (Look North has never been so good!).

Hope you feel better soon.

Take Care

The wonders of Interweb. All day yesterday I went back to update on how it went. Fantastic! And I really felt like I was there, even if it was only in spirit, thanks to the pictures and the lovely work Liam did.
And now that you can sit back and relax, and look at all the work you have achieved already Adrian, just know that we will still be here with you in spirit every day.
That's the thing with web's, they tend to give you an extended family. Get well soon, you have the time for it now, and enjoy the summer.


I salute you, you're an absolute wonder.
Thank you
Much love Susanna

Wishing you all the rest in the world Adrian, I hope you feel a little better tomorrow, you worked so hard yesterday - you put most of us to shame.

Congrats on the petition, my goodness what a success! I can see a little place reserved for you on the queens honours list this year you know. Would put money on it! (hmm, must look into the money part lol)

Thinking of you often, even with 2 kids on their school hols screaming in my earhole ;)

Much love,
Caroline xxx

Hi Liam,
Already posted message for Adrian this morning at end of yesterdays postings. Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU though to you for yesterday and for all the hard work and commitment you put into keeping us posted when Adrian can't.
Tell him we're all sorry that he's ill today and hope that once he's rested he will feel much better.
As a friend of Adrian's you need boosting and propping up with good wishes too so, much love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you Liam, Adrian & family and his friends.
Christine M. X

Christine M.(

Well done, Adrian.

I'm not surprised you're exhausted Adrian, what you achieved yesterday was monumental and you were so determined to achieve it that the adrenalin was probably all you were running on after the first hour or two. THANK YOU for what you have done to help all those who will ever need blood, bone or organ transplants in the UK. I hope you have a really good rest today and don't continue being sick
Emma xxx

If more of us lived our lives like you, the world would be an amazing place.

Always thinking of you

Sandra x


I have bookmarked your blog and read it daily. What an inspiration you are!! And incredibly brave. I pray that you are well today and that today will be a good day for you. I am astounded every day that I read your blog how much effort you are putting into this passion of yours even though you are not feeling well so much of the time. Surely, you will be rewarded!!

God Bless.


Amazing news from yesterday- I'm thrilled that it went so well! And thanks for all of the updates Liam- it was great to read things as they were happening.

I'm sorry that it took its toll though Adrian- I hope that you're feeling better after a good night's rest.

Thinking of you,


Congratulations Adrian on your achievements yesterday. Hope you are feeling better by the time my post hits your screen.

All the best


I hope that once you get some rest you are feeling a bit better. I'm so sorry that the events of the day yesterday were so hard on you, but thrilled that it was such a success.

Thank you for all of the pictures along the way, too. Always love to see your gorgeous face!

Thinking of you.

What an exciting day yesterday! We're all so proud. Well... except for this one thing... I'm feeling sort of sorry for Liam. The poor child, staying up past his bedtime doing all this typing... and then I'm sure his mum doesn't love getting up early and driving him to the office. Don't you think you're working the poor kid a little too hard? :-)
Liam, whatever you do to make 25 look like 16 -- send me some?? (Gasp! Maybe it's... that HAT!) Have a great day, thank you so much for the updates and for everything you do on this blog and for your friend, Adrian. Adrian, have a good rest. You've earned the right to ring a bell and have people come running to rub your feet, bring you tea and anything else your heart desires. xoxoxoxox

Hi Liam and Adrian

Thanks for all the updates from yesterday Liam, really really appreciated. Felt in a strange way that we were there all the way with Adrian.

Hope you're doing OK today Adrian, and that the nausea is subsiding a bit. Take it easy eh? Thank you for everything you are doing, and I hope that we can play some small part in both supporting you through this and also supporting the cause too. I'm still more than happy to do whatever I can to raise the profile of the register through football (think the ANT are aware of this - as Kali has mentioned it to them).

Lots of love

Cheryl xx

Well done Adrian and a fantastic great result. Get some rest and feel better a little today.

