I can only apologise: A "unique" thanks to everyone who has recently commented



What a nob head!

Thanks again to everyone. Apologies for everyone I missed out. We filmed this last week and there have been loads of comments since.

No other posts will include "robotic" dancing.

Congrats on 500! Enjoyed browsing your site. Best wishes with your battle. You're in my prayers.

hey adrian,

sorry i havent posted in a long time! i've been following it closely though. congrats to you and poppy on the engagement, thats awesome news!
bad luck about the possible return of the CML (has it been confirmed yet?) but you seem upbeat about it, which is the best way to be!
down my end of the world things seem to be going pretty well, passed day 100 a couple weeks back and had a biopsy to confirm it's all good. possible GVHD in the liver, but that might just be an overload of iron from the numerous blood transfusions. probably shouldn't have had a week away drinking then!

anyways, hope all is well!

what a nobhead.. that cracked me up !! Thanks for the big up haha , well i think i was? Pleased to see your looking well pal !
Peace - Neil

Hi Adrian, great to see you looking so good and dancing so well!!!! Really pleased that you are feeling better... All the best Dawn xxx

Hi Adrian

Great to see & hear you!!
I can`t believe I`m the official 500th comment - what an honour and a privilege.
It`s interesting - when you were reading out all those names, I felt as though we`ve all become one big family- everyone sounded so familiar.Like you, I feel this blog has taken on a life of its own and I always feel compelled to check the web site. I get concerned when you don`t comment for a while so it`s always good to hear from you.
Thank you also for giving Nantwich YFC a mention.That calendar has sold like hot cakes!
I`ve just been talking about this blog with my husband,Mike,saying that you support Nott Forest. He said what were they doing at the weekend,losing at Bournemouth of all places!!I think my prediction for Crewe Alex is coming true and League 2 is looming fast!
Also,we`ve got another link with Nottingham - Will,our son,was at Nott Trent Uni for 2 years before AML descended so it`s a small world,isn`t it. He was very happy there.
I don`t think we know the precise causes of leukaemia but I think the research is having a major influence on treatment & they learn more from every patient which hopefully will lead to more breakthroughs.
Anyway, I`d best close now as my comments are getting longer!

Best Wishes as always to you & your family.
PS Do you have any other hats?!

I haven't laughed so much at an internet video in ages. You managed to portray your angst spectacularly with that wall-punch!

Congratulations Ad on your 500th post and also for the continuing success of such an amazing blog. We've known each other for quite some time now, from those heady days in M-block at Liverpool Uni in 1999 when you had remarkably long blonde hair! I see your dancing skills are still what they were - I hope you'll be busting some of those moves in August!

Much love as ever me ol' mucka!


are you on drugs?

Yes - lots!

Can we film our first dance and put that online aswell?? I'm sure it will be just as special (needs).xx

You've got to do the Dirty Dancing first dance. The way you bust a move cries out Swayze to me!!!! Love it!

Just want to say...both my partner and I have sat here for the last 2 hours or so reading through your blog and we really want to wish you the very best of luck. We really feel for you. Sean is going through something very similar with a condition called Aplastic Anemia....hes possibly going to need a BMT in the next few months so stumbling across this has been a BIG help, thankyou soooo much! Take care and many happy positive thoughts to you, Donna and Sean x

Hey there Adrian
That was a poignant, funny and lovely video. Thanks go to you too for providing an insight into this disease, to see the ups and downs, the laughs and also the side that is much more serious.
I trust you and Poppy are having great fun planning your wedding - can't wait to see those photos!
Hope you have a wonderful weekend.
love and light
Steven's mom

Luckily as you can't fly, the Oscars awards parties are safe!
I enjoyed the posting, but most off all the wall punch - reminiscent of Stefan Dennis in his 80's shuper hit "Gonna make you feel good"
p.s your head is massive now - if you need a new hat I suggest you contact either Chipperfields or Cottle and Austen to see if they have any recently decommisioned big tops!

Hi Adie
Congratulations on your 500th. You are an inspiration and have helped so many people with
your humour, honesty and courage (not to mention the superb reporting skills).
The video is great and I look forward to a video of the wedding. Keep up the good work with the washing up and lots of love to both you and Poppy

Amazing what these steroids make you do!

