Out again and replies to readers (Part 25)


Just been discharged and it's great to be out.

Even though the cough hasn't entirely gone it's much better than it was before and I'm assured that the treatment has probably got rid of the virus.

The doctors told me that it is likely I'm no longer infectious and the cough will just work itself out.

It's really strange getting a viral infection like this and knowing I have not got an immune system to deal with it.

The advice, as ever, remains if it gets worse - come back in.

I really hope it doesn't. I've got more pressing matters to attend to including a bit of last minute Christmas shopping and spending lots of time over the festive period with Poppy, my family, her family and friends.

Two difficult issues remain nibbling at the back of my mind though.

Still not heard back from my latest bone marrow sample and we are approaching crunch time to find out just how much of a problem Graft versus Host Disease is going to be.


Thanks to everyone who posted comments during the last week. There is no internet access in hospital so I could only see them when I came home around 10.30pm each night. They all helped keep my spirits up.

Jane Bonar - Thanks for such an upbeat comment. I'm really not inspirational, I'm just someone who gets ill a lot, gets better, then writes about it and takes a few silly photos! Thanks for being so kind though. I've been away from the internet for a while and it really cheers me up to read messages like that.

Hi Jen, Looks like you were right. That Ribavirin is good stuff!

Jordo - How's the hemlock?

Liz Boffey: Saw Capello's press conference today and it was interesting. We definitely need a change but it says a lot that there are no English managers who were serious contenders. Gareth Southgate?! Great news about the calendar. Get a link posted! Thanks again for all your kind words.

Emma - Thanks very much, Saw Fran on Friday before she leaves. Was good to catch up and she brought me some sweets. I think you need to up your game next time we meet (she brought Skittles and Maltesers). See you soon!

Hi Hollie: Thank you very much for taking the time to read about my mainly rubbish year and for posting such a lovely comment- it really means a lot. Merry Christmas!

Lucy Bagley:- I love the idea of you and Big Grandma having a coffee and reading this blog. Thanks for all your support and please pass on mine and Poppy's very best wishes to Brian aka the Great Bagso. We are thinking of you both.

Dear Super Helen Burgan - Wards P3 verus E2. What can I say? They were very kind to me down on E2 and the quality of care was excellent. But you guys on P3 we've just got so much history together. All those wounds in unpleasant places you've dressed for me not to mention that time you wheeled me into the shower because my legs stopped working. Great days! Hopefully I won't have to see you in hospital before Christmas so a big thank you to all of you for all the help this year and hope you all have a very merry Christmas.

Julian: I know exactly what you mean about daytime TV. One of the blokes on the ward this year reckons was adamant he could now set up business as a property developer, antiques dealer and dress for that special occasion for under £50. I'm working from home again tomorrow but I'm glad I've missed all the nativity stuff. I don't recall there originally being a rapping King Herod around the birth of Christ but I maybe wrong. Really hope you have a good Christmas.

Jill: Really glad you will get to enjoy Christmas. I can tell from your post how much this means to you and I think this sort of ordeal does harden you and make you appreciate being able to enjoy occasions like Christmas that much more. So sorry you have to go through more chemo and I will be thinking about you when you start again. Cancer is rubbish.

Hi Dawn. My nostrils are immense/revolting. Sorry you had to see that! Thanks again for your continued support. Have the Drs been able to work out what is causing the headaches for Becky? I hope she is OK for Christmas and you can enjoy it all together.

Hi Elin: Thanks so much for getting in touch. I can't believe you have been reading this in Taiwan! How did you come across the blog? Can I ask how you are doing now? It's really good to hear from people who have come out the other side. I know exactly what you mean about reading about other leukaemia patients- it is very difficult. Many people got me books about famous people who had written about their cancer experiences and I had mixed feelings about reading them - plus the chemo meant concentration was incredibly difficult. Not sure what will happen to me but just looking forward to Christmas - PS, your English is excellent!