Thinking of you Lou x x x

Thanks for the update Liam!

Adrian, you really are cut from some special cloth! And of course your folks are proud of you. Your cyber family out here, who haven't even met you, walked around all day with a sense of pride and achievement because of your efforts.

Hopefully some rest will do the trick. Knew yesterday would be extremely exerting for you but so so so pleased you managed it. You deserved to be there to deliver the petition - even if your media whore motives were not all pure :)

Must rush off to Court. Don't think the judge will accept the "I was checkin in on Sudders" excuse for my tardiness, though I think it's a pretty damn valid one.

Lots of love from a bright, cheerful Trinidad.
Hugs and kisses

dear liam.....what a wonderful job you did, keeping all of us soooooo well informed of the nice to be able to have a picture with a name..a REAL treat... i actually felt like i was right are like his guardian angel, again thank you for being so kind and letting us come along....dear adrian...i pray daily for you and your family that God well hold all of you in the palm of His hand....God bless

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Sudbury,

As parents we are always proud of our children, and what they achieve in life, but your hearts must be bursting with pride with what Adrian has achieved.

Could you imagine when he came into the world that your little son would attain such heights. I know you are going through a heartbreaking situation, but believe me that little boy of yours has changed so many lives in his quest for people to have more knowledge of bone marrow donation and organ donation.

From one parent to another I send my love, admiration and prayers and hope thatyour young man is feeling a little better this afternoon

My love to you all


Hi Liam and Adrian

Hardly surprising you are feeling exhausted today Adrian - yesterday would have taken it out of anyone - what you did was just amazing! So rest and get sleep as you need to replenish your body. You did something incredible for those who need it most - your internet family are astounded by all you've achieved, and in a relatively short period of time. But you did it!! Personally, I think you deserve a medal, and a big one at that...

So rest easy dearest Adrian in the thought you did the impossible yesterday. I don't know of anyone else who would have managed such a demanding day in your situation. It can't have been easy. Just shows you what will power can do...

We're with you in thought throughout your days and your nights, and we love you dearly for all that you are.

Lots of thanks to you Liam for keeping us up to date, we all appreciate that so much. Please let us know how things are.

Much love to you all, and especially to the great man himself..
Barbara xx

Thanks for the updates, Liam!

I really wish I could've been there yesterday, enjoyed reading all about it though. Take care of yourself Adrian, hope you get your energy levels back up a.s.a.p!

Thinking of you!

Catherine x

Many thanks to Liam for the progress updates and thanks to the entire team for such an enjoyable ride yesterday!

Adrian, I fear you may have overdone it a bit on your journey but I know you wouldn't have it any other way. So, rest and regain your strength. You've certainly earned it. Wow, what a major accomplishment! Did you ever dream of the places you'd go and the people you'd influence?

Rock on my friend!

you never cease to amaze me, all that you have and are doing is about people who in the future who will be diagnosed with the dreaded 'L'- having suffered the loss of a son with 'L'who was almost your age, you have raised an awareness like no other...there are many people out here who will carry on the campaign. Just wanted to say thank you on behalf of my boy - your mum should be proud

Adrian, you are such a star. Yesterday was fantastic. I am so sorry you are feeling rubbish today, and last night. You must be exhausted beyond belief. Rest now and remember we are all thinking of you and sending our love and hugs to you and yours, especially to your Mum, Dad & Carrie too.
Take care of yourself. I will look in later before we go away. BE GOOD ok?
Loads of love

OK, this is the third time I have tried to leave a message ...... I wish I had realised sooner that you were in London yesterday, I'd have rallied a bit of a reception committee for you. I was also there only for a day but read your blog at 2.30pm by which time it was all over bar the shouting! Heyho, next time! Anyway, I have put your essay on my little girl's web journal (ALL) because my aim was always to educate people throughout our family's journey. And guess what, I have now seen a link on another family's page (also ALL), to my page, to your page, so maybe you'll be getting a few new converts to your cause, I hope so anyway.
Have a good day's rest, thank goodness for the district nursing team xx


Congrats on your wonderful accomplishment. I do hope you feel better today Adrian!


