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My Video Diary Part 9


Hi Adrian,

It's great to see you back at home at last!

Hope everything's going as it should be.

Wishing you all the best,


Hi Adrian,

Great to see you out of hospital and doing well.

reading/listening to this [except there's no sound on this last one - in case anyone can fix that] at a crazy time of night after hearing you on Radio 5 Live, cos an ex- colleague's son has recently been diagnosed; and we have 2 sons in their 20's & just go on a huge empathy trip - which probably doesn't help anyone, but can't not react.

think it's a great thing that you're doing. Many of us are frightened through ignorance, and your honesty will help others and I hope will assist you to fight back.

good luck. will keep a lookout for further news. will probably send this to my colleague. Hmm - you don't know what others need or want. they can decide.


I just wanted to say thanks again to everyone who has been on this blog and posted such kind comments. I've been out of isolation for about 5 weeks and I'm only just getting my strength back.

I've only felt up to logging on a few times since I've been out and the response has been incredible. It's been lovely hearing from some of the fantastic people I've met in Huddersfield and hearing from people around the world who have taken time to comment.

Thanks again - it's difficult to express how helpful they have been.

Best wishes to you all,


Hi!! So glad you are home, I am praying you will be feeling much better soon, you really are an inspiration to other leukaemia suffers - your blogs are brilliant and make me so humble!! - keep us informed - have missed hearing your news!

God Bless (sorry if you don't believe - there are times when I haven't - but sometimes I do get answers - lol :)x)

Hi Adrian, Glad to see you looking do much better. I would personally like to thank you for making this blog. My 15 year old daughter will have to go through a bone marrow transplant next year and your information has been brilliant. Its given us an insight as what will go on for her before she has to go through it. Your truthfullness has been an inspiration for everyone whether they have leaukamia or not. Keep us all updated please. Best wishes Dawn xxx

hi adrian,

1st time i have seen your blog and you are such an inspiration to everyone...makes us all feel quilty for moaning about the little things in are so brave.!!

Glad your home in familiar surroundings with all your homely stuff!

will look out for your next post.!



Hi Adrian,

Great to see you looking well and out of hospital.Did you tick those isolation days off?!( I sent you a message after part 7).It must seem great to be home and I`m sure you`re enjoying your every moment. It makes you appreciate the simple things in life, doesn`t it!Keep well and keep eating whatever you fancy!

I hope hospital check-ups are going well and that everything is ok.

Shall continue to follow your progress-it brings it all back to me and I admire what you`re doing as it will encourage anyone in a similar situation that there is hope and progress with this dreadful disease.

Best Wishes,

Liz Boffey

PS What football team do you support?!

Hello Adrian

I came across your blog today and spent a goodly time reading and really enjoying your style of writing.

Thanks so much for sharing this journey of yours. It helps me to read what others in your age group are feeling while dealing with this disease.

My 24 year old son has cml which is, so far, being controlled by Gleevec. We hope he won't have to go the transplant route and that either this or other medications keep him living life in the way he is able to, despite the cml.

Would you mind if I put a link to your blog on my blog? I think your experiences would really help others heading for transplant. Knowledge is power, and your blog adds greatly to that power level!

I am also sending your mom a really big hug - I understand all those cups of tea in the wee hours of the morning.

Keeping you, your family and friends in my heart.


Steven's mom


Great post......thank you for posting this, and in such great detail. I know you answered a lot of questions that many people are uncomfortable asking!

Hi Adrian
As i write this i have tears in my eyes all i want to say may god give you strenth and your family,friends brav i will pray for u at mosque and i will spread the word in community i feel so happy seeing u with so much strenth i am humbled i am going to see my doctor regarding becoming a donor.
Asif X

Hi Adrian

I would just like to say that I was moved to tears to see the good work you are doing on the news this evening.
I admire you and I know you must be feeling mentally and physically drained.

My Beautiful Wife Erica passed away last year on the 3rd May 2007.

She had been through 9 months of treatment for her Leukemia and she had a bone marrow transplant, her Sister was the donor.

The transplant was successful but she developed ARDS (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome) 2 weeks after the transplant and she passed away in intensive care.
I would urge anyone who is contemplating a transplant to talk to their consultant about ARDS.

She was only 35 years old and she left behind me and our 2 children aged 4 and 12.

I know that if she were here today, she would have emailed you and said exactly what I am saying, that you are doing an amazing job. My Sons and I will be thinking of you and please don't ever give up.

Gary, Brandon and Damon Hardy

Hello, My brother in-law, an army veteran donated bone marrow to a teenage kid with leukemia. He says, "you don't know if this kid is going to survive or not, even though everyone is hoping for the best, the satisfaction that you feel about helping this kid is just remarkable."
Our prayers are with you and your family, and it takes an exceptional person to write about his personal problem. I have lost 2 brother in laws to cancer. DO NOT LOOSE FAITH, you just might be the first to survive the 2 kinds of cancer. GOOD LUCK, and may god bless you.


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