Andy Esslemont: Hi Andy and family. Thanks again for all your support. I can't believe you know Strivo (that's what we call Rachel!) It's so weird to think you were both reading it independently. Hope you all have a good time this Christmas.

It,s a hard slog Adrian. My son Michael 22 was diagnosed in September 06 with ALL and had his transplant in May and he is still having lots of problems. He is just about to have a DLI but we are hoping we can have Christmas first. Good luck and best wishes.

Great news! Our fingers are crossed that you're going to stay healthy!

Great news that you're home. Now just you stay well over Christmas, young man. Not sure that the scrummage of Christmas shopping is quite what the doc ordered for you.

Yes, cancer is rubbish, but I often think of the women in horrible places in the world who are suffering from the same illness as myself, but who have no chance of even seeing a doctor, let alone getting treatment.

Hope the Examiner gives you a good Christmas break. I've been allotted 3 days, including Christmas and Boxing days - think someone's being kind to me in the circs.

Really good news to hear you`re home for Christmas. Enjoy,enjoy!!!
Whats all this about Gareth Southgate??Weird choice - they ought to take Dario from Crewe to help with translation - that would be a laugh!
Have a really great Christmas and a better 2008 with good results.
Best Wishes as always to you and your family

Hi Adrian
Great to hear you are home ! You were pushing us over the 250 gifts - but we dont mind the extra wrapping for our fave reporter !

Catching up on your blogs - with regard to being a guest speaker at charity events- you were fantastic when you stood in at our Ball, for our Patron Catherine Tate - you captivated the audience of 450 guests, and not a dry eye in the house, you were inspirational and spoke from the heart - thank you.

We have had an emotional week with the responses we have received from the hospitals throughout the UK and Ireland - we are shocked at the numbers of young people waking in hospital on Christmas morning.

Yorkshire Building Society have been absolute stars they have given us a grant to enable us to buy some of the 250 mp3 players that are now being delivered all over the UK - which is brilliant of them to react so quickly to our plea for help.

Hope you manage to get the Christmas shopping sorted soon, but not wanting to sound too sloppy - you are home - best gift of all !

Love and best wishes to you and Poppy and ENJOY the festive break.

Pam x
(santa's little helper)

PS: I suggest you avoid mistletoe - reactions could prove hazardous at the moment!


An English friend of mine read about you on the website for the Guardian Newspaper, and he asked me to check out your blog. That's how I started to read it.
I finished all the treatments this summer, and I have been working for three months now. Usually, I go back to the hospital for check up once a month, and I hope nothing has gone wrong, every time!
I am glad that you got out of the hospital before Christmas. When I first became ill, it was 5 days before Christmas. I have to say it was really difficult for me to take. I remember a lot of people came to visit me, and some of them were just on the way to attend their Christmas parties. I thought it was very nice of them to stop by for a visit, but when they left, it seemed empty. New Years Eve was almost the same. I can never forget that night when I stood next to the window watching fireworks from a far. I was in the empty ward in silence with my best friend Meghan by my side. It was hard at the time, but now when I looked back, I can't help smiling in thinking that I made it this far!
I am not sure if it is a good idea to share this with you, because this is not a cheerful story, so I am going to stop for now. The thing is, I know you also have people close to you, which is what helps you to get through all this. Once again, I am so happy that you are home for Christmas!! Enjoy!!!

I hope you have a pleasant Christmas and New Year.
By the way, thanks for paying me a compliment on my English.
Take care

Thanks for getting back in touch Elin.

I agree - Christmas was not much fun at all last year. Just like you I'm really hoping to have a good time this time round.

My family and friends were terrific but I can always remember the text messages and phone calls coming to a halt as they started to have more and more fun at their parties - very sad time!

Very best wishes to you,


Hey adrian..

i hope that you succeed in trying to get the talks into schools for 17-18 yrs.

Charlotte Merriman
Hawthorn High School

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