Hi Liam,

Sad to hear that Adrian is not feeling well.He is in hospital?I hope he will quickly recover.

He need some rest.

Praying for him as always.

Thanks for the update Liam,waiting here for some good news.

I am not able to view the video, it is available only to people in UK.


Sending you love, light and positive energy Adrian.

Thank you Liam for keeping us all up to date! And a big thanks to Adrian's Mum and Dad too for all the behind the scenes work.

Adrian, I do hope you are feeling rested today and this shot doesn't have a similar effect as the last. I am so proud of your accomplishments, over 11,000 on the petition!

You are changing peoples lives all over the world whether it is through the education that will come of all of your efforts or through this blog just teaching us all how to LIVE.

I thank you for sharing all that you have in this blog and feel truly blessed to have gotten to "know" you.

Big hugs to you from the USA and wishing you much rest and comfort in the days to come. Peace be with you Adrian. -Tela

With constant thoughts and prayers. You are such an inspiration, an amazing person-someone that I admire and hope that if ever faced with a situation such as this, I could cope with the profound determination and heart that you have. Your life has a purpose that very few every have. You are impacting the WORLD. Making it a truly better place for mankind. Thank you!

What an amazing man you are.

I spent much of the day yesterday eagerly awaiting updates and was so pleased to find that the petition passed the 11,000 mark. Yesterday was a poignant day for me too, as it was three years ago to the day that I lost my dear dad to the evil disease that is cancer.

He too was a brave man, who showed nothing but courage and strength and would never let you say so, he just didn't think he was anything special. People like this make the world a better place.

God bless you Adrian.

Kelly x

Adrian, you have no way of knowing how far your actions will go or the number of lives that your words will help to save. Your courage and determination are admired by so many and you're such an inspiration. I hope you'll feel better soon so you can enjoy all that you've accomplished!

Hi Liam:

Thank you so much for these updates. I appreciate your hard work at keeping us all informed.

Hi Adrian:

Wow, over 11,000 signatures - how amazing is that? What an amazing achievement! You have made a positive difference for so many people that will last long after all of us have left this life. How many people can say that? I'm sorry that you are not feeling well. I hope these little messages lift your spirits. I am impressed and amazed at all you have accomplished. Rest well and I hope you are feeling better by the time you read this.

Well done, Adrian. How you had the stamina to do what you did yesterday beats me. Now REST, REST, REST!!!

Thanks, Liam, for keeping us updated. You're a star, too.


Hi Adrian
Well done with your petition!
Now, please, take some time out for YOU!

Thankyou from all the future children and adults who will have cause to remember your hard work and be grateful for it

You are an inspiration to all of us with your courage and frankness, and though we have never met you, we are immensely PROUD of you.You are one hell of a human being!

Good luck!

Thanks Liam for your accurate updating (text and picture).

Very professional, that pen and paper while driving home. A true journalist - as always!

Returning home from hospital dealing with transplantation problems I just wondered: why no go for a new allo TX with reduced intensity conditioning (outpatient given; only immunosuppressive dose, no TBI) and/or donor lymphocyte infusions (outpatient given). It can work very well for chronic phase leukaemia and - more important - gives no more side effects than the one you experience now. And keeps you out off hospital. (I'm afraid serious infections have also the possibility to increase the need for rehospitalisation - so why not give it a try). Off course only possible without having that horrible cGVHD…But it's easy for me to say, on the other side of the Wall.

Take care.

Cheers Liam.
Rest well Adrian - you're a star!

