Richard Madely borrowed my pen......


By Kay Sudbury

Well, it's a cracker. What an amazing few weeks.

It isn't often you get to see Esther Ranzten, Claire from Steps, Mary Mary singing gospel and the above mentioned ( surprisingly handsome in real life girls ) together in one place. It was like one of those dreams you get after an ill advised late night cheese sandwich...

The interviews on BBC Breakfast time generated a whole new wave of interest and gave me the opportunity to continue Adie's well worn path towards complete media tarting. Kate Silverton and Bill Turnbull were absolutely lovely; well briefed and massively interested in Adrian's story.

In the green room I got chatting to a chap called Paul Whittaker - an incredibly talented doctor of music who is working to bring the experience of musicality to people who have impaired hearing. Profoundly deaf from birth himself, Paul has the benefit of a sign language expert , Andy Higgins. Now for the weird part of the story ( the Adrian effect is going strong folks ) As I explained what I was doing there at such an ungodly hour, Paul suddenly realised that he knew all about Adrian - he hails from Huddersfield and even used to sing in the church choir with one of Adie's colleagues. Small world eh? But it gets better. As Andy was signing " bone marrow donation" to Paul, he pointed to his hip. When he heard about the more usual method of donation, he changed the sign to point to the forearm instead! He has promised to spread the word/sign......

Since the training, presentations have been given in the 2 pilot areas; South Yorkshire and Bristol. Guess what? The lad was bang on the money when he said there are many myths and misconceptions about bone marrow donation. He got it right too, when he said that many more people would want to sign up if only they knew what was involved. There is a real hunger for knowledge out there and there is genuine surprise amongst students and staff that the procedure is actually quite straight forward.

This schools programme is going to be a huge success. Thank you to everyone who is taking part at the sharp end and those who are shouting support and urging the presenters on.

If any readers would like to train up but missed the March sessions, please make yourselves known on either this site or my Facebook site so that more sessions can be arranged at the start of the 09/10 academic year.

For many patients, the clock is ticking. I have no doubt that, with Adrian's legacy more donors will be found and lives will be saved. As Adie said - a simple solution to quite a difficult problem. Tell young people the facts and many more will make an informed choice. It is to their credit that for many of them, they will choose to give someone a second chance.

Thank you all for your continuing interest and enthusiasm. What is happening is wonderful.

The lad would be proud.

And yes, I got the pen back.


Thank you very much for the new post Mrs Kay!

I was always expecting a new post from you.

Really happy that many people are doing what all they can for our Adrian and his aim/wish.

Thinking about Adrian and family, friends and Adrians army.

Have a nice evening to you all!


Hi Kay

Thanks for the new post.

I got an email from Caroline Bereger the other day asking me if I would like to observe Keith at one of the talks in July, im desperatly trying to find out my shifts for then and I really hope that I will be able to go along, how exciting, fingers crossed.

Hope everyone is well and its great to see that Adrians army is continuing to march on so strongley.

Lots of love to you all
Sarah H2H

Lovely to hear news from you Kay! Have just had a look at the ANT videos and am very very impressed. Also had a chance to watch some of your interviews and the news clips about the first talk in Bristol. Miss out on alot of it over here in the Caribbean.

Was great to see it all. Adrian was absolutely right about the response from the 6th formers, wasn't he?! Brilliant!

Keep up the good work. Lots of love to you, Keith and Carrie.

Hugs from Trinidad

Kay, lovely to hear more wonderful, witty stories of success! Always brings a smile to my face!!

I would LOVE to do the training. I was gutted that I couldn't make it in March, but I'm really hoping there are more training sessions at some point so that I can help!

All my best to you and all AA,

Nicola xxxx


Fantastic appearance on the Beeb may I say.

I finish at the BBC after 18 years, on the 21st May, so can start concentrating on the job in hand.

Onwards and upwards


Hello Kay

I agree with the above - the two "Breakfast" interviews were fantastic - the message came across loud and clear.
What is also apparent is that Adrian is all around us. Everywhere! Sounds strange? It's in his influence, the interest generated in the campaign and the lasting effect he's had on our lives. It's in the fact so many people now recognise his name and what he stood for.

I have to say, it's in your writing, also - that similar turn of phrase and humour!!!
Spot on with the media tarting too! :-)

This campaign is taking a lot of us to places we never thought we'd find ourselves - leading us to forge friendships we could never have imagined (thanks to Facebook lol!)

Exciting times! Love to all

Charlotte xxxx

Kay, just like Adrian, you have a wonderful way with words! He would be so proud of you and your fantastic media whoring....

It's great that the talks are being given and the correct information is being put out there and after talking to you, Katie, Hannah, Andy etc it's obvious they are being really well received.

Now hubby is almost 100% recovered from whatever made him so ill for seven weeks (we thought it was something drastic) I am ready to rumble and ready to start sending out letters.

So many people, doing so many wonderful things and all because they continue to be inspired by Adrian. He will be looking down, very impressed by what he sees!!

As always, love, hugs and soothing thoughts to all.

Thanks for the new post Kay and good evening to all,

What Adrian has started is fantastic and it wont stop. AA is an established, keen machine that is steaming ahead. I am proud to know of the positive works and the great people who are ensuring that Adrian's plan is being carried out.

Well done all and especially to you Kay and family as you have not stopped and kept up the good works even when it must have been terribly hard for you all.

Honoured to know you and the special AA members.

Bye for now,

Em xx

Great to see the Sudders effect continuing to shine brightly. Fantastic news, delivered in true Sudbury style. Loved reading your post (with a HUGE hint of Adie in there) and even better to read such positive news - only wish we could all be flies on the wall to witness your tarting first-hand!!

It was lovely to meet you and the lovely bride-to-be, again, and great to see Carrie so excited with her wedding plans. Also just wanted to officially add my name to the request for more training sessions.

Love to all.

Christina xx

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