Great News (Part 17)


Finally some great news - I've been given the all clear.

It's hard to describe how relieved and elated I feel. I found out earlier today when I phoned the hospital braced for bad or no news.

I was told simply that the results had come back and there was no sign of either type of the disease.

After living for ten months with a complicated form of leukaemia I had feared the worst. When the doctor told me there was no sign of the disease in my last bone marrow sample I asked him to check, and then double check the results, before I could finally take them in.

I put the phone down and immediately phoned Poppy followed by my parents. It was refreshing to have some good news to tell them all at last.

After speaking to them I sat back in my arm chair and the weight of a hundred different emotions just seemed to be lifted from me. For the first time in months, death, sadness and worry were no longer there. Temporarily it was bliss and I just felt so thankful and grateful to be alive. I could feel a lump in my throat, put my head in my hands and cried a few tears of happiness. I remember wiping my eyes then returning to the task of texting and phoning my friends.

For the next two hours my phone was in meltdown with messages and calls from friends, family and colleagues. It was such a good feeling to be able to share the good news with people who have supported me so well since the end of last November.

I know I have written about the downsides of my treatment but today was about being given a second chance of life through the kindness and generosity of a complete stranger.

I'm so pleased that for the time being there will be no more gruelling treatment, no more unpleasant procedures, no more lengthy stays in hospital.

So what do you do when you've been given news like that? Well if my life had been a film I'm sure I should have done something spectacular involving champagne and a huge party. Maybe there would be a power ballad playing in the background.

But real life is very different to that. I had the weekly food shop to do so found myself in the local Asda. I might have survived a bone marrow transplant but failure to complete this task might have resulted in Poppy killing me! (Just a little joke love).

I hope now the countdown to returning to my normal life and work can begin. In the next five or six weeks I intend to begin light exercise and try to restore some strength to my body.

This post has been speedily written but I will be finishing off this blog with a few more entries in the coming weeks. I'm not 100% yet but I am determined to get myself as strong and as fit as I can.

I'm trying so hard not to finish with a cliche but inevitably I have failed. All I can say is I am simply over the moon.


Hi Adrian

I`m SO happy for you.Really good news.And England won too!!

Enjoy the moment.


Oh Adrian what wonderful, weightlifting news this is, even my eyes leaked a bit on hearing it!

Now your body will heal better and faster too with the weight off your mind.

I hope that you never have this tense a wait again - may they all be easier on you and all those around you.

I am so happy for you, so happy for all of you.

love and light


Steven's mom

Hi Adrian

Saw the early Calendar News - F A N T A S T IC !

To say I have read about you in the Examiner, we have emailed, texted and spoken, not yet met - I cried tears of joy for you, I am so delighted for you with the news - you have been a true inspiration to all.

Onwards and upwards - and I will be in touch


Love and best wishes

Pam x

Fantastic news Adrian!

Really pleased for you, you've been through so much. Hopefully you can get back to living your life soon.


Hi Adrian

I've already sent you a text but also wanted to send you my congratulations on here. I'm so pleased for you that the transplant was a success.

Make sure you make the most of life from now on and do things that make you happy. I think I can probably speak for a lot of people when I say you've proved just how strong and amazing you are while going through this so put those skills to some more good use and I'm sure you'll achieve everything you want to.

All the best mate.


Congratulations...that was wonderful to read! Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us, and all of the best luck in the future to you.


Wow, I nearly cried reading your post, so so very thrilled for you. Also looking at your photo of having the line removed, you do look so very much better.

Enjoy, Enjoy, Enjoy

Susan Leigh

due to have SCT for cml in October

Hi Adrian,

My name is Nicole, i'm 35 and I just saw you on the Chanel Five news. Like you I am located in Sheffield, and also like you I am in remission. I was diagnosed March 20th 2006, when my new born son was only 5 months old. Non-hodgkins lymphoma. Thrilling to say the least. Just a note to say well done you, good luck and if you ever need a knowing ear to bend feel free to email me.

All the best

Nicole Martin

Hi Adrian.

What fantastic news!!!

This morning I heard that just last night my son's close friend in Austalia had lost his fight against cancer and I was feeling pretty low.

Then Pam told me about you getting the all clear and I felt so much better! I am absolutely delighted - it's just onwards and upwards from now on and I'm really happy for you.

Well done, you!

Lots of love,


Great news, lovely to hear. Thank God! Good luck getting back to full fitness and work. Thoughts go to all your family and friends who have been alongside you as well.

Hi Adrian

I'm thrilled as you and your family must be, to hear you have the double all clear.

It's fantastic to hear some good news for a change!

Best wishes,

Samantha x


Just found out via the Huddersfield connection. Wonderful news boy ! We're so pleased .