Well Adrian, who wouldn't feel lousy after a day like that?!
CONGRATULATIONS!!! I lift my glass to you & the Dream Team!
You continue to amaze, enthrall, excite & challenge me. You also humble me & help me keep life in perspective. You are truly a rare gift to this world - which is certainly SO much richer for knowing you.(Isn't blogging great?!)
I pray from the bottom of my heart that you will have a comfortable night with a good, peaceful sleep.
Love & blessings to you and your Family
Janet in South Africa

Dear Adrian,

Amazing work, Adrian!! continue to astound me and everyone else in this world!! You deserve a nice relaxing day today. I hope the nurses are getting your tummy to settle down and I hope that you are comfortable again shortly. Congratulations on a job well done!!

Rachel from CT

Watching you yesterday on chanel5 news I was bursting with pride and reduced to tears! You have done your part, now please leave it to others to carry it on. You deserve some rest time don't you think? I can't praise you enough Adrian, you are FANTASTIC!

Love, hugs and prayers

Carole xxx

A big thank you to you Liam. x

Hi Adrian,

been following your story, i saw you on the news going into No.10. You're an inspiration to all, so sorry to hear you're now well. I was surprised to read that we share the same birthday - July 15th, I was 36 this time round.

I dont know if you ever got my letter i sent you last year, one of the reporters from ITV's Calendar was going to forward the letter to you.

Hi Adrian,

been following your story, i saw you on the news going into No.10. You're an inspiration to all, so sorry to hear you're not well. I was surprised to read that we share the same birthday - July 15th, I was 36 this time round.

I dont know if you ever got my letter i sent you last year, one of the reporters from ITV's Calendar was going to forward the letter to you.

Praying that you are feeling better today. You did such an amazing job yesterday, Adrian. You are truly an inspiration. I pray for God's peace to surround you and for His healing hands to keep you well. God bless.

Pennsylvania, USA

Take it easy today Adrian. Thinking of you!


Hi Liam,

Now when I checked I was able to see the video.Wanted to see more, I think I am greedy.

I do not like people saying his last few weeks...may not live...last big outing...depressing it is to hear and read such things.

Any news about Adrian?I was just thinking why cant he start chemo again..

Please let us know about his health.



Hi Adrian and Liam,
Awwww am so sorry to hear the adventures yesterday have taken their toll :(
In typical AD fashion, though you were an inspiration to all of us and were determined to make it down to London to hand in the petition personally.. AND I am so, so glad you got to achieve that and that the number of signatories was way in excess of the 10,000 that was aimed for originally!
Liam, you are an absolute star for allowing us to share the day with Adrian yesterday and follow his progress through the day. Thank you :) It meant alot to those of us who could not be in London in person and helped us to be there in spirit.

Hope you are soon feeling much better AD

Thanks for all the pics of yesterday you gorgeous man - you may well feel like sh** but what a pin-up!

Pleazzzzze rest up now for a few days to get your zing back and give your poor mum a break from worrying about what you are taking on.

You and your lovely friend Liam (you know how to pick the best don't you) kept us going all day yesterday. Now.....relax.

Well done all the same.

God Bless you all


Hi Adrian/Liam, I am not surprised that the events of yesterday took their toll on you Adrian. The illness mixed with the euphoria,long train journey, early start, long day, media whoring, press photos - goodness I am exhausted just writing it all. Hope you are able to relax a bit now but please dont relax too much we still need you around. Keep strong and keep vital. Chris

Hi Adrian

Sorry to hear you are feeling poorly today. It sounds like you had an amazing day yesterday and I guess it was bound to take its toll.

Take it easy.


Jane xxx

PS Thanks Liam for the update :-)

Hi Adrian,

Sorry to hear ur so Poorly 2day hope things ease off for u very soon.

I have never posted here before, but i have always followed ur story.

One of the main reasons i have never posted before is because i can not put into words how incredibly brave and courageous that u r.

But i felt after what u did yesterday i would have to find some words post. U really r amazing.....
Myself, my friends and my family have all signed up to the donor register.

