Stomach bug strikes


It looks more and more likely that a stomach bug of some sort is behind this.

I still think I'm getting better but since last Monday both my parents, my sister and several guests, have all fallen victim to the same sickness and uncomfortable guts.

In most cases these should clear up within a couple of days but I am concerned that for me it's going to take much longer.

If any of the symptoms do get worse I think a trip back into hospital might be a good call - even though it's the last place I want to be.

The symptoms include fatigue, making me even more tired than usual, and having to draw a close on all the festivities this weekend.

That is just annoying.

In better news a push on the campaign has done well. Click here to sign the Downing Street petition and remember we are aiming to hit 10,000 by July 23.


Sorry to hear that you are finally suffering from what us mere mortals have to put with when we eat a dodgy curry!!!!

Seriously, hope you find it a bit of relief to know it's nothing more sinister even if it does take a bit longer to recover from :-)
I'm sure you will be partying on soon....

I'm still sending out the e-mails, still hoping !!!!

xxxxreiki hugsxxxx



Sorry to hear a nasty bug got you and your family. Hope you and the medical folks can squash it quickly.

Those nasty bacteria and viruses have had thousands/millions of years to devise ways to make animals like us sick and spread their kin. But we humans don't give up easily either. I have faith you will soon find relief and return to enjoying time with those you love and all the festivites!

Take care, and don't worry about anything. I am sure your friends are on top of all that needs doing. And from around the world, we are all sending warm thoughts to you/cool ones if you find yourself feverish (we are very perceptive that way).

With love,
Margaret (USA)

My other half and myself both had stomach/gut issues early last week. I had horrible stomach cramps, he had the runs... Some people I talked to had the same problems, so I think it wasn't my cooking - this time. I'm sorry to hear The Bug has ruined your weekend, and I hope you and your family feel better soon. Pretzels and coke without the fizz usually do the trick for us.

Sending you good vibes & lots of love

~Italic Alexandra.

I've had ths too I think there is something going around I live in Glos and people I know have had this maybe something in the water! Hope you feel better soon


Stomach bugs suck! I am sorry you and your family are feeling ill - you didn't cook did you?
Just wanted you to know I was thinking of you from across the Atlantic.

Tampa FL USA

Poor things all of you! It's awful when everybody gets sick -- you need at least one person to stay well enough to wait on you hand and foot. Hope you're all better very soon.

Sorry to hear that bug has reached the UK as well. It has done its round in my country already... nasty thing. Hope you will all get well soon.


Well Sudders, I for one am pretty relieved to hear it's just a case of the shits :) I know it might be more difficult for you to shake it than most but better the devil you know than the devil you don't, right?

Sorry it's put a bit of a damper on your weekend. Hopefully Monday morning meets you in better shape! You do, after all, have quite an army depending on your leadership!

Just got back from "down the islands" (We are VERY original with names here aren't we - 3 islands of the north western coast of Trinidad - visits to which are referred to as "going down the islands" - not sure where the "down" came from as it's as far north as we can get)... Anyway, back home, time to throw wet towels and bathing suits in to the dryer, rifle up a spot of dinner for the boy then hit the hay for a long week at the office ahead - ugh! just be glad you didn't become a lawyer :)

Check you tomorrow. Lots of love and hugs from a damp, drippy but warm Trinidad.

ps glad you liked the pics. Will post some from this weekend tomorrow

Oh, Adrian, mate! I hope you manage to get rid of this horrid stomach bug thing soon! Hopefully you can avoid hospital and this won't curtail your social activities too much!!

Here was I, raising a glass to you, reading all the beautiful, heartfelt comments on the previous entry from far flung corners of the globe. I was imagining everyone at their computers, with their very different lives, in their respective countries. I, too, feel a real affinity to all these people - none of whom I've met - we're connected by our love and admiration for you and the desire to comfort you and share your journey.

...Then my thoughts returned to you, yourself; what you've been up to and whether you've enjoyed the weekend. What a bummer! Sorry you're still feeling rotten.

Anyhow, I guess people the world over will be sending out healing vibes to you tonight!

Love to you, everyone around you (hope they're better too) and all reading this...

Charlotte xx

Hi TIGER, I hope you get well soon... I'm working on my Facebook campaign... and I hope we'll get to 10,000...

lots of love kisses and hugs from your Essex Facebook reporter Leyla

x x x

The attack of the Gyppo Guts! Aaarrrrgggghhhh....
I hope this passes for you all and that you don't need a hospital trip to get over it. Can't be much fun at all, especially as it slows the festivities.
Keep smiling.
love and light
Steven's mom

I will pray that all of you feel better soon...those types of bugs can be nasty....thank you for thinking of us and letting us know how you are doing...God bless and prayers for all of you...

Evenin Sudders, well wee hours of the morning really - 12:23am here but 5:23 am in the UK...

