My Video Diary Part 3


There are various types of chemotherapy treatments and each are relevant to different conditions. One such kind of treatment is the adjuvant chemotherapy.
Following the surgical procedure of removing tumors that are cancerous, the adjuvant treatment approach is essentially whichever kind of chemotherapy applied assuming there is no left-behind malignant cells. At this point preventive medicine is practiced by means of a sequence of treatments. The objective here is to help ensure no reappearance of the cancer growth. Using this method not only aids in preventing a recurrence during post-surgery, but definitely gives the patient a bit of a relief.

Read your diary etc on today's Mail.
I know how you feel when you say you are young with cancer
I was 39 when diagnoses with B/C but a very young minded 39 I may add!!- and that was the most frightening aspect of it all for me - I could not see one person under 60 in the ward for weeks but one day a guy passed me on the corridor - bald like myself - and hooked up to a drip - we nooded at each other - I was ready to explode with excitement - another yound person - Jesus - I was going to make it.

You diary is brill!! I read it and hope you won't be offended but I laughed at some bits cause I certainly knew the feeling!

But hey - positive thinking is my medicine for the time been and getting back to normal - whatever it is, but I loved you clip about the line, relief I can only assume, mine is a central line and I will have it removed next Jan - after a year and a half within my body, it's funny but I cannot imagine what it is going to be like when I get it out - it has been my life saveR, it's more tramatic than having a boob taken off at the stage. Imagine the nurses poking at you for a vein each time and they coming at you like draculla with their yellow tool box full of yokes - roll on central line is what I say and would form part of my "Tips" for cancer patients, especially older patients, it seems much harder on them and you do hate to see people suffer when it can be done another way.

Don't know if you have sceen Des Bishops's show and he speak about his cancer treatments etc but I have to say it was great, to get the be able to have a laugh and relate to things he mentioned.

Hope you are well.
I have not met one young person to speak to even withing the cancer suport group. I have met lovely people along the way but a lot older than me.

So thanks, for making my day

P.S. sorry bout bad spelling.

Hi Adrian,

I'm interested to know alternatives you may have considered, as opposed to the western approach - chemo etc ?

my brother & I use / research some powerful alternatives.

perhaps drop me an email


Rest in peace Adrain.
And for family who loss this love one, be strong and keep Adrain's name in your heart.


Rest in peace Adrain.
And for family who loss this love one, be strong and keep Adrain's name in your heart.


I love the comparisons you have made. Absolutly true.

I like the comparisons you have made. Absolutly true.

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