Hope u manage to get some releif from sickness and manage to get some well earned rest after Yesterday,it must have zapped u of ur energy.

Take good care and hope to read more when u recover .

Much love and god bless u

Mary. xxx

Sorry you are feeling rubbish today .
You did a great job yesterday and the dedication to such a worthy cause shone through like a beacon.

Well Done Paul

Dear Adrian

Hope the rest today has eased some of your symptoms and that you are feeling well enough to bask in the excitement and achievements of yesterday.

Take care,
I'm sure your family are giving you lots of TLC,

love and hugs

Sally x

Hi Adrian

Sorry to hear you were ill last night, but what an achievement. I absolutely loved reading your blog yesterday, well done to you and to Liam. I was really chuffed to see you sitting on the sofa with the PM!

Hope you're feeling better soon mate.
Love Mel x

hi adrian hope you are feeling a bit easier tonight all the best pamxxx

Hello Liam and Adrian. Liam thank you for the update.(love the cap btw!!)

Adrian, you should be really proud of yourself, You have done such a great deal for this campaign.. its all worked out fantastically!!! Take it easy for a few days..

Lots of love Dawn xxx

PS You look really well Adrian... Swooon.. xx lol

Hi Adrian and Liam
Yesterday was a very special day. I just watched the video link with my two children aged 12 and 5. Their cousin died of Leukaemia 18 months ago aged just 16 and I was so proud to explain to them both what the purpose of your visit was Adrian and what you wanted to achieve. We must all take our part in educating the future generations now when we have the opportunity. Yes it is a difficult message however this disease attacks anyone at anytime and this campaign will hopefully offer everyone a chance to fight back and be cured.
Much love to you and your family Adrian, it is incredibile that they will share you at this time. Alisonx


I'm praying for peace and a restful day. You are very blessed to have parents to love on you and take care of you.

Living for Him!


adrian, you're an inspiring guy. hope you feeling better very soon.

best wishes


Hi Adrian,

Thank you so much for being so brave & strong to continue updating the public on your health and the fantastic work you have vowed to do.

I feel as if I know you personally and felt I needed to write my comments.

I was devastated when I found out I could not be a donor due to my age (almost 48), however I will, as my role as a manager in a Health Centre, use & display the promotion material sent to the practice, and encourage any support where possible to highlight any publicity necessary to help with your campaign.

Although I have never been close to anyone having needed a Bone Marrow, I truly believe you have achieved an astonishing achievement I would like to wish you all the very best, and say it has been a delight and priviledge "knowing" you, albiet it through the Examiner. I wish you had more time, however you will not be forgotten and will stay in many people's memories, including and particular my own, for as long as I am alive.

Your family must be so very proud of you.

My very caring and best wishes

Margaret Shaw

Great work to all!

A family friend was just given a clean bill of health yesterday after he was stricken with Leukemia.

What did he do to celebrate? Took some time to hang out at a local pub for a couple of hours!

Adrian-- I wish that you were able to get the same kind of news.

Best wishes to everyone!

Kimberly Parr
Cincinnati, Ohio

Hi Adrian,

What can I say? There are no words that can really describe your determination, strength and the amazing person that you are. All I can think of (again) is: Thank You!
Hope you'll feel a lot better soon.


Dear Adrian,

I am so happy to see all the photos of your smiling face. You look great and so absolutely proud. I am so glad your big adventure went so marvelously! Congratulations! So many signatures. Credit to you and all of your dream team's hard work and inspiration.

Sorry to hear you had a rough night and aren't well the morning after. I am hoping with all my might for a quick recovery and return to comfort and joy.

Thank you, Liam, your parents and everyone that helped us all have an exciting day from our desks reading about yours, up to the minute! Well done!

Take good care,

Margaret (USA)

Adrian, all I can say is 'YOU LEGEND' *shouted in classic football hooligan style!* ;)

I'll extend those sentiments to Liam as well, who's doing a great job of keeping all your crazed fans unpdated!

