Line Out (Part 16)


The wait goes on. I've still not heard anything so continue to wait nervously.

I'm not sleeping brilliantly but apart from that I'm fine.

The good news is that my Hickman Line, that tube running out of my chest, has been removed from my body. It's literally been a part of me since December and has undoubtedly been a big part of my treatment.

Hickman Line

Every time blood needed to be taken, or chemicals administered - which was most of the time - the Hickman line, named Fred by my aunt, has made it all possible without the use of needles.

Since emerging from isolation at the end of June I have had to go back into hospital twice with serious, but thankfully quite manageable infections. In both cases bacteria has somehow got into the line and caused me to become ill. It's scary how poorly you get in a very short space of time.

In both incidents I went from being well to being readmitted within two hours. Powerful antibiotics quickly remedied the situation on both occasions.

It's strange not having it dangling out of my torso. You do get used to them quite quickly but I hope I don't need another one inserted in the future.

How do they get it out? Simple, they just pull it out! It sounds horrific and now being the veteran of countless 'undesirable' hospital procedures I have to admit feared the worst.

But for anyone who is wondering what it is like I can report it's refreshingly painless. All the doctor did was inject some anaesthetic where it emerges from the skin, wrap it around his fingers and pull.

Some patients take their line home as a memento - I was not that bothered.


Looking good Sudders! Is that pic going into your 2008 calendar!?

Love you loads!



Hi Adrian

Hair ! wow you are looking good - much more and a darker colour than my poor sister's hair, which is growing back snowy white !

Not heard from you in a while, but I was hoping no news is good news, but in the picture you look happy and well and no doubt relieved at losing "Fred".

Hope all is on track for the BALL, 10th November, we have placed you on the top table with Jacquie and Catherine, so no pressure there !

Looking forward to seeing you, looking rather like "James Bond" no doubt, we will not recognise you without the trademark beanie hat.

With love and best wishes for your continued


take care,

Pam & Helen x x


Hi Adrian

Brilliant news about the Hickman Line removal but even more brilliant is the news that the Bone Marrow transplant has been successful

.....Get out the Champagne and really enjoy your weekend and the fact that you have got your life back! Love to Poppy and your family.



Jen has just text me with your good news! Fantastic i'm really happy to hear how well you've done. Stay healthy

Love Laura

hello baldy like you i was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 25 cant explain how it felt im sure you know i had bowl cancer had chemo radiotherapy and a lovely hickman line had an accident one night while asleep the catch come undone and i found myself in a pool of blood (trip to hospital at 2am)had to have ivf treatment before hand and touch or go wether my ileostomy would be temporary thank god it was had reversal and more chemo been clear for the last 3yrs regular check ups back then i would have liked to have spoke to someone who knew what i was goin through but i was the only person in my area and age with that type of cancer have to be different dont i anyway wish you lots of luck for the future and dont let the "**@!win

I cant even begin to imagine what you are going through but i thankyou for sharing it with me and thousands of others,i wish you the best of luck you are doing a fantastic job by trying to help others your an inspiration not many people would be able to find the courage or strength to do this,all the best for the future x

Hello Adrian,

I just saw your story on TV, and I think it's amazing what you are doing:)Your story has really touched me. I will keep you in my prayers. Thank you for what you are doing:)
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Your friend,

Hi Adrian,
I just saw your story on Riz Khan @ Al-Jazeera. Just wanted to say that what you are trying to do with the schools in England is indeed a brilliant idea. I wish you the best of luck. My family and I will keep you in our prayers.

Warmest Regards from Malaysia,
Shafiza xxx

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