Must give your Mum and Dad a ring !


Andy, Anne Tom and Harry

Hi Adrian

Do you think England can do it!


Fantastic news mate. Long may it continue.

All the best.


Just a quick message to say once again how pleased i am for you that you've been given the all clear. Trouble is once you're up to it me, Parky and the Fox will be up to visit you!!

Let one of us know when you're up for two former hacks and one hack who hasn't sold out yet and moved to the dark side (Ian) to come ooop north

Much love


Hi Adrian,

You don't know me but I've been keeping up-to-date on your fight. I lost my cousin to biphenotypic leukaemia earlier this year - he was just 16 years old. So pleased for you, fighting this awful disease! You're a true inspiration.

Wishing you lots of luck, happiness and fun in the future


P.S I work for the NCTJ and heard about your blog through the HTFP website!

Hi Adrian, delighted to read about your good news.

Rob Irvine (Editor, Daily Post Wales and fellow blogger)

Adrian - fantastic news :)

not much i can add :)


Brilliant news mate, Bens been keeping me up to date with the situation and also been reading the blogs on here and thought Id check today.

Fantastic news mate!..... absolutly fantastic!

Hope to see you soon.

Danny Holland.

Dear Adrian,

We saw you on the tele and it was the best news ever. Well done. I am sure your brave and positive attitude has contributed to your recovery. Very best wishes for the future from all the wrinklies in RAW, Denby Dale.



Hi Adrian

Liz again. Hope you`re getting fit and venturing out and about.

Great news about England also!

You`ve really been an inspiration and I have followed your progress with interest. I mentioned my son in earlier blogs.Sadly, we lost our Will aged 22 this year - so keep fighting this awful disease and keep positive and happy.

Good wishes to all your family.



Adrian, FANTASTIC news!!!!!!!!!

You can carry on living your life now.

All the best for your future.

Love Dawn xxx

PS My daughters caringbridge site address is: Feel free to visit and leave a message. xxx


Excellent news!!, have been keeping up with things through Ben and been religiously checking your blog! I cant imagine how tough things have been for you. From what I have seen read and heard during the past months the way you have maintained a positive attitude and tried to stay strong is astonishing, well done A.D.Im so happy for you and your close ones.

Im looking forward to shaking your hand!!!

Craig Graney

Hello Adrian,

In recent months, i came across your story when seeing it on TV and found it so gut wrenching to see what you were going through as it is just so unfair.

My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer in Feb this year and is currently undergoing chemo. Much like yourself, she has tried to stay focused and be positive throughout the whole thing. And although i only know of you through watching your blogs, you appear to be a very special person just like mum. Your strength of character, determination and fight for life is truly admirable to see.

It is only today i have visited your website to read you have been given 'THE ALL CLEAR'!! I have cried a river once again for you but thankfully this time for positively FANTASTIC news!! i imagine you want to shout it to the world! I am so thankful you have been given this chance to continue to make people smile throughout your life to follow and to love and be loved by all those around you!

Best of luck in everthing you do,

Natalie Willacy(23), Preston.

Hi Adrian

Just wanted to say hello - remember us??

It's really great that you are doing so well - we've been following your progress and it's fantastic to hear that you're getting back to normal after some tough times

take care

Jan and Paula

Radiotherapy radiographers

(stars of video number 4!!!!)

congratulations. great news. i first read your story in press gazette and read your brilliant news in this week's mag.

hi adrian just been reading your story congrats mate well done really pleased for you

i got some bad news myself my niece has been diagnosed with leukemia she is 24 just started her treatment last week if you have any advice i would be greatfull

take care have a good life

Congratulations. What are your plans now?

Congratulations. Really happy for you

Mark Leighton

I am over the moon too for you. Bonne chance et all the best,

brigitte balestra

"After living for ten months with a complicated form of leukaemia I had feared the worst. When the doctor told me there was no sign of the disease in my last bone marrow sample I asked him to check, and then double check the results, before I could finally take them in."

Congratulations! My grandson had AML, he was one year old when diagnosed and recenty celebrated his 6th birthday :)

I wish you the very best for the future!

Brigitte - My little friend

Forgive me for making contact via this blog -
I am not sure if you will get this - I can only hope you do.

I would so much like to meet with you but realise that you may not feel the same. So many years have passed since those once in a lifetime moments that we shared together - never a day has passed since that I have not thought about you. I hope you are living a joyous life - you deserve to, BUT if you would risk meeting with me I would be so very happy - even if just for one day. My email address is or text me on 07802918411 !

Your special friend


My apologies for my naive moment of nostalgia in the above reply to Brigitte. Please do not pass this on to her. I was wrong to have intruded in this way and would remove this if I could.
Once again my apologies for abusing your blog.


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