Get some rest and keep that gorgeous smile on your face!

Thinking of you and your family. xx


You rock.



You are an absolute inspiration. Having read your blog for many months now, I find your energy and enthusiasm under such tough circumstances utterly amazing.

Both myself and my wife have applied to join the register and will hopefully edducate our kids to do the same in the coming years.

I really hope you feel better over the coming days, to allow you some quality time with your family and friends.

You are a truly amazing fella.

God bless.

I know you are overwhelmed and feeling crappy but I wanted you to know that you are absolutely fabulous urkey stomach and all. Best wishes from Oklahoma!
Suz the "Q"

I feel like I was led to your blog by God. I have been reading for the past few weeks and it breaks my heart to see what you are going through. I appreciate you being so real with all that has happened in your life. I have been seriously praying for you everyday. Adrian from reading your blog it appears to me that the only thing you are living for now is the campain. Which is such an honorable thing. There is something so much greater and better, there is a God who loves you so much that He was willing to give His only Son to pay the price for your sins. It may sound wierd that I am talking about sins. But I think that it is the beginning of you finding something greater than this campain. It is the greatest treasure I have ever known. So Adrian it is my hearts desire that you would take hold of this gift that God wants to give you before you die. OK so back to the sins. Adrian have you ever told a lie? I know I have! So what does that make us?? Liars. Have you ever gotten so angry at someone that you hated them?? In Gods eyes that kind of hate is the same as murder. One more question. Have you ever looked at someone with lust in your heart? We know that we all have. And the sad thing is that we have committed adultry in our hearts. So when you die Adrian and you stand before a Holy God who can't look upon sin, what are you going to say to Him when He asks why He should let you in?
Will you say "God I have been a good person, I have fought hard to help people with this campain." Sadly God will look at you and tell you to depart. It is sad because we both just admitted that we are liars, we are murders and in Gods eyes we have commited adultry. Although compared to most people you have probably lived a "good" life. The standard for us isnt other people. God requires perfection. This is where it gets really good. God is so good and so loving. He knew we could not meet the requirement of perfection. So He sent His Son Jesus to earth to life a perfect life and He met that requirement!!!!! Isnt that awesome?!? He wants you to be His son Adrian. He wants to take care of you and love you. He wants to bring you into heaven to be His child forever. There will be no more pain, no more suffering. He will never leave you. So Adrain, this is the treasure that I was talking about. His name is Jesus. He wants you to call on Him and He wants to save you. He wants to be your treasure. Please cry out to Jesus, He will not disappoint you. I urge you to get a Bible and read through the book of John. It will comfort you ways your meds cannot. My family will continue to pray for you daily.
Love in Christ,

Hi Adrian, just reading your days blog and hoping this finds you feeling more rested and less yukky. I am waiting for my 18 year old daughter to arrive home from her holiday with friends. She is only home for 2 days before she is off for another 2 weeks to see her Dad in Thailand. I have missed her so much and it has just made me think of your parents and how they must be cherishing these days with you and the closeness you are all feeling now. Enjoy your time together, hug and tell each other how much you love each other. We are all guilty of not doing this enough and then often regret the things we have not said. I know you wont let that happen. Hope you have a more restful night. Sleep well Chris

Thinking of you and wishing you well xx

What a fantastic achievment and a brilliant day you looked fab on tv, not surprised you are not well today you excelled yesterday.

Hello Adrian,
Just to say that I hope tomorrow you will be feeling much better.
Night night.
Love, hugs and soothing thoughts to you and yours.
Christine M. xxx

Hi Adrian and Liam,

Thanks so much for the updates throughout yesterday. It was wonderful to share it with you and I had a great time looking at all the pics. Nice hat Liam...and another fan here of your No10 pic Adrian. (hubba hubba).

Superb stuff at the tally for the petition. All down to you all for keeping so positive, strong and ultimately so clear in the message.

