My Video Diary Part 8


Hi Adrian

Absolutely fantastic. Your delight on this morning's blog must have cheered up so many people. You really have done a wonderful job of being so honest in telling the world about all your private hopes and fears throughout your stay in hospital.

Have a lovely weekend and a long, happy and healthy future and keep smiling. Your Gran and Grandad are coming to see the blog this afternoon so I know that it will give them great happiness.

Love to Poppy and your family


Dear Adrian,

What brilliant news that you are going home....enjoy!!!!

All the best for the future.

Debbie Barkworth

Hi Adrian, its just great to hear you sounding so upbeat after such a difficult few weeks. You know how much the Examiner team is behind you, but you would be amazed to know just how many people are following your story and wishing you well across Trinity Mirror. We are all very proud of you and the way you have used your skills to help the world understand more about your treatment. Look forward to seeing you back at work when you are ready (but not before!).

Congratulations!! And best of luck for the future!


Adrian, my heart and thoughts are with you! I think you are so brave to have done this blog and it's brilliant and you are such inspiration to other suffers of this disease. You are in the best of hands on P3 RHH and I want to wish you all the best for the future!! - God Bless - may you have a happy and long future ahead.

Best wishes

Jane b


Danny Holland sent me this link this morning, and for the past hour I've been frozen to the spot reading your blog with tears in my eyes.

Fingers crossed for you mate - hope things are good at home. Look forward to reading/watching your next instalment.

Best of luck


hi adrian ,

so glad you made it home at last ,you've been so brave throughout " the journey " ,and no matter how down you got , you we're always so possitive and polite to everyone . you truly are a model patient and a pleasure to take care of . I wish you lots of success and happiness for the future .

lots of love super h x

just caught the end of your "story" on five news and was transfixed by your honesty,courage and the journey you have been through. Went immediatly to look up your blog and have spent the last 30 mins with tears in my eyes. You are a rave and courageous man to tackle this as you have,never mind capturing it all on video. I wish you all the luck in the world, don't worry about tommorrow, live for today!

Wth your outlook you're due many,many more tomorrows to enjoy. i hope the treatment is a full success and your future is everything you hope it will be.

Yours humbled


a young mum of one who will now enjoy evry day to the max!!! thank you

hello!i firstly wish u well and hope u get better asap!! am in hospital at the mo been in and out of hospital for the past few years having spine operations which i have had to learn to walk again. I know this is nothing compared to you but i do know what its like to be in hospital all the time. And i was put into isolation for three months as got a nasty wound infection after one of my ops. However am getting there slowy and am very postive or try to be. I have another spine op in three weeks time (july 9th) which am scared about but it will be my 6th spine op so i shuld be used to it by now!! anyway am stuck in here so if you ever wanna send me a message then please do. take care, jo

Hi Adrian

I have just watched your 8th Video diary. Fantastic news, you are going home!! Take it one day at a time and enjoy everything!! My son had a transplant 7 years ago and spent the weekend with us discussing his holiday plans and plans to live and work abroad!! There is life after transplants someone should start a web site.

Cheers Sue

Hi Adrian,

Have been watching your video diary over the past two months, and I am so thrilled for your progress!

My father just passed his 100 day post transplant mark for treating AML, so I know how daunting an experience this is for you.

You should be so proud of yourself for your bravery, and willingness to share with others your trials. You are serving as quite an inspiration, and I will keep you in prayer that your healing continues!

Hi Adrian

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Birthday on Saturday, 14th July. Have a lovely day and hope that you will be back at home from the

HvGS and feeling better.

You must continue the Blog as everyone wants to know how you are coping.

Lots of Love to you, Poppy and your Family


Hi Adrian

Happy Birthday on Saturday. Have a lovely day.......hopefully at home

Lots of Love


Hi Adrian,

I've just come across your videos on UTube. They bring back memories of my own transplant in the U.S. (2004). I was given very little chance of recovery but I sailed through with no real problems. Don't let anyone take away your hope. You have a wonderful attitude and that's half the battle. BTW, I will be meeting my donor in two weeks. He and his family are coming to the States from Germany.

Keep smiling,


Dear Adrian,

Thank you so much for your honest, moving and enlivening blog. You were wonderful in your unbaised, clear and enthusiastic reporting of SOS during your days at the Chronicle - and we wish you and your girlfriend and family our love and prayers for each day now and also as you move forward, best wishes, Philip

Dear Adrian,

I hope that you are feeling well today! I've never known anyone who has gone through the experience you are enduring. I think that you are a very courageous & inspiring individual! My family & I wish you every success conquering this disease! I'll be thinking about you, sending positive thoughts & energy your way!