I finally found the time to sit down and read your archives. I stumbled across your blog in May and as you know by my never-ending stream of comments (should take this opportunity to apologise for that now eh?) I've been checking in on you daily (or sometimes more than once a day .. shhh! don't tell anyone lest I sound like a stalker!)

Anyway I had read quite a bit of the blog over the past few months but as work has been so insane I hadn't gotten a chance to read it all.

Without wanting to repeat myself, it has to be said that you are an incredible man. I am honoured to have 'met' you, blessed that by some twist of fate I ended up on "Baldy's Blog". I wish I could be as eloquent with words as you are but right now, just when I really need them, words escape me. Suffice it to say that you have made your way in to my heart and carved out your own little (or not so little if I'm perfectly honest) niche.

Ndinombethe, Adrian - As I go, I am wearing you! Always!

Hugs from Trinidad

ps - have been researching the African proverb "Ndinombethe" trying to find a symbol to represent it rather than tattooing the actual word. I once had a tattoo but had it removed. However, I'm ready for another, just gonna take my time to make sure it's in the right place. I already know it's the right 'content' - and when I do get the tattoo Adrian, you will be among the many special friends who I wear, as I go!

sorry to hear the bug made you all unwell hopefully you'll recover without a trip to the hospital,we always found ben shaws yellow lemonade did the trick for us
take care and keep strong we are all still emailing like mad

jane xx

Adrian - Rather then give you an idea i've just emailed the NUS directly - see below. I'm sure they may already be signed up, but another prod in the right direction can't hurt.

Dear All

I am a student member, though postgrad so I'm not sure what your current Rag/new student packs include. I have just heard an interview with this extremely inspiring journalist, trying to raise awareness of transplants and blood donation. If you are not already supporting his campaign perhaps you could sign up to have talks or information provided by the Union.

Adrian's campaign relates directly to sixth forms, but perhaps this could reinforce any talk and certainly provide a stop gap?

I know that there are blood donation sessions on campuses already.

If you are already signed up, sorry for the repeat - I never thought about it as a student in York, the only ones who did were the few who knew a student who began to need a donor.

Geetha Mazarelo

Postgrad, University of London - should be doing my dissertation!!!

Morning Adrian

Good to hear that you are suffering from something 'normal' - lets face it, you're already the only person in the world with one combination of illnesses, at least dodgy guts proves you are human after all. Hope you start to feel better pretty soon, even if it does involve a trip to your local NHS B & B.

Heard you on 5Live this morning, I'm liking that husky voice. Veeeeeeery nice ;-)

On a serious note, my form to sign up to the donor register arrived this morning. Have filled it in and will be off to the next session to hand it in.

You are making a difference.

With love

Cheryl xx

just heard you on victoria derbyshire again , hopefully some new ideas will come from that still nagging my teenage childrens schools , if we all do this at least some heads might start looking at the blog and taking it upon themselves to do the talk in their schools

jane xxx

Hello Adrian,

You must make sure you keep yourself hydrated Adrian, that may mean going into hospital for a short while.Take care, all our family wish you well. Gill

Crap- it's been going around here (in Canada), and stomach bugs are nasty. Not fair that you need to deal with that on top of everything else.

Good luck- I hope that it passes (no pun intended) quickly.


Hi Adrian,

So sorry to hear you're feeling a little rough and hope you are beginning to feel a little better and soon able to enjoy company, good food and wine again.. or maybe, if you are feeling really, really energetic even bust one of those infamous Sudders dance moves LOL! :D
And btw.. if you DO manage the latter.. please can someone capture it on video for us!?! :)

Like many on here, I have been hit by the "Sudders effect" and been incredibly moved and touched by your story.. it has made me run the whole gamut of emotions.. I have laughed with you.. in fact my sides have hurt with laughing sometimes, cried with you.. and from the looks of it, The "Sudders effect" is quite infectious and becoming a world wide epidemic from which there is no known cure :) But that is a very positive and a very good thing :)

Please let me know if I can be of any help in your campaign.. I have a myspace account and was thinking of setting up a "Sign for Sudders" profile, or something along those lines.. If this is something you would like me to do, please let me know :)

Love, hugs and Sunshine,

Hi Adrian. Just testing the site for comments
Love Mum

Hello lovely one
Just wanted to say hello, been reading for a few months now and thinking about you, smasher.

For Hawk-eyed comment readers I should point out my mum's name is not Keith Sudbury!

Adrian, you would think wouldn't you that any self respecting tummy bug would have the manners to stay out of your system when you have so much else to contend with. However small bugs seem to have nae sense, but I do sincerely hope that you are starting to feel better.

Drink lots - eat lots of good food and pick up a little bit. I'm still rooting for you and thinking of your whole family, but most especially you and your Mum.

She can at least kiss the tummy bug better - well maybe not:-)


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