I'm so sorry Adrian that you've not been well since going home. I guess it's not surprising in a way that it'd take it's toll somehow. I hope you're resting up lots and will soon start feeling more restored.

Anyway, you're amazing, goddamit you're all amazing.

Take care,
Toni xxx

Evening Adrian!

Hope you're more comfortable tonight and being so unwell hasn't detracted from your amazing achievement yesterday! I've been thinking of you all day.

Have to say, a couple of people have asked me about bone marrow / stem cell donation today - and what exactly it entails. This is as a result of seeing you on TV! Thanks to your excellent blog, I'm able to tell them (and send them in this general direction!)

Btw, I'm inclined to agree with the "Adrian looks sexy in a suit outside number 10" brigade! A hero of our time and a pin-up!! ;-)

Much love as always, Charlotte xx

Fantastic result Adrian!!
Please enjoy the moment and have a rest now....recover a bit and sort out your stomach problems. After everything you have been doing, you deserve a bit of me time!

What can I say that hasn't been said already?

Liam I think you must be a fantastic friend and thank you for letting us know how things are going.

Someone earlier has written to Mr & Mrs Sudbury, and I know how they feel. Loving someone enough to allow him to go ahead with something like this while wanting to wrap him in cotton wool and keep him safe makes you amazing people. Not only that but you have made your son who and what he is and you must be so proud.

I hope today has been a restful day for all of you and that Adrian has had a better day after his awful night.

I can only say, yet again, how wonderful I think you all are and thank you for letting us all be part of it.

Over 11000 on the petition, umpteen awards, a face known and loved by so many people, OK Adrian what's next - MP for Derby and minister for health or education - or just international journalist of the year? I can't wait to find out.

HUGS xxx

Hope you have a comfortable night, Adrian, and feel a bit better tomorrow - take it easy, chuck. Still smiling at yesterday's goings-on and the coverage you got on the local news and in the papers. Marvellous.

I'll be back again to check on you soon,

Vic x

To Dear Liam,
Thank you for all your hard work.x
To Dear Adrian,
Luv Sam

Hi Adrian,
I am going to be away until Wednesday now, I am going to London for a few days. I hope you feel better soon, and are resting like you should be after such a busy day. Daytrip to London is horrendously tiring anyway, but it must have been totally exhausting for you.

Take care of yourself and be good! You have lots of laydeeeeeees admiring your lovely number 10 picture!! You did look rather dapper though..XX
Anyway, as I say, be good ok? I will check in again on Wednesday
Love to all.

Sorry you're having such a rough time of it Adrian. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your life and for teaching us so much. Take it easy and enjoy some downtime's hard for us to keep up with you!

You're in my thoughts and prayers and I send you much love from Texas (US).

BTW, must agree with the other ladies commenting on how handsome you are!! Thanks again for the pictures and big thanks to Liam for all your hard work as well.

That's fantastic Adrian... exceeding the goal, how fantastic!

Sorry you're not feeling well of course, but what a day you had right?

Liam, I've said before, you're such a great friend making sure that we are updated. I for one check several times a day, so it's nice to see a new post! So thank you so much for that!

Thinking of you!

Hi Adrian,

Sorry to hear your not feeling too good and I hope you feel better soon, would like to say congratulations with petition you did an amazing job. WELL DONE!!!

Take care
hugs & snogs

Donna xx

Since you are demonstrating your commitment to making people--especially students--aware of bone marrow/blood/organ donation, I am incorporating a segment on that into my freshman (university) English Composition class this fall. So we here in the US will be doing what many in the UK are doing, also--thanks to you!

Feel better!

Adrian- hope you are having some well earned rest in general and that you will feel more settled health wise, soon!

You remind me of "the little engine that could". You are pulling a big train up and over a mountain with that "I-think-I-can" positive attitude. Good on you!