God bless you!

Sincerest Regards,



1. Go on to Google.
2. Type in "Gerson Miracle Film."
3. Scroll down to "The Gerson Miracle
Film at News: Breaking Health News".
4. Scroll down to 11 short films
regarding Cancer -AND IT'S CURE.

I think you will find the films very
interesting, and I do hope you take
notice of them. Get well soon.

Kind regards. Pat.

hi adrian, just saw you for the first time on channel 5 news, very impressed by your attitude,your showing immense strength and fortitude,your positive view on whats happened to you is an eye opener to lots of people im sure, better to be yourself rather than what people "want" to see, best of luck,ever been on a big motorbike...? fancy a spin to the coast if you feel upto it? i'm an ex firefighter who rides a Honda Pan European,and would only be too happy to "chauffeur" you on it , cheers pete

the workers in the benzine plant at i.c.i.leeds road hudds.either got bladder cancer or luekaemia.for treatment they went to harrogate electro-therapy baths for a number of treatments.a direct current was passed through the electro bath followed by an alternating current myself and the university have been looking at another way we could carry out this treatment for luekaemia suffers.
best of luck formerly badly iradiated gerry murphy aged eighty.

Hi Adrian

How are u today. Hope u coping.I have minutes ago heard u speak on sky News and this made me write this message to u.
I do not know your belief in life after this existing life, where your very spirit will live forever. I wish u well and hope there is a solution to this illness, but life after this life is a reality.

Pls watch a visitation of a lady,through the link provided in your quietest time. Wish u all the best and will be praying on your behalf.


Hi Adrian
I sat & cried this morning when I saw you featured on BBC Breakfast. I am so sad for you, and for your friends & family. You truly are an exceptional guy & I hope your aim to promote bone marrow donorship (is that a real word ? lol) succeeds the way it should. I wish I were young enough to still be on the Antony Nolan register....
Sending you a big cyber hug



Hi Adrian,

After seeing your story on BBC breakfast this morning it made me really think about what I as a teacher could do. I am determined that next year our sixth formers will get to hear your story and be educated about the bone marrow register.

I wish you every success with your campaign and I hope it helps that this morning you have already reached one school and we will definitely be putting something in place.

All the best

Claire xx

Hello Adrian,

You are a truly inspirational and courageous young man. Please watch Sky channel 760 from 7.30pm - 11.30pm, or likewise channel 761 from 8.30pm - 1.30pm you'll see a miracle service. Many people in situations similar to yours from all over the world have been going there (Lakeland, Florida, USA), tuning in on Sky or across the internet ( It has been going on for over 40 days continuously, and it keeps being extended, watch it, then take a decision from there. It is never too late.

With Warmest Regards,

All the Best


Hello Adrian after seeing you on calendar several times,I WANTED TO READ YOUR BLOG. You are a truly remarkable and inspirational person. You have shown dignity and strengh in the most terrible circumstances!! I will be going to the Hallamshire soon and will definetly donate some money to the appeal for ward p3. I WOULD LIKE TO THINK ALSO THAT I MAY DONATE MY BONE MARROW ONE DAY. Hope you enjoy all your parties and get togethers. SUSAN X

Hi Adrian

Saw you on TV this morning. I hope my earlier email got through. But you are a star that will never dim mate. I know whatit is like having a son who suffered from leukameia,the trauma, the heartache, the pain, the tears, the frustration. So many burden that almost crush the soul.Yet I managed to hold my job down as a chuief reporter, I have been a scribe for 44 years, so at 63 I am drained. My son remains in remission andis at college but, like you, he is a fighter and refused to bow to this illness. I coulkd scream when I see the work leukaemia, it is a revolting word and a revolting disease that hopefully one day will be eradicated from taking young lives.
Best of luck mate and keep fighting.

