A blog for food lovers (Part 9)


Because your blood counts take so long to recover, when they are finally restored leaving hospital is as exciting as busting out of jail - I imagine.

It seemed to take an age but at last I could be released for a couple of weeks to allow my marrow to regenerate further and for me to recover psychologically. Living on a ward and not being allowed to leave can drive you insane.

But the best bit is still to come and anyone who is on a diet should look away now.

I was given specific doctor's orders to eat as much unhealthy food as I could possibly manage. The point being to replace weight loss during the chemotherapy and to bulk up ahead of the second lot.

Not only that, but salad was expressly forbidden!

It was like a dream come true.

When finally discharged I had the most amazing shop at a supermarket in my life. Everything that was normally off-limits was now fair game. Into the trolley went jam doughnuts, Danish pastries, huge multi-packs of crisps, cheesecakes and plenty of meat.

I would eat a fried breakfast nearly every morning. The scale of some of them was immense; verging on the obscene. One morning I polished off three sausages, three pieces of bacon, three slices of black pudding, a tin of baked beans and toast.

I'm not going to lie to you, it was amazing, and well worth every drop of the ensuing meat sweats.

Some people find that after chemotherapy they are tired and it can take many months to recover fully. For me I felt fine and, determined to put some bulk back on, I began a regime of light exercise.

I was soon able to run a reasonable distance, very slowly, but it felt great being active again. Each morning I would do a routine of push ups and sit ups and it drove me to get focussed on what lay ahead.

My time out was spent with friends and family and just resting at home. Everyone was brilliant to me and everywhere I went I would be fed up on roast dinners and unhealthy puddings.

You forget just how many little things you take for granted, like sleeping in your own bed or making a cup of tea for yourself whenever you like. I even recall having an unusual sense of enjoyment while doing my first load of washing up- this buzz quickly faded.

Going back in was something I was not looking forward to but the break was crucial. It allows you to recharge your batteries and prepare yourself for the next step. Oh, and I managed to put on nearly 5kg!


you seem to forget AD, that everyone else put on 5kg too!!!!!

it was worth it,


Sounds good that, full English every morning, all the choccies you can eat.

If you're really wanting to put on the pork you should get a Luther Burger


You should get back on the University diet! Mei Sums sausage dinner and a burger from Zain's with extra hot chilli sauce! Should probably stay off the Kirov/Kilroy vodka though!

Loving your work!

Take care




Enjoying your blog, keep them up!

Debbie from Huddersfield

dear adrian,
hope you are feeling better.it's a very rare
type disease you have so the information on it
is exellent.
what i would be interested in is how you got it in the first place.most folk got this type
of leukemia when working at the I.C.I. at
leeds road.i would very interested to look into
how you your self got leukemia in your passed.
best of luck,
yours gerry murphy.
note.i have a scientific library.helpline
01484 301383.is very informative.

Adrian or Mr. Baldy
Im so sorry to hear of your news today on Radio Sheffield and YTV Calendar, cancer is so unfair. May I wish you well and I hope you party party party in what might be your last few months or years. please do carry on writing the blog's, remember people care for you and for other people in your situation. Take care.


Dear Adrian
I saw you today on the tv and just wanted to wish you well. I think the blog is great, a real inspiration for others going through the same as you.
Best of Luck.

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