As other people have commented here- what a great support team you have too. Thanks Liam, parents, family, friends for keeping us updated. Also to your sister- as a sister myself I can understand the sibling emotion associated with all this. My older brother was my hero and my friend (when he wasn't giving me chinese burns or burying me under beanbags and sitting on me)! I was thankful in a way you can only be when cancer strikes a family, that I had some time to appreciate and love him more openly than I normally would have. Those memories are some of the most precious.

Keep on keeping on!

Amanda (Oz) :)

Praying for healing and strength here for you in the U.S., Adrian! Great job...hope you are feeling better. God Bless YOU!!!!

Dear Adrian, many congratulations for your great achievement, 11,301 votes!!! That's fantastic, you deserve to take it easy today and rest. Some politicians don't achieve the results you have had in such a short time, in the whole of their career!! I look forward to seeing all the photos and videos of yesterday on your blog, I wasn't able to be there in person but was with you all in thought.
Lots of love

Dear Adrian,

I just read your article in "The Times".

My love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Please see website

They mention a honey (thats good for people who have a low immune system - caused by Leukaemia)


A BIG Kiss and hug being sent to you from

Northolt, Middlesex.







My thoughts are with you, your family and loved ones. I hope you are keeping as well as you can!! Your acheivements are truly amazing I can only imagine being in your position your strength and passion are an insparation to me and many millions of people! Reading your blog I have shed many a tear your blog has made me think long and hard about my life , the people I love and care for you have made me realise just how pressious life is and just how important bone marrow donation is. I am making you the promise that I will be joining the register as my peronal tribute to you and the amazing things you have done.

My thoughts are with you,


Ive just been reading about you in the star tonight, you are so brave and inspirationalf or how you have been getting though you illness. It makes make your think about family and love ones and not trivial stuff that i usually dwell on. your sincerely Will

read the last couple of post and have to say very well done. we heard of you condition thanks to one of my youth leader (sue- think the one that posted a few above me lol)
just like to say that my cell group that I'm a member of is all praying for you and most have sighned you pertion

we would all like to say a huge well done from all off us and keep up the good work

Hi Adrian
I was really inspired by your story in Mondays The Times newspaper article and your commitment to raising awareness of ther importance of registering as a bone marrow donor and organ donor. My eldest granddaughter has had two liver transplants and 5 years on is now a qualified physiotherapist working for the NHS. All of this was only made possible because of the generous gift of life of two donors and their families. As part of my contribution to raising awareness of the importance of registering as donors I give talks across the North East to a variety of different people and would like to extend the talk to include bone marrow donation as well. I will contact the relevant organisations to ensure I relay the correct information and though it is too late for you now I am sure it will benefit others in the future. You are an extremely brave person who I really admire, it is through people like you that things happen, you are leaving us with a wonderful legacy. Take care, Janet xxxx

Hi Adrian,
Just wanted to say that I saw you on BBC a while ago and the interview moved me so much that I straight away went and printed off the forms for the Bone Marrow Register. Admittedly, it has taken me until today to actually post them off, but I just wanted to let you know that you really inspired me (and no doubt hundreds of thousands of others) and that you are a very special and brave person. You should be incredibly proud of yourself.
Take care,

Dear Adrian, I read your blog site from the CML support group information, and I wanted to say Hello and it just breaks my heart to read about your pain. I have CML and know what quality of life vs. life is. You make your own choices and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. You have dignity and respect in choice. You are so talented and the blog is fantastic, I have learned a bit more about "Courage" from reading about you. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings, what a wonderful human being you are. Healing hugs from 'across the pond," Lynne Andrews, Spencer, MA USA

Hi Adrian

I have walked some of this journey with you and I thank you for allowing me to do so. I have smiled and cried and have often thought of my sister who never made it through her AML - i truely never appreciated what she was fighting until you spelt it out ...I thank you for that. You have my total respect Adrian Sudbury...I hope that the next journey brings greater things for both you and my sister...until later, take care love Jo xxx

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