Hi,just a note of support for you, 2 years ago I was diagnosed AML late, kidney failure after back-to-back chemo's and them MRSA nearly got me too. Luckily my unmatched donor cells held and I have sold up and married a beautiful Czech girl and am living in Cz rep. I know how sh1t chemo is so I respect your decision not to go further, I too would make same choice. It will be hard for your family to understand as the wall gets closer but believe me, you are right.
I too will be in the same position one day soon or dead from the many complications from a seriously weak immune system.
Adrian, i know how you feel - enjoy life to the absolute max, enjoy sppring and LOVE those around you.. I really wish you all the best, and if you wish, please mail me...
Best wishes and regards. Rod

well adrian i think ur so brave showing urself on national telly saw it this mornin well it broke my heart and also remined of my past and family like u ive been ill with cancer i had ewings scarcomma in a unsual place my skull at the time i was 14 i had chemo and radio therapy 2 but i dint have asmuch susport with friends part of me knows that they dint understand and may b they didnt know what 2 say i was a small girl who ended up obesise and bald and 2 top it wher the radio therapy was on my head it looked like i put my left side in a oven 2 burn but like u dont want syphany just understanin i lost a best friend 2 we were alway 2 getter even the blood counts use 2 cum up at the same time i dint need bone marrow but susport it just the same as my grandads got blood cancer sorry look at me thats in my past anyway ur so brave 2 put urself out there and thats what people need they need 2 b egacated u can tell i left school b4 my gcse soz to here about ur puto 2 strangely enough its exc sme car as mine even colour just a different year well done keep on fightin all the best hayleyx

Dear Adrian

I just wanted to let you know that you are an inspiration to many people and i for one will try and learn from your absolute courage and strive forward to benefit our nation.

With kindest regards

Steve Somerton

Hi Adrian,

I saw you on BBC news this morning and desperately wanted to find your blog all day (but obviously couldnt do so at work!). You truly are an inspiration to those who are suffering and even those who are lucky enough to be fit and healthy.

It must have taken a lot of guts to come to the decision not to continue with any further treatment. You obviously have the will and strength of character to have gone through what you have already and to campaign now, knowing what will happen in the future.

I just wanted to let you know that I donated bone marrow to my brother last June, via the allogenic stem cell collection process. I can honestly say that I felt nothing but a little discomfort, even the growth hormone injections prior to the procedure where painless and I really don't like needles! God help me if I ever had to go through what you and my brother have done. I hope this testimony will help people realise that giving just a few hours of their time (and some cells too!) can give them a much greater return - the great feeling of knowing they have given someone a chance to live, even if for a little while.

My brothers transplant was successful and despite numerous boughts of GvHD by November 2007 my bone marrow had taken over his 100%.

I do think there needs to be more awareness though of the complications of the treatments, for sufferers and families alike.

My brother very sadly passed away on Christmas Eve 2007, aged 36 after a few weeks deteriorated breathing and eventual lung failure. We are not entirely sure why he died and an inquest has been adjourned, but some of the test results have shown that he had 3 types of pneumonia, which even a healthy person would find hard to get over.

My brother was so full of life. You couldnt stop him doing what he wanted to do. He fought the illness with determination - he just wanted to get back to normal.

I have set up a fund for him and am very keen to help raise awareness and to raise funds for Leukaemia Research via my brothers fund. It has been very hard to think about this much over the last few months but this is my aim.

I hope that you feel very proud of what you have achieved so far and that you can continue your work for a good while longer.

My thoughts and support are with you and keep wearing that fabulous smile.


Hi Adrian, I saw your slot on breakfast TV, I think the way your handling your situation will be an inspiration to many many people, and I'm sure your campaign will be a great success. I've just filled out the form on the give blood web site, and I'm sure many more have done so after seeing your TV appearance.

I hope you don't mind but I've put a link on Hippos main page to your site, and if there's anything I can do to help please email me.

Best wishes,


hallo adrian ime new to all this computer business but ime so impressed by you and as a commited christian i came across your blog as i was following what GOD has been doing in florida and i have been to dudley as i live local to that church and am familier with the people there and have known some of them years.i will be praying for you i have personally experienced healing and have dear friends who also have been healed our god is an amazing god and i pray that such a wonderful feeling of peace will flow through you ps 137 GODknew you before you were in your mothers womb GODbless you just know how preciouse you are to GOD bless you kath

Hi Adrian,
I have seen the recent stories about you on TV and article in The Times. Two of my brothers have died from different forms of leukaemia, at 23 and 60 years of age. The reason for this message is that as a family we are all Christians and have the assurance of knowing that we will see Michael and Rod again. In a nutshell, we believe that the reason Jesus came to earth and died, and was raised to life 3 days later was to forgive our sins and to give us eternal life. Each of my family has individual stories of how we came to know this to be the truth.
May you also know the peace that only God can give, even in these difficult days.
With very best wishes

Nice site you have!

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