Chuffed that you mentioned me in despatches. Chemo going OK - two down, four to go. Seems to be knocking me for six a bit more than last year, but still managing to get to work between sessions.

Keep smiling ... and dancing ... and larking about.

Jill x

Adrian, Johnny and I loved your video! That was Awesome! I can so relate to the first part with all the meds after watching my hubby take so many. I really love your blog and it is so helpful to people. We recently found how helpful steroids can be. Johnny has ALL with the Philadelphia Chromosome which makes it very difficult to cure. The chomosome keeps mutating so as I mentioned before, we've had several different drugs, most of which were developed for CML. A week ago his white count went up and so did the blasts. They added steroids to the daily list of pills and the white count and blasts went way down in just 4 days. We have to get him back into remission so when they find a donor, he can have the transplant. I wish you the VERY BEST! Here is Johnny's caringbridge site. Feel free to visit. www.caringbridge.org/cb/inputSiteName.do?method=search&siteName=johnny

You lunatic! Who knew you had such acting (and dancing) skills! Gather Poppy has purchased The Dress - I've seen the photos - and all I'm going to say is, I didn't know they came in that particular shade of pink...lots of love to you both, and see you soon. Hxx

Haha, nice dancing. Robotics rule :-D Congrats on 500 blog comments too!
All the best,

Hi,This the first time that I have posted a comment on a blog but just had to say how really good it is to read.I will try to log on more ofter, you are an inspiration to all that read you.I loved the dance keep it up raedy for the first dance at your wedding Poppy`s toes should be safe then!Barbara

Only just caught this blog update! I salute your smooth moves sir.

Dear Adrian,

I have just been reading your incredible journey in the Daily Mail and felt I just had to put fingers to the computer - I wish you all the best in your recovery and no doubt you will make a vey good one as you are such a positive person. Keep up the good work - have to say from the picture in the paper I think you look better with a bald head!

Will say ta ta for now

best wishes sarah and her motley crew XXXXX

hi adrian
just read your story and i want you to know you are an inspiration to us all.please try to keep feeling positive,im a firm believer in positive thinking.have to say,i loved the dancing on your blog,you seem a complete nutter!!! i agree with sarah,you look better bald !!i think your blog,with your honest talking will help many people in your position.praying you will soon feel better,
cath and family xxx

Registered for bone marrow donor today. Your mission worked for me.

You may not be interested in a Christian approach to your illness but if you do a search on Revival Fires Dudley you will see that there have been some remarkable healings taking place.Many more are happening in Florida Lakeland.Look up Todd Bentley and see if it is of any relevance for you.


hey dude!!

Seen an article on ya on bbc news!!

I would love to pray with you and I believe God can heal you!!

God is real and wants u2 make your peace with him!!

Get in touch as not preaching down your throat!!

praying 4 ya

alan wallace (24)

My mum saw you on the BBC and told me about you. I have now read a great deal of your blog and i find it a great inspiration to me to do something good for other people. I am 13 yrs old and am currently at Brentwood School in Essex, i would like you to know that we have a large Sixth Form. At the moment a lecture centre is being constructed specifically for the Sixth Form. I will be talking to my Head of year and my Headmaster about the simplicity of joining the donor register. And i will try to persuade them to organise a talk.
Any suggestions on who could deliver this speech?!
Let me know!
Stay well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi again i just want to say that i got all my buddies at school to visit your blog, i forgot to say that in te 6th form there are more than 50 students. Please reply if you get the chance as i am only a school for another 4 weeks.
Saying a prayer for you everyday.
It would be great to have visit my school as i agree with your campaign completely. I would also like you to know that when im older i will become a bone marrow donor.
I am going to try to make a great impact about your campaign at my school, as i said before, do you have any ideas who could give such a speech?!
Stay well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And keep up with your campaign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You are a great inspiration!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Please reply if you get the chance!!!!!!!!!

You are an utter inspiration and have convinced me

Hi, Adrian

Helen's Mum here.
I have been reading the blog and keeping up to date via Helen.

We are spreading the word to everyone we meet round here and just watch with amazement at all you are acheiving.

Thinking of you and all your family and friends.

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