Bone marrow donation


My Video Diary, part 10


Hopefully this will help people be less afraid to help in this way. I was able to show this to two different people just yesterday!

Thanks for putting that out there, Adrian.


Dear Adrian..

My name is Teresa and I am writing from Italy.
When I first read your story and saw your video clips I feld like Oh God.. why...
But as we know in life there are many things we don't come to understand..some things that there are no explanation for. Well.. at first i wanted to write to you but didnt know excatly what to say.. the thought of you came always to my mind. Finally yesterday i decided to write.. to tell you to please dont give up until the end.. and then.... I felt like i made no sense. why go against the impossible?.. so I araised everything and did not send. One of the things I wanted to tell you was to try to start really believing to something higher than us .. that we dont quite understand and fully believe.. God. Maybe things happen in life for a reason who knows.. well yesterday in my letter i was asking you please to give a chance to God .. specifically to pray to Padre Pio known in Italy to grant miracles to the ill people. there are so many stories of real people testifing that they indeed received a miracle from him in times of great difficulties especially terminal ill people. But after re reading what i wrote I convinced myself that maybe you were going to laugh at me so I decided not go ahead and forward the letter to you.. Well .. this moring As usual i went online to read the news and I saw this article that made me thing.. about the message that i wanted to send you yesterday..the story happend in Ohio,Usa. i think it was yesterday!! this woman
was declared dead, the doctors wer 100% positive that she had passed away. Her family said thier final goodbyes.. but she woke up fine after few hours. like nothing happened. the doctors thing it is a miracle .. and I too was shocked .. thinking wow thats what i was hoping for you Adrian, a Miracle. If you want to read the story here is the link... dont give up.. you have nothing to lose. and if you do at least you fight till the end. this is my opinion and if people dont agree with me i apoligize in advance.


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