Bone Marrow Sample 3



hi hope things are better for you looks like summers slowly creeping up on us so get making some plans to have some kind of fun we dont get much of a summer so make the best of it
i will be checking with your gran to make sure you do.
hope your getting on top of it all might be a bit to soon yet but hope your feeling better
hey maybe you could ask andy pilgrim to take you for a blast in his car? if so save me the back seat as i would love it but be to chicken to sit up front with him dont mind racing cars just as long as ther on my xbox.
all my best simon

Hey there Adrian
For some reason I cannot get this video or the previous video to play on any computer - tried at least five different ones... It asks for something and when I make sure its on the computers - still wont work.
The previous ones all play - just the last two. Is this just me?
Thinking of you often
Take care
Love and Light
Stevens mom

Hi Adrian, I follow your blogs with interest, but for some reason can't see your latest video, have installed what I need to, just wondered if there's an error somewhere your end. Thanks. Carol

yep i can't see it either xxx

Dear Adrian
I really, really wanted to see this video of the bma and found a link that works at:
Watching this made me quite emotional, not only for the procedure but how you talk about that awful, awful wait - the time of not knowing.
I hope the wait is over for this time, and that the results are really good. Really good.
Sending you a hug and the very, very best wishes
Steven's mom

Adrian I was moved by the article about you in the Daily Mail today. You are one amazing guy. I'm sure like me you have many "whys" and I for one am lost for words. Don't give up though, your such an inspiration to me and many more i'm sure. Your story gave me hope and your in my prayers.


i actually heard your story on the BBC world service and it was really sad.

so glad you survived that horror and praying you even get better.

its amazing what science can really do....

I have a complaint called Haemachromotosis which is a blood disorder and was wondering if I could be a Bone Marrow Donor. Could you please tell me if it is possible for me to donate my bone marrow as I am more than willing to donate.
My blood and major organs are not suitable for donation but if my bone marrow is acceptable I am more than willing to donate


Colin D Rothwell

hi, haven't written here before just wanting to let you know that i read your 'story' and have huge admiration for you trying to do something positive despite you heartbreaking situation. Your zest for life despite all you are going through is admirable I just wish the threat was not hanging over your head. I will think of you and send many positive thoughts your way. On a practical level I will sign up and encourage others I know to do so also. You look to have a fantastic group of friends and wonderful family and I hope that you continue to find happiness and fun and something positive surrounding you each day, if miracles can happen i hope you get one you deserve it. julie x :)

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